Saturday: For the Birds

Hello everyone and welcome to HJC's Saturday post! We have several great concepts today, including five concepts featuring birds and feathers in their primary logo, hence the reason for today's title. It's odd how things like that can happen, huh? 

I don't have to tell you that playoffs are full swing, but man have they been entertaining so far. I don't know how many games you all have been watching, but that Chicago/St. Louis game Friday night was absolutely nuts. I stayed up and watched the full game. That's going to be an awesome series, I can't wait for today's game at 3! 

One series I've been really surprised with is the Tampa Bay/Montreal Series. I have the Lightning picked to win it in 7 in our Playoff Pool, but the Lightning's goaltending situation has me doubting my prediction. Those games have been hard-fought, though. With P.K. Subban trying to destroy everyone within 5 feet of him, and Stamkos showing how incredibly dangerous he is with the puck, this series is showing that two teams don't need "history" to play an entertaining series. 

What series are you enjoying the most so far?

Here are the last of the entries into Edmonton Oilers Steel Drop Competition:

Dylan A.

Dylan W.

Jay V.

By the way, if anyone is looking for their own Oilers "steel drop" third jersey, and you like you're jerseys big, here's a Sheldon Souray replica I came across today for a decent price.

Moving on to today's concepts...

Washington Capitals Alternate Concept - Colin M.

What I like: Colin's execution is always top-notch. The chest striping works surprisingly well with the "Weagle" logo. The stripe placing is proportionately perfect. It lines up really well. The Caps' script logo is well suited to alternate duty. I love to see an artist take the time to put them on helmets and pants.

What I dislike: I've never been big on stars, and I think there's just a couple too many here. I would take the red stars off the shoulders, but that's not a big dispute.

Overall: Superb alternate for the Capitals here. (8.8/10) COTW nomination from me!

New Jersey Devils Alternate Concept - Colin M.

What I like: This is a very sharp design. Many people would like to see a black alternate from the Devils, and I think it makes perfect sense. The design is pretty conservative, but I think that would suit the Devils' conservative management.

What I dislike: I think the outline on the yoke is a bit too thick. I believe Colin is matching the thickness of the collar, but I think a thinner outline would improve the look. No helmet logo on this one.

Overall: Many would like to see something like this, and for good reason. (8.5/10)

Team Slovakia Concept - Jake88

What I like: Slovakia had some of my favorite jerseys from Sochi, but then again, that's like talking about my favorite dental procedure. Nike crapped the bed with Sochi. The worst part about them was the imbalance. Jake88 fixes the imbalance of the Slovakia set by adding arm and hem stripes. This is much better. He also includes the best element from the Slovakia jerseys: the anthem subliminated on the jersey, which looks like pinstriping from far away.

What I dislike: I'm not one to comment on presentation usually, but there's a lot of blank gray space on this concept. I appreciate the effort Jake88 did including a Photoshop of the Nike jerseys, but if you put a diagram of the color scheme, primary logos, etc. in that blank space, it would improve it.

Overall: There's a lot to love about this set. Nike, please take note. (8.5/10)

Team Germany Concept - Justin F. (Original design by Stephen T.)

What I like: Justin F. modified Stephen's original design to what we see here. My criticism of Stephen's work was that both jerseys were essentially the same except for the back, which isn't really acceptable. This is a definite improvement, because you can tell which is the dark jersey, and which is the light one. 

What I dislike: I still don't like the design much. This isn't really anything we couldn't have imagined, either. Those yellow pants are an eyesore. With a yellow helmet, yellow jersey, yellow pants, and yellow socks, you might as well put a canary on the front of that jersey. It's just too much.

Overall: Way too much yellow, but at least you can tell which one is the away jersey now. (6/10)

Huntington Roadrunners concept - Stephen T.

What I like: This was Stephen's entry into the Roadrunners competition from a few weeks back. It's a decently well executed look for a minor league team.

What I dislike: These are essentially Hartford Whalers jerseys from 1992-1997. The red numbers and letters are very hard to read on the black jersey. The name would be illegible from the stands. Why put the Reebok wordmark on the back of the jersey twice? There are some loose pixels around the logo on the white jersey. Minor league teams use helmet logos, too.

Overall: A more unique design would be welcome here. (7/10)

Ottawa Senators Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Stephen takes the Senators back to the 90s with this concept. There are a few changes made. The hem striping now matches the arms. Some may consider that an improvement. These jerseys also get the front-facing Senator logo. 

What I dislike: The change in striping makes them look a lot more like the Maple Leafs. The sleeve numbers on the black and white jerseys are different, despite the sleeves been the same color on both jerseys. Why? Why not just make the numbers white on the black jersey, too? As always, helmet logos. The set you're taking inspiration from used them.

Overall: Stephen makes some changes to a 20-year-old set, but has not improved it. (6.8/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - J3

What I like: This is gutsy. So many people get their starched knickers in a twist when someone touches an "Original Six" jersey (I could rant about trite Original Six worship for hours), but this is actually pretty cool. Chicago's Blackhawk logo looks really good in just white/black/red. You know...I think it may be an improvement. The striping is very modern, and would be especially fitting in a Stadium Series game or something similar.

What I dislike: I prefer my hem/arm stripes to go all the way around, but I can see what J3 is going for here.

Overall: This is how you do a modern take on an "untouchable" team. (8.5/10)

Toronto Roadrunners Concept - Bastian

What I like: This was Bastian's contest-winning Roadrunners concept from a couple weeks back. I think I like it even more now than I did then. I can see a possible St. Louis Blues inspiration here, and I like that. This is two-tone blue done right. Oddly enough, I think my favorite part about this jersey is the number font. It looks so sharp with that double outline. That yoke really sets everything off, too. Execution is flawless, and Bastian has a unique presentation that always makes his concepts instantly recognizable.

What I dislike: Nothing.

Overall: Wonderful concept. (9/10) (I am not nominating this concept because Bastian's design has already gone up for COTW voting, due to his contest victory)

Quebec Nordiques Concept - Christian L.

What I like: An odd sticking point for me with the Nordiques is the logo. Many use it when designing a concept for them, but here's the issue: it's not very good. It really shows it's age. Christian offers some designs I haven't seen before. The roundel makes a good alternate logo. The striping pattern is great.

What I dislike: I'm not sure about the owl logo. It has potential, though. This is an instance where I want to see the backs of the jerseys. For instance, does the chest stripe on the alternate continue around the back of the jersey? If it does, what would you have done to ensure the numbers were easily readable. These are details I like to see in every concept, and I think that is a flaw of this particular template, although Christian does use it well.

Overall: I really like the creativity here.  That's something Christian doesn't lack. (8/10)

Clarkston High School Concept - Kurt P.

What I like: I do love a good gold jersey. With navy blue pants, this could look great on the ice. The striping pattern is conservative, but looks good. That mark is pretty good, especially for a high school. Most schools just rip off a pro team's logo. 

What I dislike: I would like to see that shoulder logo by itself. I can't tell what it is as shown.

Overall: Any high school should be proud to wear something that looks as good as this. (8.3/10)

Voting has been pretty good the last few weeks, but we can do even better! Tomorrow Ryan will post the new COTW nominees, and open voting for the Oilers Steel Drop Competition. Be sure to check back tomorrow, and send your votes in! Every vote you send in helps this blog run better and better! Let's make this one of the best voting weeks ever!

I hope you all enjoyed today's post. I've been really encouraged by responses that my alternate lists have gotten from readers, and my fellow writers. I decided to give the lists a break this week, but be sure to check back here next week, as I'll be doing a list of the best team re-designs in NHL history! See you then!

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Jake Miller said...

I told Ryan that he didn't have to include the Photoshop as part of the concept, but rather a reference point for the writer. I guess he read it wrong, but that's why there is so much grey space.

Ryan said...

Yeah I altered Jake's image. Sorry Jake, I should have told Caz that.

Unknown said...

I'll give colin's weagle a second.

I really like it's style and unique ness but I'm not sure how it would work on an actual jersey.

Justin said...

That's a really interesting Florida Panthers concept, Colin! Haha regardless of the title, that Caps concept is beautiful. I'd love to see how it would look as an actual uniform.

Unknown said...

Jake88, I used your NJD black jersey for our club on NHL14, just wanted to give you the credit for it! Looks great.

Jake Miller said...

Will L.,

What? I don't remember ever doing a New Jersey concept...
Maybe if you can send me a picture of it (ask Ryan for my Email) I might remember, cause I don't have anything on my computer saved as a Devils concept

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