Monday: Take two

Aaaaaannndd.... ACTION! They let me back for a second week! I can't believe it! But this week is different because I actually have experience now. It's also Memorial Day here in the States. Got to see the local parade in my town after marching with the Boy Scouts for the previous 12 parades or so, and with the temperature approaching 83 degrees, I decided to wear my US Soccer jersey (the red and white striped one AKA Waldo's jersey) instead of the US Hockey jersey. So let's celebrate being American with today's concepts. And if you're Canadian, Happy Monday. Relieve your Memorial Cup Hangover (Congrats to Isles prospect Griffin Reinhart and his Edmonton Oil Kings BTW) with these concepts.

But you need to vote this week for COTW, or else Matt Martin will add to his NHL-leading hit total. Actually he won't. I'm just upset that I missed his autograph session at the Coliseum last Thursday. Either way, VOTE! The nominees are now up. 

Also now up is the banner above this for the HJC Open logo design competition. Click on it and read all about it. 

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

 Washington Capitals Alternate Concept by Kevin B:

I like the idea of a blue Capitals jersey. I like that you kept the font consistent with the Capitals current set. I LOVE the use of that logo.But that's about it. Even though I hate this template style, the Caps basically own it in the NHL, so I'm ok with that, however I would have made the arms red, despite the consistency of the main set, because as is on the main set, the side panels look out of place. Thus the numbers would white with a blue outline. Logo is a bit too low, inside of the jersey should be colored in, and I would like to see the back side and equipment, especially the socks.

Final Score: 60%

Jokerit Helsinki (KHL) Concept by Scott M:

Advertisements aside, this is a nice concept, but with a color balance problem on the dark jersey, as the white gets lost among the yellow. I love the double striping, almost Winnipeg Jets-esque as it works for a multi-color logo like Jokerit. It's a great effort, one that garnered up many votes, but not enough to win. Would like to see helmet logos.  The ads do provide a nice touch of authenticity though.

Final Score: 80%

Red Bull München (Deutsche Eishockey Liga) Concept by Stephen T:

First off Stephen, I must applaud the originality of this concept. And I will applaud what you did with it. Only two execution errors: the off center name and number, plus its a bit high and the Reebok logo gets lost in the pattern. The area surrounding it needs to be one color, preferably one opposite the main jersey color. Would also like a logo on the pant leg too. Classic Red Bull helmets are good. Yellow does get lost in the striping on the white jersey though. The pattern of the diamonds/parallelograms along the hem, socks and arms gives it the German feel that it deserves. Since the blue is dark, it feels like a slanted checkered flag, which for Red Bull its ok. Speaking of which, Some may wonder why isn't the blue jersey red? After all, it is RED Bull. The answer is that the company wants the bulls in their logo to stand out. The same is true with ALL teams Red Bull GmbH owns, such as the New York Red Bulls of MLS, whose clash kits are blue with yellow trim and yellow shorts. Arguably Stephen's best concept

Final Score: 78%

Baltimore Ravens (NFL) Concept by Steve M:

I can't help but picture Ray Lewis' pregame dance when I hear or see "Baltimore Ravens". No, I won't make any Super Bowl blackout jokes though. Let's start off with that modified NFL logo that Steve uses in all of his three concepts here, and the rest of the series if I'm not mistaken. Very clever use of the lettering, but the crossed sticks is too cheesy, IMO. Best of the set is easily the white jersey, but the alternate has the best logo of the three. A lot of colors get lost in the purple and black jerseys, which is easy to do with this color scheme. The yellow gets lost in the white on both the home and alternate, the purple gets lost in the black of the alternate and vise versa on the home. Numbers may benefit from a triple outline. Cuff coloring is extremely unnecessary for these. Would like to see equipment for these concepts.

Final Score: 67%

Buffalo Bills (NFL) Concept by Steve M:

BOOOOO. Ok my inner New York Jets fan spoke there. Anyway, The Bills uniforms have a classic striping set that transitions well to hockey jerseys, so seeing the home and road as is isn't surprising. What really wins for this concept is that alternate. Great job on that logo. This is how you make an angry buffalo charging (looking at you, Buffalo Sabres Buffa-Slug designers...). The red and blue come together to form a B under the buffalo, striping is excellent, yoke looks great, similar to the previous Bills white uniform, but the numbers could benefit from an outline, and again with the cuff coloring. Touchdown, two-point conversion is good.

Final Score: 80%

Cincinnati Bengals (NFL) Concept by Steve M:

Mentioning the cuff coloring is a bit redundant, so I'll leave it at that. The jersey could benefit greatly by having the Bengal head logo on the front and the B on the shoulders That said, the striping is terrific, but needs white on the home and third. Having that shade of orange as an alternate jersey's main color makes it feel like its missing something, especially with a horizontal logo such as that, something we saw with the Ducks during the stadium series. I would have added black arms in the style of the white jersey, white arm band with orange stripes.

Final Score: 62%

Colorado Avalanche Concept by Steven G:

HOLY STEVES BATMAN! We have THREE different Steves today! Multiple times, artists submit concepts for the Avs, trying hard to bring back the mountain striping the team lost when the Reebok EDGE system was implemented league-wide. Steven gets rid of black by adding more navy blue, and grey by replacing it with sky blue. The striping on the home jersey is ordered in a way that reminds me of Minecraft, having snow layered on top of ice, since in that game, the ice is colored sky-blue, and for a team like the Avs, it works with excellence. I wouldn't mind both numbers double-outlined, but with the sky blue. You've definitely earned the 94 you have in your studio name.

Final Score: 94%

The winner of my Concept Of The Week nomination is:  STEVEN G and his Colorado Avalanche Concept! 

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. Can't wait until next week's post, the first non-Update post of JUNE! So I'll see you then. For all those celebrating Memorial Day, such as myself, remember the real reason we are barbecuing today. It's not an excuse to party. It's a tribute to all Veterans, past and present who serve this country and the principles it stands for. Remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom and thank those still around to share it with you. Take care and God Bless America!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your C & C Phil.

Just to clear up, that is a Bills unused logo, and I didn't create it.

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