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Hey there everyone! Hope you're having a good week! I know I am! My Hawks have a chance to close out their series with the Wild while everyone will be treated to a game 7 between the Penguins and Rangers... Speaking of, it really bothers me how Henrik Lundqvist gets a max fine for spraying Crosby with a bottle of water but Crosby gets nothing after spearing someone in the, uh, groin. It's a real joke how inconsistent the NHL can be with their policies, but then again, I'm not super surprised, it is the golden child Sid the Kid.

But OH WELL.... go do this stuff below! Now! Also, buy raffle tickets for the meet up in Toronto... also now...

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Speaking of Jokerit....


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And now the normal stuff!

St. Louis Blues Concept - Joey F.
This set of jerseys for the Blues is actually what they wear now, but with the striping on the arms replaced with gradients. I could see this working in the 90's and even the early 2000's but not so much today. It seems gimmicky and trying too hard to be trendy. It might be neat for a season or two but I feel like people would get bored of it quick. I wouldn't say the jerseys are "blurry" but there is some pixelation around the edges. I would recommend making the jersey from scratch yourself using some of the templates available on the site as opposed to taking them pre made from a different site and slightly changing it. And if you do it anyway, I wouldn't advertise that on the concept itself.

Rating: 5/10

University of Central Florida Concept - Ben A.
Ben creates an alternate jersey for the Knights. Right off the bat, according to the collar insert, they're in the NCAA... I know this is just a concept, but UCF's hockey team is actually a club sport and plays out of the ACHA, which I played in during my college years. A lot of us have wanted to see a gold jersey like this for the penguins, but the Baby Pens in the AHL have one and I'm not so huge on it. The striping is super simple but the logo on it spruces it up. I personally don't care for logos on the elbows. Lack of hem striping makes this jersey come off a bit boring for me, but hey, look at that... victory stripes!

Rating: 6/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate - Joey F.
News of a new black jersey for the Bolts next season has had some ideas flowing around artists' heads. Joey creates one here using a new Bolts wordmark. The wordmark itself comes off very dull and amateur. All it really needs though is an outline or two and it would look better. I'd give it a black or blue followed by another white on the outside. I'm ok with the simplicity of the jersey, it would compliment their primaries well. But the hem stripe comes up way too high for my liking. The very very subtle bolt on the chest is a nice touch. The socks could use some sort of striping, blank is boring.

Rating: 7/10

Calgary Flames Concept - Justin S.
Right off the bat, it's a pet peeve of mine that the home and away don't match exactly, but upon further look they utilize the same striping pattern. I really like the gradient-esque color pattern on the white jersey. I'd like to see that on the home jersey too. The new Flames roundel looks good on the front of a jersey but I don't think I'd wanna see the "C" get replaced. As for the alternate, I think the striping is very busy and should be used more subtly. I don't like the red stripe on the black sleeve either. The home and away are pretty nice, especially the away, but the alternate could use a little more work.

Rating: 7/10

Dallas Stars Concept - Stephen T.
After going through like, 11 pages of HJC archives I didn't see any color swaps of this from Stephen....so...good.....But I still can't get over how good Dallas' new identity is. Stephen would like to see more black. I can see why some people might want that, but I'd steer in the opposite direction. I think both jerseys here are too black. I think the black cuffs/hem on the home jersey should be white and the white jerseys cuffs and hem should be green. That's just my personal preference. They have this beautiful new shade of green and to mix it up with too much black should be criminal. Not a bad look though. No ID on this concept which is odd.

Rating: 7/10

Team Germany (IIHF) Concept - Stephen T.
Now this, I know Stephen has done...He's even done a similar look for the USA...But... this is probably the best he's made it look. I don't mind seeing the same concept coming in a couple times if it looks better each time. The last time we saw this the light jersey was yellow and the two jerseys were WAY too similar. The white jersey here looks nice and the added striping on the arms inside the bird wings is a good idea. The added text on the back hem normally wouldn't be welcome in my eyes but it adds something to the back of the jersey that would have been too blank without it. I hope I didn't encourage Stephen from making another version of this jersey.......

Rating: 7.5/10

Cleveland Barons Concept - Mike S.
These jerseys seem like a mash up of some old North Stars' jerseys and the current Jets' jerseys. With that in mind, it still looks good. Not much to say here....good looking...good execution, but not necessarily anything we haven't seen before. I guess the one thing I don't care for is the socks. I'd make the socks match the sleeves on the jersey they're paired with.

Rating: 7.5/10

Montreal Canadiens Concept - Phil B.
This always seems to stir up some people... changing the look of the Montreal Canadiens. The home jersey isn't changed too much. The hem becomes blue and there's a blue yoke. The white jersey becomes a color swapped home jersey which still looks good. For the sake of consistency and legibility, at least the numbers on the white jersey should be blue. I like that the chest stripe and yoke stripes mimic the arm striping on each jersey. It's neat.

Rating: 7.5/10

Cleveland Barons Alternate Jersey Concept - Mike S.
This jersey from Mike comes off very very old school which works for a defunct team coming back from the dead. I'm like the stripiness of this jersey as an alternate on its own, but if it's paired with the home/away set from Mike then I feel like the whole set is a bit of a stripe overload. It's still overall a good look.

Rating: 8/10

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey That s2dio Would Buy Concept - s2dio
I agree with you s2dio, I too would buy this. I've always liked Sabres since they've consistently had a goalie I love.... the best goalie ever, Dominik Hasek, and of course Mr. Ryan Miller...... now what?.... But this jersey seems to be nothing more than a yellow version of their home/aways. But that's really all they should need right? I mean, look at it. It's a million times better than what they went with plus it just looks good anyway. I'm iffy on the old Sabres font for the names and numbers though, it works but I think I'd rather them stick with what they got, or maybe use the font from their new alternates.

Rating: 8/10

Well there you have it folks...Another day in the books. Last week I tried encouraging some conversation in the comments section and that didn't happen. So I'm going to try some reverse psychology... Don't talk to me. Don't nominate any of these. While you're watching the games tonight and one of these concepts pops in your head and you want to talk about it keep it to yourself.... tehehe.... Don't spam our comments with real conversation.... tehehehe... Ok, and... GO! 
Tuesday the 13th Reviewed by DBro Alexander on May 13, 2014 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

IMO S2dio's yellow Sabres concept is the way the club should have headed with their ideas of a yellow alternate.

Solid batch of concepts today, but nothing entices me to give it a nomination.

Ryan said...

You Crosby haters. Yeah he should have been disciplined but so should have Lucic. Everyone gets away with stuff and everyone gets caught, eventually.

DBro Alexander said...

I very much dislike the Bruins, so yeah, I was furious with Lucic.

Unknown said...

I wish Crosby got disciplined either when she speared Anisimov or the Ranger guy. Guess that's what happens when someone gets too PMSy.

Caz said...

Just glanced through my Saturday post backlogs on my computer. Stephen's Dallas concept is a recolor of a PITT concept posted on March 1st, which is a recolor of a Penguins Winter Classic concept he posted last year, and that's just my posts from the last few months. I think his entry into the Barons concept was the exact same design, too.

DBro Alexander said...

@Caz, I'll take your word for it. Damn... thought I went through enough posts to be safe

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