Wednesday: Last Post As A Rookie

Like many of us that read HJC daily, I have always had an interest in sports uniforms. I always enjoy seeing teams in their alternate uniforms. Last season, I noticed that the Sharks wore their black alternate uniform in the playoffs. I found this very odd, so I did a little bit of digging. I learned of the NHL's rule that limits a team to two uniforms in the playoffs. This led me to believe that the Sharks would be using this as their home uniform for this season. The Wild also wore their alternate in the playoffs, and I was also pretty certain that they would use that uniform as their primary for this season. Although neither team ended up adopting these uniforms as their primary jerseys, both teams chose their alternates as their dark jerseys again for this year's playoffs. I found this especially odd considering the Sharks introduced new uniforms before the season. I don't have any answers as to why the teams do this, but I want to ask the question, why? A team builds their identity around their primary jerseys, so why would a team want to wear something different. Or, why would a team wear a primary uniform that doesn't portray the team's image? I like with teams would wear alternate or special occasion jerseys more often, but I don't think the playoffs is the right occasion.
I am also very excited that this will be my last post as the HJC rookie! By the time I post next week, the application process for the new Monday writer will be closed. I remember how excited I was to get Ryan's email, and I would like to encourage anyone who shares a passion for hockey jersey design to apply. Applications are due on Sunday at 11:59pm Eastern, so download the sample concepts and be yourself!
As always, COTW votes are due on Friday along with the Barons Competition Top 5 vote. In addition, a whole lot of really cool information was posted last night about the HJC Summer Meet Up. Make sure to click the banner and check it out.
COTW Apr 28-May 4 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Cleveland Barons Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Here are today's concepts:
S2dio - Team Spanish Republic Concept
Design: I'll start today with another one of S2dio's concepts. As always, this one is very unique. I really like the color scheme on this concept. The two-tone purple on the home uniform looks great! The multi-colored chest stripe looks awesome! I wish the lighter purple would come up more in the white jersey.
Score: 7.5/10 - This is a really cool concept. Every detail makes this concept great, starting with the color scheme.
David P. - Bayside High Concept
Design: David's concept is based on the TV show Saved By The Bell. Although I have never seen the show, I think this is a very creative concept. Given that the uniform is for a school, this concept looks the part. It reminds me of a classic collegiate hockey jersey. I think the numbers could use an outline, and I think a block font would look a lot better.
Score: 6/10 - The crest and numbers are a bit pixelated. I also think that the numbers and nameplate may be a touch large. With some shoulder patches, this could be a great looking concept.
Stephen T. - KHL Outdoor Game Concept
Design: Both of these uniforms utilize very similar design elements, and both of them are very simple. The Dynamo crest looks awesome! I especially like the simplicity on that uniform. As for the CSKA Moscow uniform, I like that the jersey and pants use a uniform striping pattern. This is a really good looking set of jerseys.
Score: 7.5/10 - The star on the red jersey is a bit off-centered, which bothers me. Otherwise, this is a pretty clean concept.
Stephen T. - SM Liiga Outdoor Game Concept
Design: Stephen goes from the KHL outdoor game to the SM Liiiga outdoor game. The Jokerit uniform looks great! I like how Stephen changed up the color scheme for the outdoor game. It makes that uniform one that the fans are going to want to get their hands on. The number could desperately use some sort of outline to keep it from blending into the chest stripe. The Blues' jersey is also very good looking. It is a very cleaned up version of the often cluttered European style jerseys that the Blues wear.
Score: 7/10 - Like Stephen's above concept, some of the details are off-centered. The Blues crest, and the name and number on the Jokerit uniform are also off-centered.
Mazzz - St. Louis Blues Alternate Concept
Design: Since the Blues are rumored to be changing their uniform next season, they will need a new alternate. I think Mazzz's concept would be a really cool option for the team to use. First, the Blues have never had a white logo on any of their uniforms before. The red pinstripes are a homage to the 1995 disaster that St. Louis called their jerseys. This concept also features an "empty" yoke design. I find this quite fitting as the Blues have switched many times in their history between jerseys with and without yokes.
Score: 6.5/10 - The design is really good, but the execution is off. It looks like the striping is supposed to be embossed, however, I would keep things simple and keep it flat. I think it looks a little bit sloppy in its current state. I also think it is a bit unrealistic that the crest would have a drop shadow.
TG - Los Angeles Kings Alternate Concept
Design: WOW! We have seen the Kings experiment with drastically different looking uniforms before, but TG's concept is unlike anything I have every seen before. The color has a bit too much blue in it for my liking, but that's my only complaint. The hem stripe, crest, and especially the shoulder patch are all stunning. There is no reason why this shouldn't be worn by the Kings organization.
Score: 8.5/10 - Awesome concept! I hope we get to see some more radical alternates for other teams around the NHL.
Stuart R. - Quebec Bulldogs Concept
Design: If the NHL were to expand, Quebec would be one of the obvious places to place a franchise. The last time there was a team called the Quebec Bulldogs, their uniforms were nothing more than a blue version of Detroit's 2009 Winter Classic uniforms. Stuart completely recreates the team's identity, something that is important when a new franchise takes the name of a previous franchise. Just look at what the Winnipeg Jets and NBA's Charlotte Hornets have done recently. The logo is mean, and I love how the numbers pay homage to the hem of the Nordiques' old uniforms.
Score: 7/10 - The script over the right breast on both jerseys clutters the concept a bit, and I wish there were some more design similarities between the home and away uniforms.
Steven G. - Minnesota Wild Concept
Design: When the Wild unveiled their new road uniform, I instantly fell in love with it. It became one of the very few white jerseys I like. Although I am sad to see it go in this concept, I am glad that Steven created his own jerseys from scratch. The Wild desperately need to return to using green as their home color, and I like that the home uniform uses vintage white while the away jersey remains white. Few teams can pull this off, and the Wild is one of them.
Score: 7/10 - Sometimes, simple is better. This concept is one of those cases. Great job Steven!
Andy B. - Boston Bruins 1949 Fauxback Concept
Design: Andy's concept is another addition to the fauxback fad. I really like Boston's Black & Yellow color scheme, so I had to adjust to this brown/off-black color that Andy used. The striping is simple, but doesn't really resemble the 1948 striping at all. I also do not like the gradient used on the back of the numbers. I understand if shading is used to show depth on a flat template, but I do not like that the shading continues onto the numbers. It really takes away from the novelty of the throwback side of the fauxback.
Score: 6/10 - Maybe Andy and I have a different opinion on what a fauxback should be, but the jerseys are very cool looking. I would just use the term fauxback with ease.
Dylan W. - New Jersey Devils Concept
Design: Dyan W. has taken HJC by storm again. I always say that modifying a classic uniform is one of the most difficult things to pull off as a concept artist, but Mr. Wonka has done it again. I personally have never liked New Jersey's uniforms. I'm glad Dylan has given the Devils a New Jersey. That joke was very bad, but this concept is very good. I like all of the sharp edges, as it characterizes the team's crest and identity. I think a pants stripe would make this concept even better.
Score: 9/10 - COTW Nom! Many people go with green when redesigning the Devils uniforms. I really commend Dylan from staying away from the green. Red & black works great together on this concept.
That's all folks! Next time you hear from me, you won't be hearing from "the new guy" Alex. "The Wednesday guy" Alex will see you next week!
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Justin said...

Whoa! Dylan W. for COTW. Very creative. Would be an awesome look for the Devils.

Unknown said...

I'll nominate TG's Kings concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

The Sharks wore their black jerseys last year because they felt it was the lightest jersey in their set so it gave them an "advantage". They actual redesigned their new jerseys around it. I'm assuming they wore it again this year out of tradition.

As for the Wild, they consider their alternate as more of a 2nd home jersey than a 3rd or alternate, meaning they wear it as much as allowed, if they weren't limited to only 15 I'm sure they're split it 50/50. It also matches their away jersey more than their current home jersey, and it has a word mark for a crest which is good for team recognition from other fans.

Alex O. said...

@Kris, thanks for the insight! Although I've never bought into the "lighter" uniform theory. I honestly think the Sharks uniforms look a bit funny without a hem stripe.

Unknown said...

Sharks dropped their hem at the beginning of the season complaining that a sweater was heavy - still it didn't helped them in a first round of the playoffs despite leading Kings 3-0. I wonder what will be their next excuse??? I'll not be surprised if they will complaint about their logo this time and most likely we will see a logo minus a triangle and a stick... I think that San Jose Sharks ownership need to switch their attention to a few overpaid "superstars" who's got ZERO show in a playoffs and not worry too much about their unis.

Anonymous said...

I think that the NHL should switch to white at home just for the playoffs. It would give the fans a chance to see more color variety, and whatever Icethetics or Sportslogos.net says, jerseys don't affect performance. (For instance, the Sharkies did better in the playoffs last year, with their "heavy" away jerseys.

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