Friday: On Time and Purely Awesome

Okay, this is my first on time post for my new writing spot. Yes, I know, it's sad that I say that, but I'm so excited to finally get a post ready for 4:30pm and not have something happen!

Anyways, HJC is relatively quiet today, but that doesn't mean you can't help with the most important thing HJC needs to run, voting. There's even a Spiderman concept up for voting, how often does that happen?

***Edit by Ryan***
I suggest that HJC isn't quiet!

After the Stanley Cup Final schedule was announced on Wednesday I stated on Twitter that the HJC Live Chat would be returning for Game 1. It will start at 9pm Eastern and you can click the banner at the top of the page for the details. The Head-To-Head voting will return that night and it will feature concepts of the two teams in the Final going against each other. See the LIVE CHAT page for the details.

You can also click the eBay link on the side of the page. Up for auction are the former HJC Meet-Up raffle prizes. The white Lady Liberty jersey, a 2014 Olympic Team Canada jersey, and a replica Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup ring are all up for auction. Get in now while prices are good.

Also, get your HJC Open logo entries in!!!

Boom, Ryan just proved things aren't so quiet right now on HJC!

Let's see some of the entries that have come in so far.

Phil B.

Christian L.

Today, on Bardown.com
, which is like the social media oriented site on TSN, sort of like a sports related tumblr without the dark side which we shall to venture on to, two HJC artists got some spotlight. Matt Mc and HJC writer Dylan A. or Dbro's concept team the Seattle Sea Lions art was featured on the site as potential Seattle NHL team idea.

Check it out and congrats to the both of you! Hopefully more artists get some attention!

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Saturday @ 11:00am Eastern time)
Remember all you logo designers (which there are more than ever on HJC) to get you HJC Open logo entries in by tomorrow at llam..that's right, 11AM

That reminds me, I wonder what Spiderman is doing right now?

photo from runtoftheweb.com

That'a nice....

On to the concepts!!!1!


Montreal Expos/Canadiens Crossover Concepts (By: GKennedy)

Fun fact, Montreal won't have a baseball team for while, but its great to see a solid Expos crossover, since the rumours are swirling about a return. Gken does a solid job crossing over the two looks, balancing the colours. The away jersey I prefer to the home, only because it just looks so clean, though try adding some pin striping to see how that looks. With the home (which I guess is away because this is baseball) is also good, but it doesn't seem Exposy, more Habsy. I hope you do more of these, GKennedy, crossovers are always fun. (8.25/10)

Adirondack Flames Concepts (By: Kevin D.)

It was only a matter of time until we saw a Baby Flames concepts, and Kevin is the first...of many I'm sure, and Kevin remains pretty true to what we will expect next September. Sure it would be nice to see a more original design, but Kevin cleans up the Flames template to make it look pretty decent. The jerseys look bare without shoulder patches, maybe not flags, but something to fill that gap. The alternate is sweet though, and needs nothing. (8.5/10)

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Wings98)

Wings's execution has certainly improved since he started with HJC a year ago, and this another great  concept, taking inspiration from Christian's idea in the leave an idea post. It's a simple crossover between the Scouts and Devils, using the Scouts pretty underrated striping, which looks great in Devils colours. The yoke though would look better if the black came all the way down, and wasn't just a bar at the top.  (7.75/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Caz W.)

It's great I'm finally reviewing one of Caz's concepts, since I mention him in several posts and is the writer after me. This is the direction Columbus, and Columbus fans seem to be wanting to go in, but not without a few changes. Gone is the vintage white and light blue, in with the silver. Caz does what he says in the description on the concept, combining classic cues with modern touches, especially the numbers and pin striping. The tv numbers may be a smidgen too big, but that was a design choice more than an execution error. Good job practicing what you preach and having helmet numbers and one pair of unique pants. (9/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Ryan HJC./ Edited By: Jon L.)

I like seeing tweaked concepts; it means someone added their own spin on someone's work, as long as they credit the original artist (which Jon did). Jon inverses the red and hwite on the socks and arms/hem to make the stirling match the half arm band better He also adds a red outline to the revised logo, and overall, the jersey has a more uniform look to it.  (9/10)

Hamilton Tigers Concept (By: Mike S.)

I've thoroughly enjoyed Mike's Back from the Dead Series, since he's added his own spin to teams, and this jersey is certainly a combination of modern and classic. The striping matches the logo and is typical of Mike, which isn't a bad thing, but it works more so with this logo set than say the Barons or Thrashers. The Tiger print cuffs are a neat idea, but they feel out of place. Make a classic concept and then make a modern one. I get what Mike is doing, and it's ambitious, combining modern and classic like this is hard, but in this case, there isn't enough of the Tiger print to make it work. (7.5/10)

Oakland Raiders Concepts (By: Steve M.)

As a Chiefs fans, I don't particularly like the Raiders, but I feel their lack of success is wearing thin on fans and it's sad to see. The Raiders have the most recognizable and simples jerseys in the NFL, and Steve remains faithful to that, but it doesn't transfer well to hockey. The home jersey, while empty, is pretty nice, but the inside of the hem should be grey like the rest of the hem. The white jersey is bland, and it doesn't have the benefit of matching the real jerseys to a tee. The logo is solid though, but a shoulder patch would save the jersey. (7/10)

San Diego Chargers Concepts (By: Steve M.)

Another team I'm not fond of, the Chargers have always had solid jerseys, but that doesn't automatically mean they transfer well to hockey. Using the Blues/Preds template was a good choice, since the curved arms with the bolt in the coloured part is a good call to the real jerseys. A shoulder patch is desperately needed again, and maybe some sort of hem stripe (even piping on the bottom. The alternate is classic AFL, but using the same template as above would look better, but with larger bolts. (7.25/10)

Pittsburgh Steelers Concepts (By: Steve M.)

The Steelers are totally ready for a hockey conversion, since they have an amazing striping pattern and a logo that fits on...anything, except the other side of their helmet. The home and road are expected, very simple and solid, aside from a couple of execution errors. The logo is too large, and the yellow NOB on the white jersey is hard to read. The alternate works better in hockey than football. The jersey looks pretty 30's like, and Ottawa, Montreal, Pittsburgh and Hamilton all wore jerseys like this, so it works for the times. Best in the series so far. (7.75/10)

That's the post. Everything went swimmingly. Congrats to King Henrik, Dominic Moore, Marty St. Louis and the Rangers for winning the Eastern Conference. Sure it would have been nice for the Habs to make it, but the Rangers have so many likeable players who have had some rough parts of the past season, and let's hope for an amazing Cup Final. I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go! Remember to comment, vote and get your entries in!!!
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