Monday: Moving On Up

An end of an era is close...

Hey guys, Jets96 writing in what may possibly be my last Monday post. No, I am not leaving HJC, don't worry about that, but I'm moving to Friday to end your workweek as opposed to beginning it. I've loved being your Monday writer for the past year and half and a bit, but it's time to change.

If you want to take the reigns from me, you can apply to be the next Jets96 by clicking the link above. Also, thanks Colin M., Friday's writer who is leaving, thanks for being such a great writer during both of your stints, and it's great to take the reigns over from you.

Moving on to remind everyone about the most awesome event  this summer. Screw the MLB All-Star Game (though it is decent) the HJC meetup is the superior summer event. Raffle ticket prices have been set at $10 a piece, and there are awesome prizes, including the heavily coveted white Lady Liberty jersey.

Of course I have to remind you, dear reader, about voting. Like a can of diet coke at 4am, voting is an important part of getting a good head start on the week ahead.

COTW Apr 28-May 4 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Cleveland Barons Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Either way, early morning low calorie soda or not, vote!

I said I'd do a Countdown this week, but A). Caz's countdown really got me thinking, and B). I need to rethink the next topic, so you'l have to wait until next week to see the Top 5 jerseys Everyone hates that they shouldn't (that much anyways). It's sure to cause quite a stir, as there's going be some disagreement, but if we can all react with the same grace Vancouver does when they loose the cup, everything will be smooth as sandpaper.

On to the Concepts!


Dalhousie University Concepts (By: David K.)

I had to review this concept first because Dal will be my school in September (glad to know there's another HJC reader at Dal). Dal's current jerseys are very similar to the striping pattern David uses, but with piping like on Tampa's alternate and uses the tiger head logo. The removal of the piping makes the jerseys look almost Bruins like, and the intercrossed DT would work as either a shoulder patch or a primary, not many logos can do that. The white yoke/numbers/ logo would look better if they were yellow, since majority of the striping is yellow, or reversing the yellow and white on the stripes would better balance the colours.  (8.5/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Mazzz)

It's surprising that, considering how well alternate jerseys sell, that Winnipeg, a team with already high jersey sales, wouldn't introduce one after 3 seasons. The striping remains relitily the same, with some added gray cuffs, that look great, though maybe wouldn't look so good with gray gloves, since there is very little gray outside of there. The neon blue stands out very nicely and although it's not a typical hockey colour, it would most likely be well recieved (like the Hitmen wearing neon pink). Aside from the gloves, the lack of shoulder patches and even worse, helmet logo waste two awesome logos (Blame Caz for why I now think every team should have something on their helmets, he's right). (8/10)

San Jose Sharks Concept (By: David P.)

Speaking of wasted logos, maybe the Sharks could have used some that "weight" they freed up on their jerseys to slap this gem on their shoulders (who needs two of the same logo on a jersey anyways). David takes it one step farther by making it the primary of this alternate, that makes good use of one of the Cookie Cutter templates. The pants and jersey form a long empty space stripe, going down from the armpit to the socks, which would be something to see on the ice. The striping is okay, nothing too special but the bright piping and teal armband balance the colours enough to make it passable. Maybe adding something more creative to the armband like arm stripes or a sublimated wave patttern would keep this jersey from being too templatey but it's distracting. The primary logo should be 20% smaller and the shoulder patches/numbers would be better 10% bigger. (7.5/10)

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Stuart R.)

Jersey's team, that's a good slogan.The Devils wearing anything other than their classic jerseys or twice a year green jerseys is almost unimaginable, but Stuart goes far outside the safe zone, giving the Devils an almost tattoo like jersey. The flame pattern looks very sharp, most flame patterns turn our looking tacky, but this one not only is artistically interesting, but the arms and sides meeting when the arms are down is a cool idea. The font and minimalist logo add to the flames, but without the numbers, the upper jersey may look a little bare. A shoulder patch of some sort may be fitting. (8.75/10)

Team Ireland Concept (By: Kevin B.)

There are only two times a year HJC gets team Ireland concepts, mid March and the bottom 10 IIHF contest, so this is a rare occurrence. Ireland's current jerseys (to my knowledge of a 10 second Google search look like Canada's 2006 Olympic jerseys with the Harp as the primary logo) and something a little less 2006, like this concept would be more in order. It's obvious the logo is the soccer logo,but it looks modern,and making the soccer ball look like a puck. The all green arms and green yoke may be a bit much, the jersey looks fine without a yoke, though some TV numbers would  be more professional. (6/10)

Team Great Britain Concept (By: Kevin B.)

This concept certainly has a paint bucket feel to it, and although it looks good, it is a little too simple for my liking. The arms are a far to bare, and any sort of striping pattern would be improve this concept dramatically. The primary logo is far too small and without any shoulder patches or numbers it's too simple. The concept looks good, and the colours allow for a minimal design to be used, but having minimal design and no design is a fine line to cross, and this time, Kevin went over it. There's obvious potential for this concept to be an 8 with some changes, but as is, no. (5.75/10)

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

This concept is very similar to a concept Stephen sent a couple of weeks ago, and again, creativity is a huge problem with this concept. Sure the idea works, in fact quite well, but We can picture what a black version of Tampa's alternate looks like with their old primary and the paintbrush numbers. The script on the hem is a cool idea though, and keeping the piping and victory stripes was a plus for sure. The gloves using a different shade of black from the rest of the jersey, that's a simple  execution error. Also, the lack of shoulder patches or helmet logos really makes the helmet and yokes look bare, especially since Tampa has some good looking alternate logos. (5/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

This concept is a little more original, basing the striping on the 90's Pens and a little bit of the Stadium Series with the amount of black on the road jersey. The jersey look good and the striping is a pattern most Pens fans want back. The inverse pyramid pants are a good callback to the 70's. This concept however, is not devoid of execution errors. The 8 & 7 aren't straight, the primary logo is way too big as are the shoulder patches. Take some time to iron out the details with your concepts, everyone, so that way your idea isn't lost by errors. (6/10)

Club Gel Puigcerda Spanish Hockey League Concepts (By: S2dio)

Spain certainly could use a hockey designer like S2dio because he's nailing each of his SHL hockey concepts. The design looks awesome, and the fleur de lis looks awesome as an arm striping. The numbers seal the colour balancing, though making the fleur on the yellow jersey white with a black outline might looks better. Excellent execution, and making the hem and socks thicker would maybe look better. (8.75/10)

Club Hielo Jaca Spanish Hockey League Concepts (By: S2dio)

If the last concept was great, this is perfect. This team would be the Blackhawks of the SHL, even their logo has a...Black Hawk on it...no pun intended. The striping, which I think is called Northwestern (clarification please, readers) looks good for any team, and there's only one problem with the jersey, at least to me. The white jersey with a black yoke and red outline would make this jersey ice ready. (9.25/10)

That's the post, folks. Vote, comments and all that stuff you guys do as the greatest hockey concept community in the world. Enjoy the next round of the playoffs, as I sit last in the HJC pool, those who are successful will be happy with last round, let's hope you're doing well this round. I'm Jets96, go Habs go, have a great week, vote and apply to write!!!1!!

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Caz said...

COTW nomination to David K's Dalhousie concept. I don't mind the white. It helps distance the set a little bit from being accused of just being a Bruins rip-off.

Will S said...

ran across an older (around turn of the century) Dalhousie Tigers jersey on Ebay today.

I don't run across many Canadian University hockey jerseys there so thought I'd provide a link:

Unknown said...

I will second David's Dal jersey.

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