Monday: Candy Canes and Huffulepuffy Goodness

Grumble, Grumble, Jets, Grumble, Grumble Leafs....

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to the post.

No contest this week, which may get you down, but in that time you could be making your entry, you could be voting!

COTY-March vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Voting totals were up to 14 last week, a good number to be at. Lets aim for 20!

Since Caz provided his list of top 3 alternate jerseys in NHL history, I'll provide mine!

Honourable mentions:

Philadelphia Flyers 2002-2007 3D logo alternate
New York Rangers 1996-8/1999-2007 Lady Liberty Blue jersey
Vancouver Canucks 1995-7
Toronto Maple Leafs 1999-2007/2009-2011

3. Colorado Avalanche Alternate: 2009-present

photo from sportsecyclopdia

Yes, the first jersey I bought with my own money (the paper route paid off). What I like about this jersey for sure is the blue! It's a very appealing shade to say the least, and the start maroon yoke certainly contrasts off it well. The script is a great logo, I liked the maroon script jersey, but on blue, it doesn't look as Rangers like (espeically with the unique striping). This is probably the only jersey in the NHL I can tolerate the pit stains, which is saying something. If I ever get a name on the back of it, I'll probably get either Statsny or Tucker. Any name ideas?

2. New York Islanders Alternate 2011-14
photo from sportsecyclopdia

I know, big shot, the only guy in the world to like it, and it takes up the spot where good jerseys go....well...I really like this jersey. Black, to me at least, is a good addition, it contrasts perfectly against the bright orange and blue. The script, I think is a keeper, and is the polar opposite of the diagonal Rangers font. What really sells me on the jersey is what turns most off of it, the gray yoke and diamond pants. The diamond, though not a new design (the Pens did it in the 70's) is a welcome addition to the NHL design palette and the gray yoke, stand out and makes you say, why does it look so good. I've been trying to get this jersey for a while, but no luck. I would get Tavares, Okposo or Cizikas (love that name)!

1. New York Rangers Alternate 1998/9

photo from sportsecyclopdia

Oh yeah, you didn't see this coming. Not to copy Caz's list, but this jersey is everythign an alternate should be. It's its own design, but keeps the original look intact. The logo is such a thing of beauty, I think the Rangers should use it full time. What I like more so about this version is that it's a white alternate, something the league has only seen 6 of since the introduction of the third jersey program (Anaheim, Washington, Toronto, St. Louis and Dallas being the only other two teams to use it). If I were to get a name of the back of this one, It'd either be Leetch, Richter, Gretzky or Kovalev

On to the Concepts:


Montreal Wanders Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Candy Cane would be the right word to describe this concept. Nothing wrong with it, in fact, it matches the era, but yeah, the comparison had to be made. The striping isn't overwhelming per say, but, at least on the white jersey, the uncoloured panels and yoke make a vest effect that I don't know was intended. The addition of black is fine for the gear, but the pant striping is a bit much for me. (6.25/10)

Hufflepuff Badgers Concepts (By: David P.)

From what I remember from Harry Potter lore, Hufflepuff is a house for those with no special talents (mediocre at best), so first draft pick, Andrew Raycoft (love ya, Raycroft!). The jerseys are just yellow Ducks jerseys, which looks good, but looks too Sarnia Sting/Iowa Chops like for me to say it is original. I would like to see the badger more evident, because the crest as is is a little bit crowded. Watch the multiple black shades. (7/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: S2dio)

Most people use the unused updated Sens side profile, but S2dio says, back to 2006! I won't comment on the socks because that has been already done to death, but overall, I love this concept! Though the striping doesn't balance the colours across the jersey completely, but the numbers and yoke spread the colours out enough that it doesn't distract at all. The white numbers stick out so well on the red jersey, I couldn't ignore the old font. I'd love to see the socks fixed but meh, it's a lateral design choice. (8.75/10)

New York Islanders Concepts (By: Kevin D.)

Haven't seen Kevin in forever, welcome back! As I stated before, the Islanders look good in black, but even better than that is dark blue. The home and road are like a combination of the Stadium Series jersey and the symbolic four stripes pattern, which looks good, and the thickness doesn't overwhelm the jersey. The alternate is amazing, nothing bad about it at all. Hope to see more, Kevin! (9/10) COTW Nom. from me! 

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Matt Mc.)

First things first, nice logo design! It's hard to design a new Avs logo that looks good, but the main focus here is the jersey. The arm striping is what most people want for the Avs, but having the non matching hem striping, keeps the jersey from just being a direct copy of the pre-edge jerseys. The jagged yoke is an awesome addition, and the pant striping would be neat to see go all the way around the pants. (9/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concept (By: Dylan W.)

The Kings are done with Forum blue for now, but the concept world is busy with fully adopting the 70's colours back. The striping is classic, nothing new but looks good, the white may be a little overwhelming. Switch the yellow and white and it would look much better. The logo is okay, but using the vintage crown or the crown on its own would be just fine. Remember the interlocking LA from the Stadium Series jersey? Wouldn't is be cool to see that on this jersey, an easy 9.5 when these chanegs are made. (8.5/10)

Saskatoon Roadrunners AHL Concepts (By: Dallas K.)

It was rumored when the Jets were putting their AHL affiliate in Saskatoon so this concept is no stretch. The home and road really push the green, which the NHL could use more of, but keep the classic Canuck striping. I'm not sure how the Blades vintage logo works as a shoulder patch, but it looks good. The alternate, I think, looks better than the Millionaires jersey. (8/10)

Phoenix Roadrunners Concepts (By: Caden P.)

This is probably Caden's best concept to day, I think, and makes good use of the modern Roadrunners logo. The striping is classic, but the cuffs are what saves the jersey is the cuffs. The non matching logos are okay for a minor league team, but the CCM tag only works on the Reebok template, not the Nike Swift template. The logos and even the numbers are a little pixlated. Keep up the good work. (7.25/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Joey F.)

Gray is colour the Leafs could use for a Stadium Series or in Joey's case, an alternate. The old Maples Leafs shoulder patch is an okay logo, but not one that I would use, without some editing (the veins are not appealing). I have some problems with the striping and numbers, execution wise. The arms look bare without striping, and that the cuffs were dipped in blue paint. I'd thicken the white and maybe add a second white stripe in the middle. (6.5/10)

Schalke 04 German Soccer Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

We end today with Stephen's 2nd concept of the day, for a German soccer club. The team's current jerseys are blue with white collars, so nothing too extreme, Stephen crosses them over to hockey with a chest stripe and rounder numbers than expected. The name below the numbers are a soccer trait, but the team name above the number would maybe look better underneath the logo, like the Kings. I's also use the dark blue more than the light blue and give an outline to the numbers (6.75/10)

That's the post, guys! Thanks for reading and remember to vote for COTY and COTW, comment and come back tomorrow for Dbro's post. I'm Jets96, go, jets, go, have a great week! 
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Alan John Herbert said...

Matt Mc's Avalanche concept got COTW nom from me!

Unknown said...

Matt, if you read this... I like your blue sweater the best, but a hem stripes bothers me. If you can make a hem part exactly in the same manner as sleeve design or the yoke and do the same on socks - that would be a perfect way for that set. Now on a logo itself - as it is - it sort of looks like a nice label for a beer bottle and there is no motion or any indication of an avalanche at all ( like their current crest does ). Perhaps, placing that " C " that you made for a captain behind/around the mountains and then making a script in a slight spiral motion below a mountains and over a lower part of a " C " would make your logo more dynamic and unique versus a boring stand still. Another idea that I had for a long time is to place that " C " on a bottom of a big foot secondary logo. That second home of yours is a nice design and you pushed an envelope - but you must work on a logo, as as you know no hockey sweater will ever look good without a sharp logo. Sorry for my constructive critique but as an artist myself cannot be ignorant when there is a great potential to help someone.

Unknown said...

@Felix Yeah I can see what you're saying about the logo. But as something I did in 30 min just because I don't like the current avs Logo I'm fine with it. If I were going to spend more time with it I would have tried to convey the avalanche more. Originally my Idea was to have this set be a "Colorado" Theme jersey and celebrate the State more than promote the Team. But I couldn't decide on a color so I did it in the way I did. I did the hem stripes to ground the jersey my problem with most avs concepts is that they are to over the top and the way I did it makes a jersey pattern unique to the avs but still traditional.

And don't be sorry, I dish it out and I'm more then willing to take criticism and defend my choices! Thanks for the feedback!

Unknown said...

2 Things
1. Where can I find the iceborn templates? I was just wondering because those jerseys seem easier to work with.
2. My week didn't start out good, and now I got strep throat just before spring break. There is some silver lining: I can make more concepts!

Unknown said...

@ Ben , for some reason I find the ice born template really hard to work with.

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