Friday: Give 'em a Chance

Sorry about the late post, sometimes life happens and this is NOT the way I wanted to debut as the new Friday writer...please forgive me!!!!

There are several jerseys in recent history, and not so recent, that the jersey would doesn't like. Sure there are the so bad they are good jerseys (flying V) or imperfect perfection/jerseys that aren't amazing but you can't help but like how they look (Any jersey from the 30's or 70's). But there are many most people don't like for whatever reason. That being said though, I like to give jerseys a chance, I don't hate a lot of jerseys, so today, in honour of my first Friday post, I'll list a few jerseys I think you should give a chance.

Buffalo Sabres 2006-2010 AKA Buffaslug

Photo from: sportsecyclopedia.com

I am a defender of the Slug, as long time readers may know, and there are a few readers who think the same. Unique designs are rarely well received in the NHL, and this was no exception. Though look at it thoroughly though, what do you dislike about it. The logo, I think looks good fierce and doesn't just recycle the classic Sabres logo (which is fine...for an alternate) and the shoulder patch is better than anything Buffalo has ever had on their shoulders. Then there's the jersey itself, which isn't amazing, but it certainly was unique when it was introduced. The silver curves may be a turn off, but on the white jersey, they divide the blue and white perfectly. It could have certainly been worse as Buffalo has proven now, and if you can find one of these cheap, get it, they're everywhere in the sports stores clearance sections.

New York Islanders 1996-1998 Second Wavy Jerseys

Photos from: sportsecyclopedia.com

Yes, the Fishstick logo was awful then and it remains awful (though concept have proven it didn't have to be), but was it the logo or jersey people hated more. No one complains about the font or shoulder patch, or even the wave striping that much, because, they aren't that bad. If the Islanders had introduced this as an alternate first, with the classic logo in a time where these jerseys would have been considered tame, the reception would range from product of the times to throwback now! The introduction of teal was probably the best thing to come from this set, but this one, I want to hear from you on.

Ottawa Senators Alternate 2008-2009 Sens Alternate

Photo from: sportsecyclopedia.com

This jersey killed my favourite of the Reebok templates, so why am I defending it? The jersey looks solid, and Ottawa had an opportunity to use that updated side profile they never use, or the Peace Tower logo, or something new. Instead, they did what Tampa did and shortened their name...YA BLEW IT!!!

Philadelphia Flyers Original Edge Jerseys 2007-2010

Photo from: sportsecyclopedia.com

Now...the "triangle" edge template, was not bad, far from it. Atlanta's jersey was meh, but Philly seemed to get it right. A lot of people complain that it didn't resemble the Flyers jersey from the past..when in fact, they kind of did. This is a good example of the NHL rejecting an original idea in favour of a vintage one, which, isn't bad, but, these jerseys did looks pretty sweet. The black jersey didn't really grab me in either of its forms, all I think of it Robert Esche, but the away jersey, it's pretty sweet. I saw a concept a couple Decembers ago with an orange version of this jersey, and it looked great!

What are some jerseys a lot of people dislike that you like? I didn't put the black Islanders jersey because it's a love it or hate it jersey and there is a decent fan base for it, but even I think it's time to go.

Also in jersey news (yes, it's been a while) we have two new reveals out of the AHL and QMJHL

First, the Abbotsford Heat, who were announced to be moving to Glen Falls, New York, and will now be the Adirondack Flames. Hmmm...a Flames affiliate who's name starts with an A....

photo from AHL Facebook page

I'll let you guys react because I'm too busy being in aw at how long it's taken for this logo to be officially used and it's odd that Abbotsford never used this logo. I prefer this to the Heat logo, but the Heat certainly were an interesting brand, and hopefully another Canadian Western AHL franchise will emerge.

In the LMJHQ/QMJHL, the Acadie Bathurst Titan, who unveiled their new logo and jerseys for next season:

 photos from from sportslogos.net

I'm not sure if this would be an upgrade, it is certainly new and looks like it fits in the Q, but maybe because the previous logo was so outdated, this was a needed change. The script underneath the logo does appear on the jerseys, but what's really interesting is the team wears gold helmets to look like the logo, pretty cool. The jerseys are recoloured Jets jerseys, but they look cool. The CCM mark appears on this jersey, just like it did on some newly unveiled jerseys out of the CHL, could CCM be coming back?

Lots of voting to be done this week, so get to as you wonderful readers always do!

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Here are your Jokerit KHL entries for today!



Thomas H.

Jeff H.

On to the concepts. There are a lot of new and rookie artists in today's post, with a lot of unique ideas, so there will be a lot of lower ratings today, but hey, this is a great time to see the future of HJC and in a couple of months these guys, I'm sure, will be making great concepts. So with that said, let's go!


Pittsburgh Athletic Club Concept (By: Kaner88)

Kaner88, who has been with HJC for a while, is always improving, this is one of his best concepts to date! Modernizing any team over 100 years old is no small feat, and Kaner does a good job. I'm not sure if this is a Pens alternate or Baby Pens special jersey, but the addition of silver is what saves the jersey from being too bland. The logo isn't amazing, and maybe something with PAC written on it or something else, but the shoulder patch is fine as is. Just remember to stop the stitching at the hem striping. (7.5/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Ben S.)

Combining eras for a city with huge hockey history is only inevitable, we've seen it with concepts combining the Pirates/Pens, Canadiens/Wanderers/Maroons, and now Maple Leafs/Maple Leafs/Arenas. Winter Classic/30's Leaf with 60's striping looks good, and surprisingly looks modern, maybe because the lack of hem striping (works!). The only issue with the jersey is the numbers on the back, it's not bad but putting ABCDE/123 doesn't show much effort (though it is decently executed) so putting a real players name or a player tag is always better. (7.25/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: BPoe96)

I may be the only writer who prefers the original Blue Jackets logo to the current one as a primary logo, but the jerseys needed ot be improved, like Bpoe has done here. The home and away are similar to Pittsburgh's Stadium Series jerseys, with the yoke edges, but everything is squared off. The increase in red over white matches the increase in red in the logo, but the white numbers balance everything. The revival of the black and blue jersey, I know a certain HJC writer wouldn't like, but it looks decent, especially with the increased hem stripe. The numbers are too big however, and the stitching should stop at the hem striping. (7.5/10)

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Besides the Pens, Stephen makes A LOT of Tampa concepts, few have been original, this one is kind of. The jersey is based on the Prototype jersey on Ebay that came up about a month ago, and he use the Buffalo third jersey template and reworks it. The under arm looks very good, and if the concept was better executed, I'd like this concept. that being said, there is No effort outside of the jersey itself. The tv numbers are too small, the arms look very bare, no helmet logos or altering of the pants, the logo is very pixelated, the inside of the black jersey white instead of black. Those are just what I noticed from previous concepts that carried over. The name is arched on one jersey but not on the other, Stephen, once again, doesn't put any shoulder patches on the jersey, and worst of all, the left arm on the white jersey doesn't even have the blue slash on it. I was tempted to go into paint and fix it because that's something that NEEDS TO BE CHECKED BEFORE YOU SEND A CONCEPT IN! Come on, Stephen, I don't like writing such a long and negative criticism, but you've gotta be more original and try a little harder, test yourself. (NA/10 there's no point, it's incomplete)

Oklahoma Bison Concept (By: Coby S.)

OKC holds an amazing AHL franchise, but the NHL is a stretch at the moment but a few seasons from now....who knows. Not using white may seem odd, but for an alternate, it works. This colour scheme is unique for the NHL, and I get the mid west theme with it. The logo looks good but is too small. The numbers are executed fine in placement, but are too small as well, especially on the arms. The execution is getting better, Coby, and I can see you improving quite well! (6/10)

New Jersey Devils Hand Drawn Concepts (By: Jared L.)

Making a hand drawn concept without a template is really, really hard, and there's a reason why not many people do it. The concept appears to be a crossover between a modified Blues/Preds template and the original Devils jerseys. The concept idea is not a bad one, and this jersey has potential, however, the execution is not there yet. Take your time to make some rough copies and work on perfecting your lines and the logo. Also, using a scanner to put your image on a USB or directly on your computer will up the quality of the image. It'd be interesting to see some hand drawn concepts on this site, and keep at it, Jared, I'm interested in seeing how you improve! (3/10)

Austin Ice Bats CehL Concepts (By :Coby S.)

OMG IT'S CROBAT, MOTHERHOCKEY CROBAT! I mean, I don't like Pokemon or anything...actually I do, and this is one of my favourites. The Ice Bats have a crappy logo, and having Pokemon artist Ken Sugimori, who designs all the pokemon is quite the honour. the jerseys are simple, and the swift template lends itself to this design. The execution needs work though. The concept is quite pixelated, and the arm striping shouldn't continue into the mesh. A better shoulder patch other than repeating the logo, and the shoulder patch goes into the square part of the yoke, and not the curved part, that's where the numbers. The script also goes into the yoke, and the numbers should be bigger. A neat idea, and a Coby gets better, Pokemon is a good medium for him. (6.25/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Josiah B.)

The Duck head logo, oh sheesh, seeing that on any jersey makes me cringe...but in orange, not too shabby. The jersey remains the same, but the change in logo and numbers are the only changes. The idea is kind of lost in the fact that the jersey remains the same. Changing just the logo doesn't really make this a concept. The one colour numbers look great, though the execution needs a few clean ups. The number on the back is way too big, and pixelated, and the name on the back is a little crooked near the end. The numbers in the yoke look decent, but they are again, pixelated and the vector logo on the back should be the script or the CCM logo (if you wanna be edgy). (5/10)

Team Bosnia & Herzegovina Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Credit where credit is due, Stephen does a good job at using the Leave an Idea page, and this is one that I can see working. The jersey is based on the awesome flag B&H has, with a sharp angle with many stars going down the side. The blue jersey is pretty well done, though the name on the back is bland and the shades of blue don't match between the country and jersey. The gear is also bland but that's a regular thing. The white jersey is way too light and lacks blue all over, especially on the socks and arms. There needs to be some more blue! (6/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: BPoe96)

For sure Ottawa needs a new set soon, not because there jerseys are horrible, but it's time to go back to something a little more....2003. The home and road update the striping, and the colour balancing/ is perfect. The hem black is too thick, but it may look better without the stitching breaking through the striping. The alternate is better, but the stitching problem still exists, but the primary logo is also too small. Though I do prefer the striping pattern and yoke outline. (7/10)

That's my first post. Remember "not" to comment and "not" to get your entries in before midnight and "not" to vote". Ha, get it, it's some more of that reverse psychology (Rip Off, I know). Go, Habs, Go!!!
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