Wednesday: It's Cold Outside!

Just when I thought Spring was right around the corner, the Midwest was hit by a snow/slush storm. The coming of Spring also means that the NHL Playoff picture is shaping up. I'm pulling for the Blackhawks to go back to back, but I'm weary of the Blues & Ducks. Both teams have been playing well recently.

Here on HJC, there are a few votes going on. I'm very excited for the Winter Classic vote! As many of you may have figured from my posts, I am an avid supporter of the Winter Classic. I believe it is the premier event of the NHL season, maybe even more of a spectacle than the Stanley Cup. I can't wait to send in my vote, but there are so many great jerseys to chose from. (I may even vote for a Red Wings jersey)
COTY-February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Mar 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Winter Classic jersey vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

The Pairs Competition is great so far! Every entry I have seen so far has looked amazing. The voting is going to be tight, so I can only home that voter turnout is even higher for that vote!

Here's the link to today's presentation: http://hjcdesignblog.blogspot.com/2014/03/day-4-presentations.html
It was a lot of fun working with Jets96 and simply the idea of collaborating with another member of the HJC community was a great experience. I hope we see another Pairs competition, and I would recommend everyone who didn't get the chance to compete to get in on the next one.

Enough rambling, here are the concepts for today...
First let's start with an artist card:
Now, here are the concepts:
Phil B. - Colorado Rapids MLS Concept
Design: When I first looked at this concept, my instinct was that this would make a great alternate uniform for the Avalanche. I am not a soccer fan, but I love that logo. If only the Avs could adopt a shield like that to be their alternate logo...
Score: 8.5/10 - I would recommend continuing the hem striping across the side-paneling. Otherwise, this is a great looking concept.
Phil B. - New England Revolution MLS Concept
Design: I have seen many concepts using the American flag striping as arm striping, and this has to be one of my favorite. I like how the striping is clean as compared to the stripes on the crest. The shoulder yoke is a nice addition to this concept.
Score: 7.5/10 - That logo makes a great crest on a hockey jersey. Phil's two concepts today both look great!
Caleb F. - Carolina Hurricanes Concept
Design: Isolating the warning flag as a primary crest is a great idea! I think it looks cool on a black jersey like this one. I don't know if the plaid paneling is necessary. I would much rather see that be a solid color or the old flag pattern that the Canes used to use on the hem of their home & away uniforms.
Score: 6/10 -  I think the TV numbers look a little bit too small. Outside of that, this concept looks nice.
Caleb F. - Detroit Red Wings Concept
Design: The Red Wings are one of few teams in my opinion that would look good in a vintage white uniform. I also really like the striping. This would make for a great road alternate for Detroit. The old Cougars stylized "D" would look great as a shoulder patch on this concept.
Score: 7/10 - The striping should go over the lines on the template. Check out the tutorial page, as there is a lot of interesting and helpful information.
Stephen T. - Switzerland vs. Germany Outdoors Concept
Design: Both of these jerseys would look amazing outdoors under the lights. I like the simplicity of the Switzerland jersey given the simplicity of the flag. I might pair the red jerseys with a red helmet & red pants. In addition, I like black and white color scheme of the Germany jersey. I thing the Germany jersey would look better if the chest stripe went around the whole jersey as opposed to stopping at the seams.
Score: 7.5/10 - Both crests are off-center along with the number on the Germany jersey. Those mistakes take away from the concept which otherwise could be an 7 or 8.
Stephen T. - Finland vs. Sweden Outdoors Concept
Design: I own a team Sweden jersey, and it is one of my favorite jerseys. Unfortunately it is too big so I can't show it off. Both of these concepts look significantly better than their Olympic counterpart. I really like the crests on each. I like how the crowns on Sweden's jersey are on a roundel, but I especially like how "Soumi" replaces "Finland" in the crest on Finland's jersey.
Score: 7/10 - Once again, there are some issues with crests and numbers being centered. I would also recommend a hem stripe on the Sweden jersey.
John R. - Lisander Concept
Design: Before you try to locate Lisander on a map, remember that HJC had a "Design a Country" competition not too long ago, so created countries isn't something new to the site. I like the color scheme, as it is unique to both the NHL and international hockey. I also like the alternate jersey. I think the alternate would benefit from black pants, but the "stormtrooper" look could look cool too.
Score: 8/10 - I like the presentation of this concept. I think more people should present their concepts with blown up crests. It really adds to the viewing experience.
Justin S. - Detroit Red Wings Concept
Design: Justin has decided to de-edge the Red Wings, which makes for an interesting concept given that the Red Wings were one of few teams to carry their previous sweater from the CCM era into the Reebok era. The "basketball" numbers on the chest look good on this concept, but I can't quite say would like to see this concept become a full time set in Detroit.
Score: 7.5/10 - This concept reminds me of the old Dallas Stars concept from the period in which they lost their identity. Detroit has a great identity with their crest and I think this concept would be compromise that.
Ryan H - Team Sweden 1987 Fauxback Concept
Design: I already said that I like Sweden's hockey jerseys, but I also love throwbacks! This concept is a great combination of the two. Ryan's concept differs slightly from the 1987 jersey, and every change is an improvement. Ryan adds a blue outline to the shoulder yoke and also adds a yellow bar to the striping. Each of these changes makes me wish that I had gotten one of these instead of my blue Sweden jersey.
Score: 9/10 - Not only is Ryan's design awesome, but he uses the Nike IIHF template very well. In my opinion, he used it better than Nike did for this past Olympics. COTW Nomination from me!
That's all! Next week you will here from me on Spring Break in paradise! Just kidding I'll be in chilly Chicago. But until then, enjoy the rest of the Pairs Contest entries, and don't forget to vote!
Wednesday: It's Cold Outside! Reviewed by Alex O. on March 12, 2014 Rating: 5


CLIB542 said...

Not going for plaid, more of argyle since North Carolina University is only 30 miles from Raleigh.

Anonymous said...

What I noticed from Justin's Red Wings concept is that the word mark is identical in form to the nameplate on the back of their traditional jerseys. Replace the number on front with their logo and we have a winner.

Thanks for the feedback on the two MLS concepts.

Unknown said...

I'll second Ryan's Team Sweden jersey COTW nom, I love that white yoke on the yellow! And it's something I could see them actually wearing, that is of coarse if Nike would allow it, lol.

@CLIB542 as a lifetime Raleigh resident I can appreciate the college reference. The Hurricanes actually play in the same arena as NCSU, their campus is 5 min from the PNC, and they also wear red. I'm assuming this is the school you were referencing cause it gets confusing around here, not only is there NCSU (North Carolina State University), there's also UNC (The University of North Carolina) who's campus is 30 Mi from Raleigh and wear Carolina blue.
I really love the use of the storm flag as the main crest! It really works on black and looks very simple and clean, though I do wish it had the storm warning hem stripe it still works without it.

CLIB542 said...

Thanks Kris Knudsen, I did not realize NC state was also that close. Good to know. Also glad you never mentioned the other school nearby.

Alex O. said...

@CLIB452, thanks for the explanation! I like when jerseys have local inspiration behind them.

@Phil, like I said, I'm not a soccer fan but those two concepts were fun to look at.

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