Tuesday: Boring Night Ahead

What's up hockey people?! How about these Conference Finals so far? Things are looking bleak for the Habs as their star goalie Carey Price went down with an injury.... that and he was getting lit up anyway... Plus the Hawks took a hard fought first game against the Kings.... but... tonight... is a rare off during the playoffs... AKA... a super boring night. 

So while you're not watching hockey tonight you should vote for COTW between the two s2dio concepts plus vote for the Jokerit competition. Just a suggestion... Just sayin'... 

But let's get to the concepts shall we?

Road Hockey - Waterloo Wolverines Concept - Mario A.
I actually tracked down the mockumentary this concept is based on, so if you have an hour to spare go check it out... I didn't watch the whole thing but I skipped around. These are the kind of jerseys I'd expect to see people wearing while playing road hockey. I wouldn't worry about these getting too dirty or anything. The color scheme is bad. I'd stick with blue and white if that's what you chose to color the logo. The jerseys suffer from the paint bucket fill syndrome. There's no real design here, just portions between the stitch marks filled with color. I'd take these back to the drawing board and give them some sort of design and a way better color scheme.

Rating: 3/10

Quebec Bulldogs NHA Concept - Stephen T.
It's hard to criticize the blandness here. It's what the team wore, for the most part, when they were a part of the NHL. I'd like to see it modernized though. Add a second blue, or more stripes, or an actual logo. Maybe the color of the numbers on the back could be swapped. There's really nothing to rate here though. It's pretty accurate to what teams wore in the early 1900's. Would have been nice to see something added here.

Rating: 5/10

Toronto Tecumsehs NHA Concept - Stephen T.
I can jump on board with the insane striping, I can jump on board with the busy yoke... (maybe not together on the same jersey) but I can't accept the logo. The logo is made from the feathers in Mike Ivalls famous Hawks logo that has been stolen quite a bit. Not saying Stephen "stole" anything here but I've seen people try to use this logo he's using before and it just doesn't look good. I'd rather see a modernized version of the original Tecumsehs logo. But like I had mentioned I'd either calm the yoke down or calm the striping down. I think both combined, especially being the striping doesn't match, makes the jersey way too busy.

Rating: 6/10

Toronto Blueshirts NHA Concept - Stephen T.
These are a little more modernized than the Bulldogs' jerseys were. Still a pretty simple look here which works for a team that would be around 100 years old. This concept shows off Stephens most unique idea in months....a tri-blue color scheme. We don't see a lot of "tri" color schemes, which is a shame. I think the lightest blue could be a tiny bit darker. It's at this weird mix between white and blue that I don't care for at all. I feel like you might be able to get away with a straight powder blue. Also, I'd rather see the old Blueshirts "T" in the shield as opposed to the one used, although both are actual logos. Combine them and make something new.

Rating: 7/10

Montreal Wanderers (NHL Expansion) Concept - Stuart R.
Stuart brings a second team to Montreal, which I don't think is needed. First thing I notice actually is the Torspo branding on the jersey. I understand this is a concept so I'm not docking points because of it, but I think Torspo would never be even remotely close to getting an NHL contract as long as CCM, Bauer, etc... is around. The dark jersey is an alternate jersey. And without any actual striping or subtleness to the pawprints, it's an AHL alternate at the most. Not trying to say it's a bad idea, but I can't imagine seeing an NHL team with that many pawprints on a primary jersey. Nor do I care to see it. Add some real striping and put the pawprints in the stripes, perhaps sublimated. The light jersey here is on the right track but I'd rather see that neat new wolf logo on the front. The socks I'd rather have one solid red stripe as opposed to the bottom half being red.

Rating: 7/10

Hockey Night in Canada Jersey Concept - Ryan G.
The powder blue looks very vintage here. I approve. I also really like the double arm striping look. I don't think the black outline on the yoke is necessary on the blue jersey. I also think that either the pants striping's black outline on the stripe needs to be thinner or the black outlines on the jersey need to be thicker. I also wouldn't mind seeing the logo moved up a tad on the jersey. The numbers on the back are also a bit small and could be moved up, the names could also be moved up. Don Cherry's 2 might be off center as well, but maybe he deserves that after sticking up for Lucic disrespecting the handshake line. Overall, good looking set that is still a few tweaks away from perfection.

Rating: 7/10

Team Denmark Olympics Concept - Alan H.
Alan redesigns Denmark's Olympic sweaters to look like a knitted sweater. It's a unique look that would look great as a one off specialty jersey or alternate sweater... But to represent a team at the Olympics I wouldn't go this route. I would swap out the "Olympics" with "Worlds" jerseys that ALan also has featured today. Overall, it's an ok look but I would ditch the pants and collar stripes. They're the only smooth lines that don't look "stitched"

Rating: 7/10

Team Denmark World Championship Concept - Alan H.
A much cleaner and more professional look here for Denmark compared to the other Denmark set. This one should be the Olympic set. I like the striping here, especially on the white jersey, I'd rather see that duplicated on the red jersey as opposed to using the Blackhawks white jersey striping. The logo is nice as well. Only because the jersey striping is inconsistent between the two jerseys I'd ditch the pants striping. I'm also not a huge fan of the italic numbers. They don't necessarily look bad but I'd prefer something else.

Rating: 8/10

St. Louis Blues 2015 Road Jersey Concept - Ryan H.
Ryan has the Blues headed in a much simpler direction for their new road jersey. Using the simplified roundel logo that has been making rounds on the internet. What really catches my eye is the pants wordmark. It gives the whole jersey a throwback feel to it. It'd be nice to see something like that used for the whole set and not just the road jersey, or if it was stuck to only one jersey I'd hope it'd be the alternate. Very simple jersey though which would be great to see the Blues go to after years in their current set.

Rating: 8/10

Winnipeg Jets CCM Alternate Jersey Concept - Tristan M.
It looks like next year we may see all jerseys with CCM branding. It's nice to see the red work its way out of the logo on onto the jersey itself. The top of the sleeve would look really cool with the stripes that go all the way around coming down to a point. I think the logo could be moved up a bit. And the pants striping should have some white and/or light blue added onto it. That or ditched completely. I can't tell if the darker blue coming down from the armpits is a design component or jersey material. Either way I think it looks nice. Lastly, I think the TV numbers look humongous here and should be scaled down.

Rating: 8/10

Colorado Rockies Concept - Mike S.
MIke's latest resurrection is the Colorado Rockies. Ahh, the three primary colors...I think this is one of the harder color schemes to pull off. The blue here is dark enough to keep from having all the colors be super bright and fighting for attention. Great idea keeping the striping simple as well. With simple striping the colors in those stripes and the overall loudness of the yoke balances out and everything here looks great. I don't care for the white outline on the name, I'd make it white with no outline or perhaps yellow.

Rating: 8.5 and a COTW Nom

There it is folks. Yet another day on HJC. Don't forget to do your voting and what not. Also buy me some of those Lady Liberty Jersey Raffle Tickets. ;)
Tuesday: Boring Night Ahead Reviewed by DBro Alexander on May 20, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Can someone tell me how they work the scheduling? Why would they give the Hawks/Kings a 2 day break when they aren't even going to be switching cities. I think that break should only happen when it's going from one home ice to the other.

Mario Ardais said...

Thanks for the feedback on my first concept. I will do better in the coming months, as that concept was one of my first.

-Mario A

Unknown said...

Dylan, it is Felix here - how are you, buddy!? 2 days break given to the Kings/Hawks because something else has been switched off ( not going to say what in fear of being banned from the site by Ryan ). Dylan, can you explain to me why Toews goal was disallowed and if they called an interference - why there was no penalty on a play??? Also, explain to me, please, why my beloved NY " Strangers " are beating a living crap out of the " Habs "??? I honestly thought that when they couldn't score a goal against Fleury for 9 straight periods - THEY WERE DONE... Now Canadiens can be called " PRICELESS" due to a loss of their goalie. Can anyone picture Rick Nash raising a Cup over his head in June??? And Dylan tell to the guys about my " Mecca of Hockey " logo, that came out cool... I can see Ryan Miller end up playing for Leafs.

Unknown said...

I'll second Mike S' Colorado Rockies jersey for COTW, that's exactly what I'd want them to wear if they were still around today

Alan John Herbert said...

Mike S Rockies concept for COTW.

On my Denmark Olympics concept is base on LEGO! But I understand what you're talking about, it does look "stitched."

DBro Alexander said...

@Mario - I look forward to seeing your future concepts. I really like seeing the progression people make from their first concepts. Don't take any criticism here harshly and use it as a guide to make your concepts better... also, how did you come across the Road Hockey movie? I found it earlier and there were only around 90 views maybe...

DBro Alexander said...

@Alan - Ohhhhhh ok, because Lego is based in Denmark. That didn't even occur to me.

Unknown said...

Alan, if you could make your Denmark Lego concept in 2D - that would look sharper and to the point. The way it is right now - it doesn't hit a topic. Also, black color is not a menu for mostly Red/ White Denmark.

Caz said...

Ryan H. for COTW. I love that pants script logo.

Mario Ardais said...

@DBro Alexander I did not take the low score harshly. I expected maybe a 1/10 XD. I came across the movie one day last December browsing through some road hockey videos. Also, the person who made it was a favorite of mine for some of his other short films.

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