Friday: May 2

Well, hello HJC! glad to be with you here on a Friday. There is plenty to get to today. We have some basic house-keeping stuff, some contest entries, and then as per usual, or daily does of concepts.

Let's get to the house-keeping.

The first ever HJC meet-up is happening this July. As if this could get any better, Ryan announced that a white Lady Liberty Jersey is going to be raffled off at the meet-up. There are other prizes up for grabs too! Even if you go home empty handed, it will be a great event. Check out the banner at the top of the page for more information.

Second bit of house-keeping: Voting! we have our normal COTW vote happening, as well as a playoff vote to determine the winner of the Steel Drop Logo competition.

Last piece of house-keeping: the Barons redesign contest closes tonight. Get those entries in before the deadline.

If you missed all that, here are the reminders in simple, colourful form.

COTW Apr 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Oilers Playoff vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Barons ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Cleveland Barons Competition Entries:

Connor L.


Trent D.

Today's Concepts:

New York Rangers - Dylan Wonka

Memo to the Rangers, everyone loves Lady Liberty. Bring her back.Dylan does a really good job of re-introducing this awesome logo on a jersey that has nods to the classic rangers away sweater as well as to the logo itself. I also really like the font choice. very modern. 8/10.

Edmonton Oilers - Joey F.

This sweater messes with my head a bit. The upper half seems too busy (the chest number, yokes, shoulder patch hanging off the yoke), but the bottom half of this sweater seems very empty. I think losing the chest number and adding a hem stripe could help in this regards. 6.5/10.

Club Hockey Hield Txuri Urdin - S2dio

Well, I didn't even know there was a hockey league that played in Spain, you lear something new every day! I really like these stripey uniforms. The stripes come across as interesting and not distracting. good job on that. I like the choice of black numbers, they stand out well. 8/10.

Glasgow Celtic FC - Ricky M.

I am an Arsenal fan through and through, but I have always had a soft spot for Celtic. THese jerseys are quite elaborate, to end that they are actually distracting. Stripes, sponsor, crest, celtic knot sublimation, of a complicated buffa-slug template. All of these jerseys could use some simplifying. I do like how they tie in to, and elaborate on the current kits, but soccer uniforms are all about simplicity, and these are way too busy. 7/10.

Los Angeles Kings - Josiah B.

Josiah, I know you are new to concept making, don't let this review discourage you, I am goign to be honest with you. First off, keep making concepts, and you will get better! now on to the tough honesty. Putting a money sign and NOB on an existing template does not make a concept. I always look for something original, and I don't see that here. I don't get the money sign, copying and pasting a kings logo would have worked a whole lot better. 2/10.

Toronto Maple Leafs - Stephen T.

A mish mash of Leafs eras here. Not a whole lot to report. Bottom half of the jerseys are the ones the leafs currently use (more or less). Sleeves taken from the 70's-90's uniforms. Big error on the shoulder patches. When you were switching the 70's leaf to the other one, you missed one of them. Make sure to always check and double check your work. 6/10.

Ottawa Senators - Josiah B.

Again text on a template does not a concept make. The front number is out of place, the back numbers are impossible to see or read. Numbers are essential for identifying players, if we can't see them then they aren't doing their job. 2/10.

Pittsburgh Penguins - Stephen T.

These jerseys remind me of some of my favourite penguins sweaters, but the striping is too thin, and the white jersey is too white. Other than those gripes, not too bad, and better in terms of originality and creativity. 7/10.

Moose Jaw Warriors - WHL - Dallas K.

I am not a wrestling fan, but, who better to use a hockey jersey to honour the late wrestling great Ultimate Warrior than the Moose Jaw Warriors? I like ow the striping ties in with his arm ribbon things. I also really like the overall black and neon vibe on this seater. It is a good look for sure. 7.5/10.

Nashville Predators - Christian L.

I have never been the hugest fan of this Preds logo, but it works for me here. One thin g that isn't working is the disconnect between the arm and hem stripes and the yoke, there re 2 different things going on there visually. Overall a pleasing jersey though. 7.5/10

Columbus Blue Jackets - Dylan Wonka

I do think that the Jackets need a bit of an update in terms of uniforms. I like that the striping calls back to the Ohio flag. I also like how that striping is applied in short slashes, that adds some movement to the jersey in my opinion. 8/10.

Well that about wraps it up for today's post.Remember to get those votes and contest entries in by tonight. Enjoy the weekend!
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Alan John Herbert said...

Dallas K's Moose Jaw Warriors concept for COTW, and an the power of the Warrior!

Unknown said...

That Warriors concept has me shaking the ropes! I 2nd it for COTW

Anonymous said...

3rd COTW on the Moosejaw

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