Weekend Update (March 30)

The winner of the COTW vote for March 17-23 was the Division 2 winners from the Pairs Competition, Alex O. & Jets96!
Full Results
Alex & Jets - 3
Justin & Mat - 1
Dylan W. - 1
S2dio - 1
Kevin P. - 1

The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. It would be really awesome as you're reading this right now, to stop and look at the banner on the right. Now click on it. Choose your favourite concept and email that choice into HJC. Now's as good a time as any! Voting ends on Friday and if you just voted now you wouldn't have to worry about that deadline.


All of the entries are now in for the Return of the Roadrunners competition. There were a few entries that had trouble following the rules. I've decided for this competition to ignore those rules breakers. That is until they win, at which point I will examine the winning entry. If it has not followed the rules then it will be disqualified and the second place entry will be the winner.


Check out Tristan M's new blog and bookmark it too!

If you have your own blog and would like a shout-out here on a Weekend Update then email me. I'd be happy to share your blog with everyone.


As summer approaches many of you may start making vacation plans. Why not plan to come to Toronto in July? This July the largest HJC meet-up ever will be taking place. Yours truly will be hosting a live Weekend Update and you can come mingle with some other HJC readers. Bring some of your jerseys from your collection, or any hockey memorabilia you would like to show off. We'll also try to arrange a group trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Tentative date is Saturday, July 12, 2014. If you're interested then send me an email.


The topic of voting came up in the comments of Tuesday's post (and again with today's COTW results). Some readers suggested, to increase COTW/COTY voting polls should be placed directly on the blog. Thus, a simple click of the mouse would be the easiest way to vote.

While I do agree that this method would be the best way to increase voting numbers, it is my opinion that these polls can not be successfully executed on HJC. During HJC's early days I did place polls on the page and many times they would become compromised by trolls or bots placing ghost votes or placing votes just to screw with the site.

The argument in Tuesday's comments was that NHL.com and Icethetics.co both use polls successfully, why can't HJC? My theory is that the NHL spends thousands, if not millions, of dollars on their webpage and can afford to pay for a poll service that also has security features. The same can likely be said about Icethetics. I believe Icethetics runs their site on ad revenues and it is my opinion that those ad revenues are at least 400% larger than what I spend a year to keep this blog running ($25).

With the information that I have just provided I hope you can see that the current method of voting is the best for HJC and encouraging readers to send in their votes with their concepts is our best chance at increasing voter participation. I am always willing to listen to ideas from everyone though.


Last week I updated the HJC Logo Use Policy (ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page). It really now boils down to, if you didn't create something from scratch then you need to credit the person who did create it from scratch. There are some exceptions though, so read the policy.

I don't create these policies to mess around and annoy people. After nearly six years of creating concepts and blogging I have come to realize how important it is to recognize those people that we stand on the shoulders of to create our own artwork. When you put your time and heart into something and someone uses it, without much thought, to further their own work, it's offensive and infuriating.


COTW Mar 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Roadrunners Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

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Unknown said...

I don't see what the big deal is, I vote for COTW every Sunday (sometimes Monday if the banner is a bit late), I take a but longer to vote on comps just to make sure I vote for the best. It's an extra click to open an email and then it's as easy as writing a comment!

Caz said...

Agreed. Honestly, it takes me less than 30 seconds, even with slow-ish internet.

JP said...

Hi Ryan, Google has it's own free poll service in google drive called google form.

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