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Not Dylan Alexander today folks! Guest writer today filling in for ol' Dbro is 'The Other Dylan' MrWonka. My first ever post on HJC was on a Tuesday and this is bringing back memories. I left HJC a couple of months ago because school was in the way during the week and there just wasn't enough time at school some days to get a full honest post in. Some days I would rush to get critiques in, and it wasn't right to the artists or the readers, so it was best that I left at that time before my second semester started.

Anyways, since I got this news today I'm not really prepared to talk about anything, so why try and waste your reading time? Let's get right to today's post. I don't have access to the HJC Contest e-mail, so if there are entries for today then I hope someone can update this later or you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what has been sent in.

ROOKIE MISTAKE! Feels like my first post. I wrote it all and when I went to publish I forgot I signed out of Dylans e-mail to go to mine and ...let's just say nothing autosaved :(. Anyways, I re-did the whole post trying to get back everything I said from the first time around.

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

Atlanta Flames - Christian L.
We start off the greatest return in HJC history by critiquing a vintage concept. I really like this. I would say I'd like to see more white in the striping and logo for a full time jersey. However, I see this as a one time jersey either as a fan jersey or used for one night. I really like the striping. It's all over the place, but it makes it feel vintage. The lack of white makes it feel very vintage too. Almost like it's all saturated out. No real changes I would make. It's very nice.

Rating: 8/10

Juneau Whales - TG
I was playing NHL 14 yesterday with my cousin. He used the pre edge Kings alternate jersey in the game and these yokes remind me of them. (You might see a similar old kings jersey in the future from me because I really liked it). Anyways. I give the yokes an A+ in this. The striping is very nice too. The whole jersey gives a nice color balance and unified look. My one nit pick is that the space between the black stripe to the others is different in size from the other stripes (I hope I said that right). I would make them the same distance apart and this would be great!

Rating: 8.2/10

Fairbanks Snipers - TG
I always liked this color scheme. Seems so menacing. The striping is carried thoughout the set, but I like the white jersey more. The thing that throws me away from the black jersey is that there is not white on the hem. Either have it below the red or above. I just think having the red stripe throws off the complete look of the black jersey. Script fonts are cool, no problem with this one. It fits the traditional look the jersey has. Again, nice job on these!

Rating: 7.9/10

Houston Texans - Steve M.
I really liked that you went with red for the primary home jersey color. I always been a fan of Texans in red instead of Navy jersey. I like the small yoke pattern that is similar to their jersey shoulder design. One thing that should be fixed in my opinion is the arm striping and the hem. I think they should be similar in style. The arm striping is modern and sleek, while the hem is just traditional. It's a mix that I don't think goes well together. I would like to see the hem changed rather than the arm stripes. Making a more modern hem design could make it all look great. The alternate is pretty great! One thing I think should be changed is the side the red is one. I think it should be opposite to the logo red so it's balanced more and the red doesn't clash with each other.

Rating: 7.4/10

Denver Broncos - Steve M.
Now we move onto the Broncos. To me, the Broncos logo is very modern and should have a modern jersey with it. I think having a very traditional home and road makes the logo seem out of place. The alternate is more what I think the Broncos should wear with that logo. For the alternate I would add a tad more white. Either an outline from the orange or just a white modern stripe between the orange on the arms! The home and road I think really suffer from the orange and blue really mashing together in a bad way. I think there needs to be more white in the orange jersey striping. I just think with striping that close together the Blue and orange shouldn't be touching. Example, Chicago's away jersey. It differs from the home because the red and black touching would really get lost together.

Rating: 7/10

Cleveland Browns - Steve M.
No more Gordon! It looks like steve transfers the Browns football uniform striping to the hockey. And it really goes well in the sport change. My biggest complaint is the logo. I've never been fond of the dog pound logo, but at the same time I wonder what logo you could use in place. Maybe just a regular B could work? Hmm... the alternate logo you show is cool, but I don't see that being a crest logo. If we are sticking with the pound logo I think it needs a bigger white outline on the brown jersey. You'd have to make it a tad smaller then.

Rating: 7.1/10

Team Denmark Olympics Concept - Kevin B.
As Dbro says, this suffers from Paint Bucket Fill syndrome. Nothing really too creative here, especially for a futball team. I like that you didn't take their soccer jerseys and transfer them, but this is pretty bare. Usually when I see yoke colors touching sleeve coloring I don't think it looks good, and that opinion stands for this too. Needs to be more creative. Back to the drawing board. With a soccer team you can do a lot of out of the box designs, but I don't think this cuts it.

Rating: 4/10

San Jose Sharks V1 - Jarrett T.
These next two really suffer from bad execution. One thing that can help that is a better template. This seems like it doesn't work at all to help out a beginner. There's no back either which brings this down. Listen to this critique and take notes. I love to see progression and I see that you have a good idea for designs but the execution isn't there. I say go to the Templates page and pick out the reebok straight arms 2D design. You can also download the folder that Ryan has at the bottom of the Templates page that gives you all the templates the teams use in the NHL, vintage NHL, IIHF, and junior hockey. It will  be easier with those templates to put in more detail into your design, and it just looks nice and clean if done right. The striping on these are different sizes. Make sure you always use the same sized striping so that the uniform has continuity. The phantom yoke is usually a design element I dislike with traditional style jerseys. Also, the shoulder logos are too close to the collar and are facing in the wrong direction. They should be facing down the sleeves. Look up images online or if you have a hockey jersey and you will see. Last is the logo, I definitely don't think that is a primary crest logo for an NHL team. To me it screams alternate logo or junior hockey.

Rating: 4/10 Keep working. Don't let the score bring you down.

St. Louis Blues 2015 Road Jersey Concept - Ryan H.
Basically everything that was said above. I like that the yoke is colored and not phantom. Also, you have blue from the previous jersey in between the TV numbers. Take time with these. Don't think that you need to send just an idea, working on execution goes a long way. 

Rating:  4/10

Well, that short return was fun and brought back some memories! I will have to venture off into the distance again though! Hope you guys have a great day! And show some....PURE IMAGINATION in future concepts! 

Make sure to vote!!!!! 

And also even if you aren't a big logo creator, entering the HJC Open Logo competition should be fun! Just take a chance and send one in! You never know what could happen. Just think about what will happen if you don't even try and send one in.... YOU WILL LOSE, YOU GET NOTHING!

Adios, people!
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winnipegjets96 said...

TG's Whales Concept for COTW! Love this series, can't wait for places like Yellowknife, Alert, Churchill, Whitehorse and most of all Iqaluit. If I can make a suggestion, a sweet name would be Iqaluit Inukshuk and Churchill Polar Bears (it's illegal to lock your car Churchill incase someone needs to hide in it to escape a polar bear).

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