Thursday: Devils, Bulls, and Defunct

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Before I get to my post today, I need to say thank you to current Friday writer Colin for his work on the blog. He is going to be giving us his last post (for now, anyways) tomorrow.  Monday writer, Jets96, is moving to Friday, which means we have an opening for Monday's post.

Now is your chance to become a writer for the blog and show off your writing and reviewing skills, hockey and design knowledge, and love of the game. Check out the tab or banner at the top, download the concept package, and show us what you got. Get those mock posts back to us by THIS SUNDAY.  It's always fun to see a fresh point of view on the blog, maybe it could be you?

Before I get to today's post, don't forget to vote for the COTW and Barons competition this week, and there has been some cool information and prizes released for the HJC Meet-up this summer, as well as information on how you can purchase your ticket. You can even purchase raffle tickets for the prizes if you're not able to go to the event.

Alright, that's all the info I have.  Now it's time for concepts!

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HJC Writer Mock Posts (due Sunday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Tampa Bay Lightning Concept - Leo D.

Yay: Our first concept today is a new black alternate for the Tampa Bay Lighting. Leo goes for a simple, full arm style, and I think it's a pretty good look that complements their simplistic logo. I miss the black Lightning jerseys, and a black Lightning 3rd that doesn't have 'Bolts' on it would be a change for the better.

Nay: The main logo looks really rough. If you tried to draw the logo on yourself, then kudos; that is a very difficult thing to do. But it also really lowers the quality of the concept. The "Thunder Thighs" logo on the pants looks like it was hand-made, which is good when done well. Missing TV numbers, the shoulder patches could be a little bigger, and a helmet logo never hurts to have.

Overall: Decent idea, but many execution problems. 6.5/10

Florida Panthers Concept - Ben S.

Yay: Ben visits the other Florida team for this concept. While it looks somewhat cartoony, I actually like the logo used here. It looks great once it's taken off that terrible double-blue set. I definitely see the connections to their original jerseys, but it looks original enough to stand out.  The Panthers look really boring now, and this could be an exciting blast from the almost-past.

Nay: The outline on the numbers is too thin, which makes it hard to notice and look messy unless you zoom right up close. Thicker outlines, even 1 or 2 pixels more, could fix that easily. The very thin red ring in the logo is really distracting and unnecessary. Not sure why you went with two different collar colours, blue would be perfectly fine for both.

Overall: A past connection with a modern twist. Great idea, but execution brings this down. 7.1/10

New Jersey Devils Concept - Dylan W.

Yay: Now we get to a few Devils concepts, the first being from Dylan.  Look familiar? This is a black alternate version of the concept we seen yesterday. If this concept was part of yesterdays concept, I'd think negatively of it because I like to see 3rd jerseys with different patterns than the main set. Assuming NJ keeps their originals and adds this as a 3rd, this is a fantastic looking concept.  This is an edgy design that is lacking on most new 3rd jerseys, and could take NJ away from jersey mediocrity.

Nay: Maybe it's just me, but the logo looks a little high on the jersey. Moving it down a few pixels could easily fix that. I also thing that there needs to be something on the pants, even if its just a logo on the bottom or something simple like that. Right now, its just black pants, and while it helps with the black look this team wants, it's not exactly adding anything to the concept.

Overall: Fantastic work! If the Devils made this their 3rd, I'd buy it right away.  8.9/10

New Jersey Devils Concept - Andy B.

Yay: We can't talk about the Devils without bringing up their old Xmas colours, which is exactly what Andy does with this concept. Andy brings back the old colours and stripes, but adds some cuff and hem designs.  Andy even takes one step further and adds a very subtle gradient to the numbers.  I've never been a fan of gradients, with few exceptions, but these are okay.

Nay: I'm not understanding the necessity of the long cuffs. On the dark jersey, it matches the hem, which is historically accurate. Fine. But the white from the hem and cuffs are distracting from the red and green design everyone loves these jerseys for. The red cuffs on the white jersey seem even more irrelevant because there is no red at the bottom of the hem design, and the cuff is shorter than the other cuffs on the red jersey, which seems odd. Simply, get rid of the long cuffs.

Overall: Really good execution, but the cuffs are still bugging me. 8/10

EHC Red Bull Munchen - Stephen T.

Yay: Now we get to some Bulls concepts, this one being for Munich of the DEL.  I think they have one of the nicer jerseys in Euro hockey as is, so the bar is set pretty high. Stephen goes with a funky checkerboard pattern, which is different and quite European. While I'm not sold on the design, it is a neat idea to try and execute.

Nay: The fact that the checkerboard designs are tilted, shifted, and skewed makes them look extremely messy on the jersey. The number and name outlines are really poorly done, especially on the white jersey where the yellow and red clash hard with the jersey and is almost painful to look at. It's cool that you're trying something different with the helmet, but that design wouldn't work at all.

Overall: It's a neat attempt to be different, but overall its just not a good design. 7/10

UNO Mavericks Concept - Garrett F.

Yay: The University of Nebraska-Omaha (or UNO for short) Mavericks is the theme for this concept by Garrett F.  They have/had a jersey with chest stripes and a recoloured logo before, so the design idea fits. The grey and red combination is an interesting but good choice. The classic striping style that most colleges have is seen here. Definitely a believable design for their alternate.

Nay: I'm not really sure on the font. A classic, blocky font would be perfect. And it's not like this is far off, but it reminds me more of the modern LA Kings font than say the Canadiens or other classic jerseys. The main number also looks way too big and a little off-centred. 3rd jerseys are meant to be exciting and fresh, but admittedly this is a pretty plain and boring design, and I'm not sure if a grey uniform was completely necessary for them.

Overall: It's kinda cool, but execution is off, and I just don't get the wow-factor from this concept. 7.2/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept - Christian L.

Yay: Okay, a "bison" is not technically a "bull", but I felt it fit in with the other "bull" concepts above. Here, Christian gives the Sabres a yellow 3rd jersey that people won't be crying foul over.  The new logo looks awesome for a 3rd jersey, especially in these colours. The yoke looks great, the font choice is great, and the attention to detail is fantastic. Well done!

Nay: The thing I'm not liking here is the striping pattern. It's cool and different, yes. But it looks way to busy and unsymmetrical. The easiest way to fix this is to take the bottom yellow stripe, and move it away from the white stripe and closer to the bottom, with the same space away from the blue edge as the top yellow stripe. Then make the blue stripe thinner (and the yellow stripes closer) and voila.

Overall: Other than the stripes, this is a fantastic looking piece. 8.5/10

Hartford Whalers Concept - Christian L.

Yay: Now we get to some concepts for defunct teams of the NHL and DEL, starting with another concept from Christian. I've always loved the look of the Whalers, and the modern looking logo still captures the identity of the team well. The striping pattern is much better this time around, and I like the inclusion of a chest stripe as something different for the Whalers. Another well executed concept.

Nay: If you're going to have a chest stripe, I think it needs to go all the way around the chest, otherwise it looks like a "wing" design for the logo, very unfitting here. But the logo is beautiful as is, and doesn't need a complement to it, so I'd just move the stripes back down to the hem anyway. The main number looks a little small, and the blue outline for it is just a little too thick.

Overall: I love the modern approach, but there are a few things I'd change up. 7.8/10

BSC Preussen Concept - Stephen T.

Yay: We're back to Stephen again, this time for a defunct DEL team.  The team weaved in and out of the 4 divisions in German hockey before crashing financially. During their run, they had some really neat jerseys. This concept is on the plain side compared to some of the jerseys they wore, but would be a jersey fitting for North American markets more.

Nay: The jersey design is pretty plain for most Euro teams, and looks really bear bare without some sort of hem stripe. I noticed that most of their jerseys had the bear from the logo used as part of the design, like the fleur-de-lis on the Nordiques uniforms. If you would have done something like that, I'm sure this concept would be a huge hit.

Overall: Decent look, but not really exciting and not really European. 7/10

Atlanta Thrashers Concept - Mike S.

Yay: Our last concept of the day goes to Mike and the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers. Their original jerseys were probably my favourites, but generally they always had weak jerseys and wasted potential. This concept is their original dark jersey but with red instead of blue, and I think it's a really cool, original look. I really like the designs on the arms and sides.  They only ever had 1 red jersey, and it was horri-awful, so this is a great improvement.

Nay: Execution-wise, there are some issues. The TV numbers are too big, and the name/number are a little hard on the eyes. You're already dealing with a dark shade of red, so a dark blue number doesn't show up well. The designs you see on the arms and sides are cool, as I mentioned earlier, but I think they'd look better in yellow instead of light blue.

Overall: This is a strong concept, but still needs some work. 7.6/10


I'm going to give Dylan W's New Jersey Devils concept my COTW nomination. We could see two of his Devils concepts on the vote for next week, but that is for you guys to decide.

That's it for me today. Don't forget to send in your votes, Meet-Up ticket requests, and new-writer mock posts this week.  Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend!

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I'll second Dylan W for COTW

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