Saturday: Sinful Seven

Hello jersey enthusiasts! Welcome to another Saturday edition of HJC! Today we have some good concepts, and seven (yes...seven) concepts from Stephen T. I know you're all as enthused as I am.

Almost every week on HJC, we see someone who makes a concept based on a previous design. Maybe it's a just a straight throwback jersey, a Reebok "Edge-ification," if you will. Others take inspiration and pay tribute to past designs, but stay modern enough to feel fresh. What sets would want to see return? Here are some jerseys I want to see on the ice again, in no particular order:

Colorado Avalanche (1996)

Image Credit: coloradostateofmind.wordpress.com

Colorado's jerseys are everything that is wrong with Reebok. The best description I have ever read is that they, "...appear to be designed by the world's most boring 8-year-old." Bereft of life and character, the Avalanche jerseys are a shadow of their their forebears. Wanting Colorado's old jerseys back is the furthest thing from a new idea; seeming so obvious you have to wonder why it hasn't happened yet.

Pittsburgh Penguins (2002)

These are actually my favorite Penguins uniforms. The colors look great, the striping complements the logo well. I wish they were still wearing this. The only thing I might change is the Robo-Penguin shoulder patch. Other than that, if they were to just put this back on the ice as is, I wouldn't complain a bit.

Montreal Canadiens (1945)

Image Credit: ourhistory.canadiens.com
Sorry about the generic image. It's difficult to find a color photo of this jersey. If the Canadiens ever do an alternate jersey, they must bring this jersey back. It looks just as good as their red home jersey. I actually prefer this to their long-standing white jersey.

I could go on, but I want to hear from you guys. What jerseys would you bring back to the ice?  Let us know in the comments!

Chicago Blackhawks Alternate Concept - Kevin B.

What I like: Chicago's had a few black alternates over the years. I'd be willing to bet on seeing another within the next 5 years.

What I dislike: I don't think that secondary logo is suitable as a primary logo. I've always thought it was a bit cartoon-ish. The sleeve numbers would be more easily readable if they were white. The inside of the jersey near the collar needs to be colored black. Showing the back of the jersey always helps, too.

Overall: Keep that logo on the shoulders. (6/10)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Concept - Taylor R.

What I like: Hamilton's jersey design actually works better as a hockey jersey than it does a football jersey, but as hockey jerseys are superior in every way, that's not a surprise. Taylor had a logo of Hamilton logos to choose from, but I think he made the right choice here for primary/secondary logos. I appreciate that Taylor renders the sleeve numbers accurately, even on the back. Too many artists neglect to put the rear-facing sleeve number on the back left arm, thinking no one will notice that part of it should be showing with this template. That shows some dedication.

What I dislike: Your stitching is going over the striping at the hem. There are issues with the helmets. Were the Tiger-Cats in professional hockey, the helmet for the white jersey would be white, and there would be logos on both. This is an opinion, but there's so much going on with hem/arm/sock striping that I would leave the pants with just the secondary logo. That might help balance the whole look a little better. Also, there's no need to show us the same pants twice.

Overall: Further proof that everything looks better on a hockey jersey. (7.5/10)

Montreal Alouettes Concept - Taylor R.

What I like: The striping pattern isn't bad, even if it is bland. The triangular Alouettes logo makes a good shoulder patch.

What I dislike: This doesn't have much to do with what the Alouettes actually wear. It comes off as a generic, overly-conservative set for a minor league affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche. Stitching is over the striping. Helmet problems from the previous concept applies here. Most all hockey teams just use the same color pants. I would just stick with the red ones. The inside of the nines on the sleeve numbers weren't colored properly.

Overall: Something more specific to the Alouettes would be welcome. (6.8/10)

New Jersey Devils Concept - Dylan W.

What I like: The presentation is very interesting. Execution is top-notch.  The striping itself isn't bad, I think the Devils could get away with chest striping.

What I dislike: Not sure if this was intentional, but the logo looks like a penis...so there's that. Maybe they should just shorten the name to the New Jersey D. 

Overall: Wow. Such design. Much alternate. The phallic nature of the logo makes the 3rd tweet from the top especially funny. (8/10)

Quebec Vikings NHL Expansion Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Stephen presumably made his own logo, and put a shoulder patches on this concept.

What I dislike: Wow, it's been 3 days since we last saw this design that Stephen has recolored and sent in ad nauseam, so I almost forgot what it looked like. I appreciate Stephen trying to make his own logo, but the result isn't good. There's no point in showing us the same pants twice. One other major problem for me: (history major rant coming) when I think about Quebec, I don't think about Vikings. If you're going to name a team after something, it should have a strong connection to that place (unless it's something generic like Devils, Tigers, Lions, Eagles, Bulldogs, etc.), and I don't see that with the name "Vikings" and Quebec. Yes, there was a viking settlement called "Vinland," likely established by Leif Eriksson at present-day L'Anse Aux Meadows some 500 years before Columbus missed India and hit the Bahamas, but that is in Newfoundland, not even connected to the same landmass as Quebec. I just don't see a connection here. The Fleur-de-lis isn't exactly a Viking symbol, either. If you're going to feature that prominently, you need to name it something that people associate with French Canada; like...I don't know...the Nordiques, perhaps? Oh, and one last thing - no helmet logo.

Overall: Stephen got creative with the logo, but forgot about the jersey. The basis of the name is sketchy at best. Next time just send in the logo. (5/10)

Detroit Red Wings Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Stephen put logos on the helmets. Thank you for finally doing that.

What I dislike: Detroit doesn't need black. I hate the Red Wings, but even I wouldn't wish this on them. Once again, I think I've seen and reviewed this same basic design that Stephen keeps recoloring innumerable times, furthering Stephen's dream of an NHL where all teams use the same recolored designs. Where have we seen that before? Do you work for Reebok, Stephen? Again, we all know hockey teams use the same pair of pants whether they are playing at home or away, so putting them on the concept twice is redundant. The numbers/name on the dark jersey would be hard to read from the stands.

Overall: Did you ever wonder what Detroit would look like if they rebranded by recoloring an old Pittsburgh set and including black for no reason? Wonder no more! (5.5/10)

Dallas Stars Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Stephen puts shoulder patches and a helmet logo on this concept, and used the Ideas Page.

What I dislike: I went back and read Joe's request. It didn't say, "I want to see Stephen's Dallas concept from a few weeks ago recolored with a different logo," so I'm confused as to how it came out like this. None of us need to see the same plain black pants twice.

Overall: I feel like I've seen this concept several times from the same person, but at least this time Stephen got the entire Dallas logo on the jersey this time. Baby steps. (6/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: This is creative, and Stephen did put shoulder patches, and a helmet logo on the concept. 

What I dislike: It's creative, but so was the Pontiac Aztek and the Sharp Center for Design, and those don't look good, either. I get what Stephen is trying to do with the flag, but this looks like poorly made fan jersey a very drunk Chicago fan (redundant, I know) might wear. The numbers are off-center. The logos aren't centered on the flag striping, either. You really need to work on centering things on your jerseys, Stephen. It's obvious, and tells everyone that you don't care. You don't seem to want to be associated with this concept, because you didn't bother to put your ID on it. How do you do this for years and forget stuff like that, Stephen? I just don't get it.

Overall: It's a creative idea that just doesn't work, and some sloppy execution doesn't help. (5.5/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Light gray could be interesting for an away jersey. Helmet logos. The LA monogram secondary logo looks good. I'd like to see that featured on LA's home/away.

What I dislike: The Stadium Series logo does this no favors. You'd be better off sticking with the one they are using now. Does anyone truly want to see that chrome effect on a regular basis? The logo on the gray jersey is off center. There are loose pixels around both primary logos. No need to show two pairs of the exact same plain black pants.

Overall: This is one of the better concepts I've seen from Stephen in awhile. The logo needs to be swapped out for something better, but more work like this would be appreciated. (7/10)

Haileybury Comets Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Stephen remembered to take the NHL logo off this time. NHA concepts are interesting...

What I dislike: ...but only when they are actually inspired by what the team wore. This is arbitrary;  A design Stephen had already made, recolored, and then tacked on a Haileybury Comets logo and the name "Ross" and sent it in. That's just not enough. Give us something that shows real thought went into the concept. Both name and number are off-center. The black isn't readable against maroon, so the branding on the gloves are illegible. I don't think black improves the color scheme here at all. Just when I thought I no longer had to say it anymore: put a helmet logo on the concept. Again, do not put the pants on the concept twice if there are no changes. It's just unnecessary.

Overall: Stephen's NHA series has been a dud. This is a big missed opportunity. I hope to see someone else take up an NHA series one day who will take the time to do it properly. (5/10)

New York Islanders Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Thanks for not making me continue to bash the lack of helmet logos. I do like the striping pattern. The different colored laces are interesting as a concept, but I have no idea how or why you would actually make that in reality.

What I dislike: I'm confused. Is this a Stadium Series concept? There's no competitor, so I don't think so. However, this does use a Stadium Series template, and even has a Stadium Series patch, but that patch was only put on one side of one shoulder of the white jersey. See the problem here? The primary logo on the home jersey needs a double outline with orange/white. Are the pants worn at home different than the pants worn on the road? No? Don't put two pairs of pants on the concept, then. Also, there's no ID on this concept. That's a very rookie mistake for someone who's been doing this longer than me, and about 75% of the people who post concepts here.

Overall: I know it's cliché, but if a concept is worth sending in, it's worth double-checking to make sure you did it right. This wasn't double-checked at all, and I struggle to understand why the time was taken to send it in. (6/10)

That's it for this week. If you disagree with my assessments, want to nominate a jersey for Concept of the Week, comment on by writing above, or just want to discuss hockey, the meaning of life, etc. then get to the comments section! Also, if you didn't vote this week, I'm hardcore judging you right now. Come on, man. It takes 30 seconds. You could even send them in during a commercial break during the New York/Montreal game Sunday night! Be sure to come back tomorrow and see who won the Jokerit Competition and the new COTW nominees. See you all next week!

Saturday: Sinful Seven Reviewed by Caz on May 24, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

7 Stephen concepts in one post?

I hope Ryan, that you're just trying to pile them on so we don't see that many anymore. I would hate to see more days like today in all honesty.

Unknown said...

S2dio's Canes concept for COTW

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound redundant or anti Stephen, but seriously, 7 concepts in 1 day is rediculous, and so many are unchecked and just recoloractions. If that's what his concepts are, then they should stop being posted. Now, some are good attempts and are actually creative, so those are fine, but recolorations shouldn't even be made. Again, hate to be like this but it's just unfair that someone would have to grade them when they are made like that

Ryan said...

Um, S2dio doesn't even have a concept on this post...

Unknown said...

I'll second s2dio's Canes concept

DBro Alexander said...

S2dio's concepts are so good they're not even featured and getting votes.

Unknown said...

I think in all honesty Caz's post for Dylan's concept made up for it. I can't be the only one who laughed

winnipegjets96 said...

Taylor, if you want to make your Al's concepts look more like the team. Add the script above the logo like the do in the jerseys and make the arms blue on the red jersey and red on the white jersey. Can't wait to see what your Redblacks and Argos concepts look like!

Anonymous said...

2 things:

Regarding the CFL jerseys, the helmets do not need to be white on the white jerseys, case and point: the teams CHL do not necessarily have two sets of helmets, let alone white ones.

Regarding the comments, Wonka has won the internet for the day.

Caz said...

I just realized that I miscounted Stephen's concepts. That ruins the title of the post...ugh.

Glad you enjoyed my comments Christian.

Phil, I see what you mean, but when hockey concepts are made using non-hockey teams, I usually grade them based on NHL rules and norms.

Lastly, I'll third S2udio's Canes for COTW.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to bend the HJC site rules and knock off some of Stephen's posts? Three of his posts were recolored concepts that he's done multiple times before.

I'd much rather see actual concepts from artists that took time and effort into their design, not recolors.

In this case, quantity over quality always works best.

Gee said...

Looks like S2udio has COTY 2014 in the bag with that Canes concept! No point in even trying now.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Habs did wear that 3rd. http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q124/cdnuniguy/Wearing%20That%207/koivualt.jpg I have one of those hockey statues of Alex Kovalev and he's wearing it, just to back it up. I think it also appeared in NHL 2K8. sO, I think they did bring it back for just one season.

Caz said...

I know the Habs did some one-game heritage uniforms a few years ago,(which also resulted in that terrible barber pole jersey with a maple leaf on the front) but I don't think it ever achieved official alternate status. I was referring to more of a full-time, multi-season use alternate.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of Stephen 's Chicago flag concept, even if it was a novelty jersey. Those'd sell like hotcakes in Chicago.
Such scathing reviews make me scratch my head sometimes. I mean, I get it. Some people are better than others at making concepts. But if everyone gets the jist, then who cares?

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