Wednesday: Football? Baseball? HJC Has Summer Fever

When I started writing for HJC, I followed up Dylan Wonka's reign over the Wednesday post. Now I get to follow him again after a refreshing fill in for HJC's current Dylan. There are many rumors flying in the uniform world, the one that interests me the most is the rumor that the Blues promote their alternate logo, replacing the music note logo that has been around since the team's inception. I also look forward to seeing what uniforms the Capitals will wear in the Winter Classic. What are you most looking forward to in the NHL's uniform news? I can tell you that the Arizona Coyotes just unveiled their new uniform today! The biggest (and only) change from their current uniform is that the "PHX" has been changed to "AZ" on the shoulder patch. This was quite the unvealing!
As always, the COTW vote ends Friday, so don't forget to vote. The newest contest on HJC is a logo design contest for the 2014 HJC Open. Get your designs in by 11:00 on Saturday! There was a mistake made on the past few days post so please take note of the due date listed on the Contest Rules page.
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Here are today's concepts!

Stephen T. - Team Belarus Concept
**UPDATE** A bad Google search led me to misidentify this concept. My apologies to Stephen.
Design: In IIHF play, Belarus has had some bland jersey designs in my opinion. Stephen puts his creativity hat on with this design to spice things up for the country. Although the method of striping is very standard, the patterned stripe and yoke adds a lot to this concept. I think that Belarus would look much better wearing this kind of uniform.

Score: 7/10 - The execution errors drag this concept down. The crests are not centered on either jersey.
Kevin B. - Chicago Cubs Concept
Design: As a die hard Cubs fan, I sometimes wonder whether the Cubs would manage more wins playing hockey than they would playing baseball. Kevin's design prominently displays the Cubs' trademarked pinstripes down the front of the jersey. I also like that the sleeves and shoulders are blue, but I don't quite understand the plain white stripe on the arms. I feel that a red stripe would match the pants and socks much better.

Score: 6.5/10 - The crest might be a touch small, but some more continuity between the jersey and other accessories would help.
TG - Whitehorse Klondikes Concept
Design: TG is back with one of his always creative designs! I especially love the color palette of this concept. I also like how the striping on the jersey matches the striping in the crest. It reminds me a lot of the rainbow jerseys that the Denver Nuggets of the NBA used to wear. This concept, however, looks much better than those jerseys.

Score: 8/10 - This concept looks great! The color scheme is like nothing I have ever seen, and I think this jersey could be a best seller in the North Hockey Association.
TG - Nuuk Nukes Concept
Design: Rivaling the Klondikes in the NHA is the Nukes. The electric green against forest green looks a lot better than I expected. The addition of yellow and black finishes another awesome combination of colors. Although the look matches the team's identity perfectly, the font and logo makes this concept look very amateur. I can't see this jersey being used in anything but men's league hockey.

Score: 7.5/10 - Ending on a good note, I do like the squared-off yoke a lot. That is a very unique design feature that looks great on this concept.

Steve M. - Indianapolis Colts Concept
Design: The Colts have had the same classic look for a long time, and I really appreciate that Steve kept their brand identity when designing this jersey. This concept actually has me thinking that Lucas Oil Stadium would be a great venue for a Stadium Series game! Although, what teams would play in it? Back to the jerseys... In my opinion, the jerseys are spot on. They almost perfectly match the Colts' football jerseys and I'm sure that Indianapolis residents wouldn't want to see the team wear anything different.

Score: 7.5/10 - This concept is what I picture the ideal NFL concept to look like.

Steve M. - Jacksonville Jaguars Concept
Design: Steve takes a complete 180 in his approach to his Jacksonville Jaguars concept. As opposed to directly applying the Jaguars' striping to a hockey jersey, he used the team's striping as a basis for a design that looks very hockey-like to me. The arm striping is very similar to Jacksonville's jerseys, but the teal and gold on the sides of the jerseys are Steve's own touch. I wish that he would have added some shoulder patches to this concept just to make it 100% hockey-like.

Score: 7.5/10 - I hope that the hockey Jags don't also wear those horrible black and gold helmets.

Steve M. - Kansas City Chiefs Concepts
Design: For Steve's last concept of the day, he goes back to a very literal approach for his design. Like the above Colts concept, this jersey is very much a copy of the Chiefs' uniform design. Unlike his previous two concepts, this concept utilizes a shoulder patch. The patch is the Chiefs primary logo, which I personally think would have looked good on the front of the jersey. But overall, I have no complaints.

Score: 7/10 - I like that this is a mix of a hockey design and a football design, as opposed to one or the other.

Thomas H. - Frölunda HC Concept
Design: Frölunda HC currently uses uniforms that remind me a lot of the original Minnesota Wild uniforms, with a lot of advertizements of course. Thomas changes it up and gives the team their own look. I really like the striping, and the shoulder yoke on the creme jersey looks very cool. One Minnesota Wild element remains on this concept, however. The number font is also the same as the original Wild uniforms.

Score: 8/10 - This concept looks very authentic for a European hockey concept.

Christian L. - Colorado Rockies Concept
Design: Twice in one day? Christian's concept also reminds me a lot of the Denver Nuggets' rainbow jerseys, but this time the team belongs to Colorado. I like that the team has taken on powder blue as a primary color. I also like that white has been added to the striping pattern. But please, can we all be spared of the powder blue pants!

Score: 7/10 - The arm stripes, TV number, and shoulder patch could all use to move up the arm a touch. Everything seems like it is crowding the bottom of the sleeve.

That's all for the week! Remember to vote for COTW and get to the drawing board for your entry into the HJC Open logo contest! See you all next week!
Wednesday: Football? Baseball? HJC Has Summer Fever Reviewed by Alex O. on May 28, 2014 Rating: 5


Jeff Beckett said...

To me, what is labeled as "Team Belgium concept" looks like a Team Belarus concept: the colors, the crest, the pattern inside the stripes (it's contained in the flag of Belarus), the Kostitsyn nameplate...

Alex O. said...

My apologies to Stephen, a bad search led me to misidentify the concept. I have made the correction.

Caz said...

Phoenix definitely wowed us all with the logo unveiling yesterday. It's like they just couldn't be bothered, so they changed the letters and went to lunch.

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