April Two-Two-Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you're all having a great week so far! I know I am as my Blackhawks finally finished off a game and got themselves into the win column. Minnesota and Colorado also had a super exciting game while Columbus seemed ready to take a lead in the series against the Penguins but blew it in the third. Dallas also with a big win to stay in their series! Hopefully the excitement continues tonight!

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But before anything......Let's get to the concepts...

Buffalo Sabres Concept - Stephen T.
Something a little out of the box here for Stephen. I don't think I've seen this done yet either. A set based off of the "Turd Burgers" I think the top jersey might have a better color distribution than the current "Turd Burger", but the bottom one not so much. My one concern here, outside of the "Turd Burger" jerseys themselves... is which jersey is which. I could see a case for each one to be either the dark or light jersey. Also Miller :'(

Rating: 6/10 - Interesting idea, but clearly this jersey style isn't ready for regular use.

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Stephen T.
Stephen takes the Kings back to the 80's. The top jersey is pretty much a modern version of the old purple jerseys, while there never was a white jersey to go with it. I think I'd like to see the purple jersey with the white and yellow swapped out. Make this a purple and white set with yellow trim. Something that wasn't done. Otherwise I've seen this exact concept done before.

Rating: 6/10

Minnesota Wild Home Jersey Concept - Bastian
The Wild are still with a mis-matched home and away set, even after redesigning their away jersey last summer. This green jersey here is meant to replace their current red home jersey. This jersey looks like a mash up of all three current jerseys. I feel like there is a winning combination between the three but as is, this isn't it. I don't like seeing white and the beige on the jersey together. One or the other. Not a fan of the beige shoulders either. I do like the hem striping, obviouslt with white replaced. Maybe work in that direction.

Rating: 6/10

Hartford Whalers Concept - Bastian
Always nice to see a Whalers concept. It's hard not to make a good one with that logo! Bastian puts together a very classic design that works well with for the Whalers. I'm almost always a fan of a colored hem. I think the hem stripes could all be moved up a little bit to fit better. If the bottom stripe was like the top instead of filling out the whole hem it doesn't look like it would fit. I think the striping on the green jersey needs to be worked on, the blue and green are hard to tell apart when they touch. I also don't care for the old W in the roundels. I'd stick with just Pucky! The modern yoke is a nice touch too.

Rating: 7/10

Florida Panthers Alternate Jersey Concept - Ryan H.
Our fearless leader takes on a project that real NHL designers have yet to do well. A Panthers alternate jersey. Points for sticking to the actual color scheme and not making a double blue jersey as if it belongs. There is a lot of yellow, but not enough blue to balance it. The jersey comes off very very bright for a dark jersey. I'd make the striping a lot thicker to get as much blue in there as possible, and maybe not have the yellow fill the entire bottom half of the sleeves. The wordmark is interesting, I don't really care for wordmarks on hockey jerseys but this one seems to be different. Especially with the logo under it. It still seems very "baseball" to me.

Rating: 7/10

 Saskatoon Blades Concept - s2dio
Not sure what the "Back in the Game" series tag logo is there for... I know there's been talks of the NHL in Saskatoon before though. The look sort of has an Original 6 feel to it. It could be used by the actual Saskatoon Blades as well and I wouldn't mind. I'm curious as to how the socks look all the way around. Slanted lines on socks don't always turn out too well, plus I'd like to see the socks mimic the sleeves with either the top or bottom half of the sock colored blue.

Rating: 7/10

Seattle Metropolitans Concept - s2dio
Seattle has been pushing for a team hard and I hope they get their team. I hope they stay away from the "Mets" name though. I like "Sea Lions" better ;) I like the double green look a lot. I wish it was utilized more though. Another "Original 6" look here but if a team was to be named after the old Seattle Mets then why not. I would recommend making the chest stripes a tad thinner so that the numbers on the back bleed off of them a little bit to make them easier to read. The dark jersey's numbers seem to be alright how they are, but the white jersey seems like it could end up hard to read.

Rating: 7.5/10

New Jersey Devils Alternate Jersey Concept - Christian L.
The Devils are a team that still has not used a third jersey, not counting their throwback. They seem to be against a modern themed jersey, which the logo here would hint to, but the chest stripe gives the jersey a classic hockey feel. I don't care for the colored cuffs here but just about everything else here is alright. I understand the green adds to the throwback feel for the Devils, but I think this jersey would look better with the green swapped out for black. It would make a good fauxback for the team to use in a Winter Classic either way. One challenging aspect of the chest stripe design is the numbers on the back and how they interact with the stripe. Things on the back here seem somewhat busy and cluttered.

Rating: 7.5/10

Montreal Canadiens "Modern Original 6" - J3
J3 modernizes the Canadiens which I'm sure most people see as a no-no. I think the thing that makes this work...for me...as an alternate... hypothetically... is the fact that the striping featured in the white part of the jersey resembles their current away jersey. So despite the jersey using a modern design, there's still huge contributions being made from designs of the past. The white hem is the real winner though. I just really love that look.

Rating: 8/10

Toronto Legacy - s2dio
There has also been talks of Toronto getting a second team before but I hope that doesn't happen. I think the logo on both jerseys could use a thick outline to set it apart from the background. I like the uniforms here though. The striping would be unique in the NHL. I think they could benefit from some hem stripes though. Pretty solid set here either way.

Rating: 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes UNC Concept - TG
I'm so honored... TG bases this set off of a North Carolina Alternate Jersey I did last year...that won COTW I might add.... The idea for the concept itself though came from the Leave an Idea page. The sublimated argyle is pretty neat and the striping is reminiscent of another Carolina concept I did last year as well... It's like a concept mash-up! If the Hurricane's didn't go with the black and red Hurricane flag color scheme I don't see why this scheme wouldn't work. It just looks so good!

Rating: 8/10

Well that's all for today! Don't forget to leave some comments for the concepts! And vote and come to Toronto and stuff......
April Two-Two-Tuesday Reviewed by DBro Alexander on April 22, 2014 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

I probably should have placed a blue helmet and blue pants on my concept. It was my intention to have blue pants and helmet. I should have demonstrated it,

Lesson learned.

Unknown said...

Hey thanks TG on making that UNC colored canes concept for me, it turned out great! Love the argyle design and the use of the storm flags! I'll nominate it for COTW since it's very well executed and just plain looks great, I'd wear them all the time!

DBro Alexander said...

@Ryan - I wanna see what that would look like... I feel like that would actually probably help a lot.

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