Friday: News Worth Reading About!

Welcome to the Friday post!

Obviously, huge news broke out the NHL today.

No not Brad Richards getting bought out, that was expected.

The NHL announced that the 2015 Winter Classic will be between Chicago and Washington, in DC...make of that as you will!

With several new artists entering the HJC cycle, I thought I would give some words of wisdom. I've been reading this blog for over 3 years and have loved every moment of it, that's why I became a writer. I've been one of the two original writers (me, Dylan, Steven G., Thallos, Colin M. and Kevin W.) who has stuck around through the full two years which really makes you appreciate how much work Ryan puts into the blog. Some weeks, it's hard to make a post, imagine making one everyday.

So since the draft is a week and a bit away, and we don't have any jersey news for the time being, these are some tips and tricks I have for new artists and veterans alike.

1. Use the program and templates you are most comfortable with

Obviously, if you want a professional looking concept, using Photoshop or GIMP will give you the best result, but if you are used to Paint.net or even Microsoft Paint, use it, but learn how to perfect execution. There are so many templates of not only jersey cuts, but also equipment that concept artists have made special for use. Use them! Be sure to credit but if you find a template you like, use it! Don't try to get fancy with them, a solid simple concept beats a weak complex one any day/

2. Read the writer's advice

This one is something we rarely deal with anymore, but in the past, some artists have taken our criticisms and comments as attacks rather than opinions. Anything we say about colour choice and such, within an extent is our opinion, and should be treated as such. We aren't attacking you, we don't hate you, we want to see you make the best possible product. We won't like every concept, even well executed ones will get 7.5 from a writer and go on to win COTW. Execution and such however, do take note, it is important

3. Find inspiration

HJC's archives of posts are a literal goldmine of concept ideas. Go back to 2011 or 2012 and see what people were making then. The concept world changes every seasons with rumours and such. Take advantage of the LEAVE A COMMENT SECTION. You will dry up your idea well at some point, and it's good to not pump out concepts like McDonald's cheeseburgers, but as long as you provide credit where credit is due, use other people's concepts as inspiration, add your own spin!

4. Be Willing to Take Risks

What I said about complex concepts remains, but don't limit yourself because you think people won't like your idea. I can't stand Chicago's Winter Classic jersey, I think it is totally over rated, but does that mean you shouldn't make a concept based on it...NO. If you want to make a concept using Buffalo's hideous 3rd template, or the Buffaslug template or other notoriously bad design jerseys, do it. We've had flying V concepts come through that make people rethink how bad it really is, you can do the same

5. Be Original

Don't just copy cut and paste your concepts, only changing the colour scheme and logos. It shows you don't care enough to send in an original idea. Don't just recolour a jersey and send it in as original, it isn't. Change the yoke, stripes, arms, stitching, logos, colours and sublimation and you have an original concept, that is still based on something. We've had a couple of artists learn the hard way of what comes with unoriginality, and it sucks the life out of the writer who has to review it, and the blog in general.


Common stuff here, guys. Ryan didn't create it to make concept design a pain in the @$$, he did it because it's proper. If you didn't design a logo, credit it. If it is not a well known hockey logo , credit it, if it is a concept logo or unused logo, credit it! There's no harm in doing so, and you'll give attention to both yourself and the original artist. Same thing applies to the LEAVE AN IDEA page.

7. Don't Get Discouraged By a Low Rating

Ever since the /10 rating system was made, people have loved it, and makes the writers views on a concept less vague. However, like any hobby, you can't just jump in head first and expect a COTW win. You have to learn and grow from making concepts you'll laugh at in a few months after you start. As long as you follow writer's advice and practice the skills needed to make a good concept, you'll be getting 7s really easily.

8. Check Over Your Concepts!

Another common issue is people sending in concepts that have blatant execution errors mostly caused by bad editing (IE: One side of a shoulder patch on one side of the yoke). 95% of errors are avoidable through proofing your concepts. Sure, everybody makes mistakes, and everyone has sent in one or two mistakes before, but when one side of the left arm of a concept is different from the 3 other sides, that should be a sign you need to slow down!

9. Get Involved!

Just like high school or Uni/college, you get out of HJC what you put into it. VOTE! Enter contests! Join in on the live chats! Comment on posts, nominate with your google account! Keep up with site news and such. The HJC Open is coming up, a great way to get involved.


Obviously, jersey news is constantly flowing through the hockey world's vains. Don't just stick to NHL, look at AHL, CHL, Cehl, ECHL. Obviously this will not only provide you with inspiration, but it's a great way to get noticed on the blog. There have been some pretty close calls to what teams actually wore, especially last year, with Dallas and Carolina.

Those are just a few of many of the ways all you new artists/readers can have a great start on HJC!

Obviously, vote! Last day to do so for COTW!

COTW vote June 9-15 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
NHA Team Votes (due Tuesday, June 24 @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!!!


Team USSR Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen brings us a very unique and vibrant Soviet concepts which despite the number 71 on the back, would fit in perfectly in 94. The striping is obviously the Stars Cup winning jerseys on an edge cut but it works since it's not an NHL concept and the Soviet marque had stars in most sports as a symbol of communism. There are a couple of execution errors: The pants are boring and the lack of helmet logo are an ongoing issue (Imagine how crisp the CCCP would look on the helmets and Hammer/Sickle on the pant) The NOB and numbers are a little high up and not straight. (7.25/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (By: Scott B.)

I haven't seen a concept that puts the 'Canes in navy rather than black in a while, but Scott thinks that looks better. It's a very simple concept, the direction the 'Canes have made it clear they are going in, and while the idea is there, the execution needs work and it may be too simple. The striping is very bland! The stripes would be thicker on the hem and because there's no Hurrican flag pattern or anything to distinguish this from another team, there's no unique identity. The stitching (grey lines) should stop at the hem stripes and the shoulder patches are way too smaller. Not that this concept couldn't work, it just needs more creativity. (5.5/10)

Team Denmark Concepts (By: S2dio)

Denmark is the odd team out when it comes to hockey championships, not quite good enough to move on to the knockout rounds, and some years, not even good enough to make, but they do usually wear solid jerseys. Right away, the hem stripes don't match, thick is fine, but how cools would that cross design look on both jerseys and on the arms. The logo makes perfect use of the royal lion, usually Denmark uses just their scrip. Perfect execution as usual from S2dio! (8.75/10)

Team Norway Concepts (By: S2dio)

I love Norway concepts, they're always unique and S2dio continues that trend. I can't figure out what the inspiration or idea with the white jersey is, but I really like it. The red jersey is a nice and clean chest stripe jersey, but the white jersey...could some one explain? The only sore spot is the socks/arms striping which are far too thin. This would be my COTW Nom...however.... (9/10)

Anchorage Metros Concepts (By: TG)

TG's Northern hockey series enters Alaska  with this really sleek concept for the Alaska "metropolis".The colour choices here, while not having much to do with Alaska itself, looks great. Maroon and Gold is so underused in hockey and the striping is very Leafs like. The logo is simple enough, though, surprisingly, I think the METS on the shoulder looks much better. I hope to see more awesome concepts from this series. (9.25/10) COTW NOM from Me!

Pittsburgh Pirates Concept (By: Mike S.)

Back from the dead is another great series, Mike gives us the Pirates back, staying true to the original jerseys. There are 7 stripes between the hem and yoke, which may seem like too many, but as for a late 20's jersey, its actually quite tame. The jersey mixes old with the new and it looks solid. The lack of helmet logo or shoulder patch (Pittsburgh shield) hurts the jersey a lot though. Just add those two things and you'll have an amazing jersey! (8.25/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: Patrik G.)

Right here, we have the making of a fantastic concept, and with a few minor changes, we'd have an alternate Jets96 would buy any day. The Robo Pens and dark fray are reminiscent of the gradient jersey, but this is much more tame. Patrik also creates a very unique pants, though the whole concept has a fuzzy texture that should be fixed. The sock stripe is far to large and the Penguins on the shoulder has Vegas gold instead of 90s Gold. (6.5/10)

Maulers Mens League Concept (By: Derek K.)

Of course this is an Oilers copy jersey, nothing wrong with that, Beer League teams tend to copy NHL teams in their jerseys, but the logo not only saves the jersey, but make slit look phenomenal. The logo reminds me of an 80's AHL team, and that minor league charm carries over well. Not only that, but seeing the jersey in reality is any concept artist's dream. I'm not going to rate this concept in conventional /10 means, since that wouldn't do it justice.

That's the post! Remember to comment, nominate and discuss as you will about the concepts today. Remember to get your votes in TONIGHT, as COTW ends. As always I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go! 
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Derek K said...

I guess it should be said that the Maulers were a USFL team in the 80's that lasted a season. The copyrights are up on everything related with it, so they make perfect beer league logos.

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