Weekend Update (May 11)

The winner of the final COTW vote in April was Steven G!
Full Results
Steven G. - 3
Christian L. - 2
Dallas K. - 2
Jake88 - 2
Matt M. - 2


The winner of the Cleveland Barons ReDesign was TG!

Full Results

TG's entry will move on to the COTW vote, May 5-11.


We have all of our April COTW winners which means it's time! It's time to start the COTY-April vote. There were five April winners and all are solid concepts. The monthly votes are always very competitive. To see the concepts, click the RED banner on the side of the page or go to the COTY 2014 tab. Get your vote in now before it closes at the end of Friday.

The new COTW vote is now live (May 5-11). Three concepts were properly nominated for COTW this past week. Two of them were Dylan's New Jersey Devils concepts. One was a home and road set and another was a alternate jersey for that set. I have put all three jerseys together as one entry and it will be joined by David K's concept. As well as TG's Barons Competition winner. You can see the concepts by clicking the BLACK banner on the side of the page or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Get your vote in for this one before the end of Friday as well.


I went a little off the beaten path with the new HJC Competition. It's a European team comp, which typically have had low participation in the past. Lets see how this one does. Jokerit is a really great Euro team to create designs for, so lets get creative! Entries are due before the end of Friday. Be sure to see the competition page for all of the rules.


HJC Meet-Up tickets have been set at $10. The ticket price will help cover some of the costs of room rental, swag bag, and raffle prizes. Most of those fees have been paid out of my pocket though, which I am happy to do. A $10 ticket also gets you TWO free tickets into each of the raffles.

Raffle ticket prices have also been set. It's $5 (each) a ticket for the Rangers Lady Liberty jersey draw and the Team Canada draw. It's only $1 to get a ticket for the replica Lightning Stanley Cup ring draw! Draws will be done live at the Meet-Up.

You don't have to be attending the HJC Meet-Up to purchase raffle tickets! Payments can be made by PayPal or by E-mail money transfer (Canada only).

All of the details can be found on the HJC MEET-UP page, which I just updated this week.


The new Monday writer has not been selected yet. So, tomorrow it will be like old times as I will be doing the post. Is anyone still around who was reading HJC prior to August 2012 ? The decision will be made very shortly.

COTY-April vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
COTW May 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Jokerit Competition entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

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Cristopheur R said...

Are we allowed to place ads on the jerseys for this comp?

Ryan said...

Please read the competition page Christopheur

Caz said...

Congratulations to TG! I loved the collar and yoke design.

Unrelated: I purchased a Preds Reebok checkerboard third, and the seller shipped it unfolded in a bag. Anyone know a good way to get wrinkles out of jersey?

winnipegjets96 said...

Caz: This is a problem I've had with some jerseys I've ordered off of ebay. If you have a steamer, try using that, it can be easier on the jersey than an iron (unless you use low heat).

Ryan said...

Washing machine. Only the jersey. Cold water. Delicate cycle. Small load size. Hang dry.
Never wash it again unless necessary.

Steamer would also potentially work.


Caz said...

Thanks for the tips!

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