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In sad news...my laptop, which I have written almost every HJC post on for the year and half I've been a writer on HJC, has unfortunately passed on to the big Dell recycling bin in the sky...

RIP Dell (2009-2014)

Onto to happier news....

The first HJC Raffle is on! The coveted white Lady liberty jersey, only worn one year by the Broadway Blueshirts, is up for you to go for. The tickets only cost 3 bucks CDN, wow! You could own a one season wonder, rare jersey for half the price of a Big Mac! What a deal!!!!1!!

Today is the LAST DAY to vote for COTW and the Jokerit contest. S2dio has won the COTW bid, but which of his two concepts, the gray 'Canes jersey, or the controversial Calgary Flames jersey?
You decide!!

COTW May 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Jokerit Competition Top 5 vote (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

No Countdown or list this week. Sorry to everyone who likes them but I can't do one every week. I just thought I'd introduce you, as William did yesterday, to some lesser known IIHF jerseys:

Starting first in Lithuania, where the Division I Group B World Championships are being held. Lithuania isn't a completely unknown hockey producer, they did give the NHL Dainius Zubrus.

Check out some of these photos of teams from Lithuania, The Netherlands, Croatia, Romania, Great Britain and Poland.

On to the concepts!!!


Renfrew Creamery Kings Concepts (By: Stuart R.)

While one NHA series ends, another begins with Stuart taking on the precursor to the NHL, continuing with the Creamery Kings. Stuart based the road jersey on the original team jerseys (think Wanderers in reverse) and makes a unique all black home jersey with a baseball script. It's good Stuart researched the Creamery King's jerseys and based a jersey on them, without copying them outright. The black jersey would make a good alternate, but it doesn't match the road jersey at all, it's only been done a handful of times in the NHL and while bot jerseys look good, some more consistency between them would benefit the concept. (8.5/10)

New York Islanders Concept (By: Phil B.)

WHOA! My first post with Phil as the new writer and this is the concept I review first...not too shabby. For sure the Lighthouse logo could work like this, since the wavy curve looks like a more modern wave and the logo has a certain presence on the jersey that would totally fit the 90's 3rd jersey scene. The striping is a Ducks copy, but it works, though the numbers don't. The Fisherman jerseys did use Ducks like numbers, but something more unique would make up for the jersey. (8/10) Welcome to the writing team, Phil!

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Phil B.)

Now this is more like it! Phil does the inevitable and makes the Jets an airforce based jersey, but doesn't go for the light blue or silver route, staying with the midnight/polar blue. The striping outside of the arms is simple enough, maybe to simple, but the arms and pants are excellent. They look like the wings of a plane and the accented maple leaf does the striping and the jersey justice by adding some much needed red. Seeing the metal plate like striping on both the arms and the pants makes me with there was either a simpler version of the stirling, or no hem striping. The yoke doesn't have a point on this jersey, and would look much better without it. (8.25/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen appears to be on the right track with some of his concepts, now adding helmet logos, shoulder patches and SOME original ideas, but in todays post you'll see some good and bad, this being somewhere in the middle. Updating his Oildrop entry was a good move, and the jersey looks more interesting now with the use of red and copper.  The logo however, doesn't use either of those colours, so now the Oiler man logo would look more in place. I still think the yoke doesn't need to be there, and yes, there is a shoulder patch, but using that as the primary and the copper Oilers logo on the shoulder would look better. Also, remember the helmet logos, every team wears them.  (5.75/10)

Bayer Leverkusen Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Now onto the bad. This jersey is just a direct copy of his Stadium Series jerseys, which were all copies of themselves. WE'VE SEEN THIS BEFORE! The logo is too small, this team is not in the NHL  so why are there tags? No helmet logos, not shoulder patches, no pant logos or striping and the numbers and logos are off centre. Come on, Stephen, cut this out and do what you did in the next concept. (0/10)

Atlanta Thrashers Concept (By: Stephen T.)

I actually like this concept and the jersey it's based on. Stephen does a good job making the necessary changes that ruined the original. The addition of the logo under the script saves the football criticisms and for it being a direct copy. The colours are well balanced, and the addition of the cuff logo is a unique idea DO MORE OF THIS! The only problem with the jersey, aside from the lack of pants logo and the pixelated logo, resize it in word and make it smaller. (7.25/10)

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

Since the beginning, I've preached the idea of brightening up the Cats, with more red, yellow and white, and less navy. Dylan does why a lot of concept artists have done, throwing back to the 90's, the good years in Sunshine. The white jersey is an exact copy of what the Cats wore, and the only real change is the curved yoke as opposed to angled, which looks good. The red is awesome, but unlike the white jersey, the lack of white yoke and white cuffs don't match up well. The pants are bare, but other than that, awesome concept. (8.5/10)

Hartford Whalers Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

Anyone who watches PTI like I do must have freaked out when Tony Kornheiser told a guy wearing a Whalers jersey should update. NO! The Whalers are awesome! But with their comeback, comes an updated jersey. Dylan goes 80's with this concept, but doesn't over do it with the white or green. The white jersey, as with every jersey the Whalers ever wore looks great. The green jersey looks meh, I've been a blue over white guy, but a lot of people aren't so it still looks good. Just one question....WHERE IS PUCKY!!!!!! (8.75/10)

Chicago White Sox Concept (By: Kevin B.)

My favourite MLB jersey in hockey form...it must be my birthday! Joking, but the jersey does look good, and is one of Kevin's more interesting jerseys so far. The concept is decently executed, the chest stripe should cut off the stitching, but the arms looks a little bare. the lack of shoulder patches and helmet logo (SOX script, batter logo) do make the jersey some what boring. I like the idea, but it needs some work. (6.75/10)

Edmonton Eskimos Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

I love the CFL! There, enough about that, but 3 of the CFL's 9 teams have similar striping (Eskis, Argos and Ti-Cats) that cross over well to hockey. The striping matches the football jerseys perfect, and nice work not having matching hem stripes because the jersey would look too busy. The white jersey looks much better than the green because the over use of yellow over white. I'd add more white and rework the yoke to match the white jersey, and cut off the stitching at the hems striping. (6.75/10)

Saskatchewan RoughRiders Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

The RoughRicers are everyone's 2nd favourite team, unless you're in Saskatchewan, in which case, you are in Rider Country! The throwback logo and lack of black certainly resembles the years of Ron Lancaster, and the jersey are very Rider like. The striping looks awesome, but the phantom yoke doesn't work with the classic design taylor is going for. The stitching problem doesn't get better, but the shoulder patches are too small. (6.5/10)

That's the post, folks. Remember to vote, comment and nominate like you readers always do! I'm Jets96, go Habs go, bring it home for Canada! Sorry about the late posts, but my computer has been acting up and is now in a better place, so that should change! See you all next week, and enjoy the playoffs!

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