Friday: Draft Day!!!

Welcome to this very special Friday post!

Obviously, as most if not all know, today is the NHL Entry Draft for 2014. The day when we get a look at next year's Calder hopefuls and stars of tomorrow.

This year, there is no specific Number One player, which some may say is the sign a of  a week draft, but I say it's the opposite. Every team in the first and second round is looking for an impact player that can fill a roster need this coming season or the next. There are solid dmen and scorers up for pick and it will be interesting to see what happens.

As a Jets fan, I may as well just give my thoughts in two words: TRADE UP!

This may be the first draft in a long time were we don't know which team will pick in the top 5. Sure Buffalo is going to keep their pick. But Florida needs help now! Edmonton has way too much talent and high draft picks that haven't panned out into playoff appearances that they need to trade for a defence core IF Aaron Ekblad isn't available (which is likely). The Leafs also need help now, this whole not making the playoffs is getting a little old. Perhaps the Leafs will trade up to get Ekblad OR trade their pick altogether.

Draft day is also the MOST exciting day for trades! This year, there are so many rumours. We've already seen Nikita Nikitin get traded to the Oilers from the Jackets, bolstering the Oil's defence. Future Hall of Famer Joe Thornton is on the trading block and the question is where will he end up? The Sharks need some more youth and the Jets, Oilers, Flames, Leafs and other team can meet this need. Jason Spezza is out in Ottawa, and the Sens are probably one solid player and a healthy Craig Anderson/mature Robin Lehner from making the playoffs once again, so this trade is very important.
Ryan Kesler already has his list of teams so that situation will go as it does. Dave Bolland was supposed to be the piece that pushed the Leafs into the 2nd and even 3rd round of the playoffs this season, based on how we all predicted the Leafs would do this year. However, he had an injury plagued season and is more than likely going to be heavily sought after, however, the Leafs would need a steal of a deal to give him up.

With my Jets, no player is safe. Pavelec is on thin ice after a disappointing season, Al Montoya is one of the better UFA goalies on the market. Evander Kane, Zack Bogosian haven't panned out as some would expect, though the Jets want to at least get something for these two, unlike Alex Burmistrov. Andrew Ladd, Jacob Trouba, Micheal Hutchinson, Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler, Mark Scheifele and Mark Stuart are mostly safe, but everyone else is available. I won't even mention Dustin Buff...he's already gone to a team with solid defence, but needs power offence (Nashville may just be a solid fit)

Those are my draft thoughts. I'm sure yours are different. Destroy me in the comments if you don't agree and stuff I may have missed. I'm 99.9% sure something will happen today that no one predicted at all, so let's enjoy the mystery, hope our teams done the best they can to get better and dethrone the Kings!

Oh yeah, there's some voting that needs to be take care of.

COTW June 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
NHA Re-design Final Vote (Ends Saturday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts __________________________________________________

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Coby S.)

Coby has returned to HJC and hones new skills which certainly show off in this Stars concept, which I will say is Coby's best executed concept to date. I like the striping pattern used, the black really pops out, and the large amount of green really captures what most want in a black Dallas alternate. I'm not sold on the yoke, I don't think the concept needs it, and would look better without it. The hem stripes aren't the same thickness as the arm stripes, and look squished. The TV numbers are way too small, don't be afraid to make them larger. Finally, just to put a bow on the concept, the Dallas primary would look great as a shoulder patch. (7/10)

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Jake88) 

Jake88 has a similar idea as Coby, though this one borrows from Tampa's Bolts jersey slightly. For sure, the best part of this concept without a doubt is the green cuffs. The green pops right off the arms and hem, and thanks to the silver and white, brighten up a very dark jersey. No issues with this concept, Dallas would look incredible in this next year or the year after. (9.5/10) COTW NOM. from me.

Dallas Stars De-edge Concepts (By: Justin S.)

Our 3rd and final Stars concept today is from Justin S. as he continues to De-edge the NHL. The jerseys are based on the Stars original jerseys, and they look pretty solid in green. Obviously the striping isn't exact, which is done, but the white is too thin when compared to the black. It's barely visible on the hem. They jerseys are both very bare, there's no shoulder patch/es. Not every jersey needs a shoulder patch, but this jersey is too bare without it. The numbers not he back also look too plain. I'd either go with their current font, or the font the Northstars used in their final years. Overall, it has potential, but as is, it lacks character. (6/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concepts (By: Steven G.)

This Kings concept is one of the simplest I've seen in a  while, and Steven has me thinking it's time for the Kings to be simple.  The striping pattern is really simple, but there's not other pattern like this in the NHL right now. The white jersey is my favourite of the two, just like with the Kings' current set, I love how the black and silver pop off the white. The execution is amazing, as per Steven's usual, it's a concept with very little complaints. The numbers could use a thin outline, I get why Steven made them monochromatic, but just like the Stars, an outline couldn't hurt. (9/10)

Team Germany Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

We've seen A LOT of German concepts from Stephen, not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just his favourite team to work with. I think this is supposed to be a German Stadium Series set, or just a very modern jersey. Like ALL of Stephen's Stadium Series concept, it's based around the actual template. That's fine, but, concepts aren't about being grounded in the realism of templates. Sure, the German flag striping looks nice, but it's still a stadium series jersey with German colours. I think there was more potential for this concept. There's also a lack of helmet logo or pant anything. I do like the font on the back though, build something around that rather than sticking within the Stadium Series guidelines. (5.5/10)

Lancaster Jethawks Concept (By: Jeff C.)

Minor League Baseball doesn't have a franchise in Canada since the Ottawa Lynx left many years ago. However, like Minor hockey, the names are awesome and downright strange. This design would not fly in the NHL but it matches the logo. That being said, the lack of bronze brings this concept down for sure. There's no blend between the blue, grey and red. White and bronze would fix that. Also, the yoke would look better though with both red and grey on both sides. (7.25/10)

Toronto Blueshirts Concepts (By: Joey F.)

This was Joey's entry to the NHA Returns contest, and it did pretty well. The striping screams Winter Classic, but not as many stripe. I can't say too many negative about this concepts, it's hard to make a bad Toronto concept, but it's hard to make a great one. I'd put this is the good category, since nothing screams Blueshirts, just Toronto. This would have been a good time to use 4 or 5 stripes on the arms. (8/10)

That's the post folks. Enjoy the blog, Go Jets Go! Remember to Vote! 
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I'll second Jake88's Dallas 3rd for COTW, I think it would really work with them

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