Friday: Quality Hockey, Quality Concepts

Well, HJC, who has been enjoying these playoffs? I sure have. All of the series are interesting, and this is only the fist year of re-alignment! Can you imagine what next year's series will look like, after these rivalries have had another year to deepen!

I have spent much of this week at my parents place, because they have a big TV, comfy couch, and free food and beverages! Sure beats watching on my laptop.

Last week I forgot to mention the HJC meet-up in my post, so I'm going to make up for it today. Click on the banner above for more info. Should be a good time. If I can swing it, I would love to be there, but there is the small detail of me being in Vancouver... Still if you are in the area, definitely hit it up!

here are your voting reminders:

COTW April 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Oilers Steel Drop Top 5 votes (due Friday @ 11:59PM Eastern time)


Dallas Stars - Matt Mc.

Like: The Star pattern making a comeback, the treatment of the numbers in the arm stripes (reminds me of current unis, and the half arm stripes on the early stars jerseys)
Dislike: the white on the bottom of this sweater (I think black would work better), and how the back of the jersey reminds me of the Buffalo cape.

St. Louis Blues - Christian L.

Like: The main crest os pretty cool, and the overall classic look of these sweaters can't be beat.
Dislike: the loss of double blue, I always thought it looked good with the gold. Also the other logos aren't on the same level of awesomeness as the main crest.

Brandon Wheat Kings - WHL - Garret F.

Like: Using the bruins as a base for a black and gold team is always a good move, the numbering also looks really good.
Dislike: the kings logo on the shoulder, the yellow shoulder yoke, and the loose pixels around the yoke.

Dallas Stars - Stephen T.

Like: I get that this is blending the original stars era colours with the current identity.
Dislike: The choice of black over green. how low and off centre the main crest appears.

Pittsburgh Penguins - Stephen T.

Like: The overall look of the dark sweater is pretty cool. I like the numbers in the arm striping.
Dislike: The emphasis on black makes both sweaters very dark, how big, low, and off centre the main crest appears.

Buffalo Sabres - Garret F.

Like: classic look for the Sabres, brought into the future with the yoke outline and modern script.
Dislike: I would like to see some white in the hem/arm stripes. Don't like the buffa-slug. also concept could be cleaner, lots of loose pixels.

Drexel Dragons - NCAA - Phil B.

Like: a good collegiate look here for Drexel. the yellow jersey is particularly on point.
Dislike: The front font seems cramped, and the number font feels like it comes from MS word, and not a hockey sweater.

Vancouver Canucks - Christian L.

Like: These are some canucks concepts I haven't seen done before! I like the Jonny Canuck logo in the blue and maroon. Striping is also original and cool!
Dislike: The old stick in the rink logo on the alternate, I think the modern one would look better.

Indianapolis Fuel - ECHL - Kurt P.

Like: The unique arm striping. It is really cool. The custom logo which combines the Indianapolis flag, and an old school racecar.
Dislike: The striping on the socks seems a bit too spread apart.
8.5/10, and I'll throw a COTW nomination Kurt's way too!

Montreal Canadiens - Matt Mc.

Like: These 2-tone sweaters are all the rage. This one is awesome too! Love the striping and how the logo looks on top of it. Also like the front number here (looks really good!)
Dislike: I would like the socks to match the jersey a bit better.
9/10 (and someone better throw a COTW nom Matt's way for this one!)

St. Louis Blues - Justin C.

Like: another classic Blues kit. Like the trumpet logo making a return, also like the continuity of the striping from home to road.
Dislike: nothing really, always thought the trumpet should be yellow in the logo though...

Well, those were some quality concepts! It was a joy to post them this week! you know what else is great? two things. 1: the weekend (get out and enjoy it!), and 2: voting! make sure you get your votes in by tonight!
Friday: Quality Hockey, Quality Concepts Reviewed by Unknown on April 25, 2014 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

The one thing I'll say about the number font on my concept is that I feel that it goes well with the font of the Drexel lettering. Heck, the Senators do not use traditional sports numbering, but rather one that matches their wordmark. Look at Drexel's uniforms in other sports. It's not identical to what I have, but it's close.

Justin said...

Why does Matt's Habs concept get a 9/10 but the concept with the lower rating gets the nom? Makes no sense to me. Anyway, I'll give Matts Montreal jersey a COTW nom.

Unknown said...

I'll give a COTW nomination to Matt Mc.'s Canadians concept.

Caz said...

There are a ton of great posts today. I love the inspiration for Kurt's Fuel logo. That's really cool. I have only one nomination to give, though. I'm going to nominate Justin's Blues concept. I love everything about it.

Unknown said...

@ Justin,

I liked the overall look of Matt's jersey better, but thought the logo work on Kurt's fuel jersey merited a COTW nom. That's where my headspace was at.

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