Tuesday: Seis de Mayo

What's goin' on everyone!? Hope you're all having a fun Tuesday. It is the most fun day of the week afterall. You know what else is fun? Writing on HJC! We currently have an opening on the Monday post if anyone is interested.

While you're sending in your application to be the new HJC writer, you should also vote for the COTW and Barons Comp.

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And now, onto the concepts!

Boston Red Sox Hockey Jersey Concept - Kevin B.
Kevin brings hockey and baseball together, just as we've seen done here before, but this time IceBorn is in the mix. The biggest problem for me right off the bat (Pun absolutely intended) is the paint bucket fill. IceBorn's default stitching on the arms has just been filled in blue. The jersey is nothing we haven't seen before. I admit baseball jerseys don't give you much to work with but that's ok because that's when you can get really creative. I don't think the "B" logo should be on the chest. Its best left to the shoulders, helmet, and/or the pant leg. Use one of their other logos for the chest. The socks are red at least and match the arms. To make this look a bit more creative I'd thin the blue stripe out a bit and add some white to the arms and socks. Possibly add something to the hem as well.

Rating: 4/10

Washington Nationals Hockey Jersey Concept - Kevin B.
Kevin not only uses the paint bucket fill again, but this is the same concept as the Red Sox one just with some colors swapped out. There should be more red than blue as well. The Nats are more of a red team although they do a blue alternate.

Rating: 4/10

Los Angeles Dodgers Hockey Jersey Concept - Kevin B.
As with the Boston Concept, Kevin fills in the arm stitching with white. Although, this concept is a bit better looking overall. The shoulder logos look to be a different blue than the rest of the jerseys, and should be moved up and closer to the edge of the jersey as to appear that it bleeds over to the back of the jersey. Check out the Tutorial page if you need to see how that works. Pretty straightforward design here. Some little Dodgers quirks could have been applied here. Like a red front number under the wordmark like their jerseys. That kind of touch makes the jersey seem more realistic and like something the team would actually produce and possibly sell as merchandise.

Rating: 5/10

DEL Outdoor Game Concept - Eisbaren Berlin vs. Red Bull Munich - Stephen T.
Stephen takes the DEL outdoors. Most outdoor games have a throwback feeling to them and that's the look that Berlin has. Very classic. It's an ok look. It's kind of a boring look, not my favorite of the classic looks. The Red Bull jersey though...woah. I think its way too busy. I'm sure there's some people that will be ok with it. Personally, I think this would be a bad look on the ice. Way too busy. I would think that if toned down, this could work. Or maybe some sublimation. You've got to take some time to go over your concept though, the Berlin jersey has the NHL shield in the collar.

Rating: 6/10

SEL Outdoor Game Concept - Djurgårdens IF vs. AIK IF - Stephen T.
Stephen takes the SEL outdoors as well but this time the jerseys are overall a lot better. They're pretty similar in look so that's a negative, but both jerseys separately look good. I feel like the dark red stripes on the blue jersey could be difficult to see, so white or yellow would be a lot better. the AIK jersey is fantastic though. I love that color scheme. Both jerseys here have the NHL shield in the collar and tag.

Rating: 7/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - David P.
Very patriotic set for the Jackets. A lot of people think they should go in a direction like this and I agree. I don't care for the stars on the shoulders. There's other team logos that could go there as opposed to the star. The shoulders could even go bare and it'd be ok. The problem with the patriotic striping is the jersey now becomes nothing too special. The dark jersey sort of has a Blackhawks look to it minus the yoke. As for the alternate, I prefer the current alternate to this but I think the vintage white could and should be swapped out with regular white.

Rating: 7/10

FC Barcelona (Spanish Hockey League) Concept - s2dio
The blue jersey here makes me think of a firefighter. Everything is very sharp here. It definitely has the feel of a European team. The 4 stripes on the top of the back are a nice touch. I wish there was a logo and not a generic font on the front of the jersey. I feel like the pants could use some blue. I like the overall look here but no arm stripes is kind of killin' me.

Rating: 7.5/10

Sad Majadahonda (Spanish Hockey League) Concept - s2dio
First thing I noticed is the use of the old Capitals logo. I'm not so hot on it. It's not unheard of for an NHL team's logo to be used by some other teams. The stars on the yokes are nice and fit with the overall look nicely. I don't care for the stars on the numbers though. I like the arm striping but I think its too high up on the arms. Stripes lower on the arms and and a more unique logo and I love it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Anaheim Ducks Alternate Jersey Concept - Christian L.
An orange jersey for the Ducks was something that everyone wanted to see for so long and we finally got on this year. I feel like it was kind of middle of the road, neat to see but it could have been way better. Christian's attempt here utilizes a color scheme I really like. It's a better color scheme than any of the schemes the Ducks have actually had. The logo choice is neat, but I think on its own its not strong enough to go on the front of a jersey. On an alternate it would be alright, so for a home and away set of this I think the Duck should be flying out of a roundel or something. The logo on the helmet is great though, great fit. The striping is pretty basic but something we don't see a lot of. Lastly, I don't think the pants need the white stripe.

Rating: 7.5/10

Quebec Nordiques Concept - Jake88
Good ol' Jake88. He gives the Nords a dual blue color scheme, which would make them one of three teams currently with one. The new logo is very modern and fierce, a step above the unused wolf. I like the striping, I like the white jersey's cuffs, even the stitching pattern Jake decided to use makes the jersey look more modern while using classic jersey elements like the two stripes on the arm and the stripes on the top of the chest. I don't like the inconsistencies between the fleur de lis on the shoulders and hem. The shoulder fleur de lis have the outline and appear more detailed while the hem fleur de lis are one color no outline. To fix this and keep the clean look of the jersey, all the shoulder fleur de lis should be solid white no outline. Solid set other than that.

Rating: 8.25/10

And that's it folks! Some pretty good lookin' concepts today. Anything you agree or disagree with? Something I missed or you just want to point out? Talk it out in the comments section
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