Tuesday: 25th of March

Hey there everyone! Hope you're enjoying your first week of Spring. Here in Northern Illinois we're still enjoying temperatures in the high 20's so.......meh... 

Outside of that we have a few Roadrunners entries today and we only have one vote this week. So don't forget to vote... speaking of.... I was recently talking to friend of the site and fellow designer Matt McElroy. We were having a friendly conversation and somehow stumbled onto the topic of voting on HJC. He got really passionate about voting numbers and how he wished they were higher. He said that he really wished everybody would vote every week. Mat Ware told him that he doesn't vote every week and that set Matt off..... I haven't heard from Ware in a few days. So c'mon guys, let's make McElroy's dream come true. Everyone vote this week and from now on forever.... For Matt.... I know I will.

COTW Mar 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Roadrunners entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Speaking of Roadrunners here's today's entires...

Christian L.


Phil B.

Tyler F.

And now onto the normal daily concepts!

IFK Borgholm vs Visby Rams (Concept Teams) - Viktor B.
Battle of the Swedish Isles. Here we go. Very modern looking game. Both jerseys are very non traditional. As for Visby, this looks like it could be a recolored version of a potential Sabres alternate from this past offseason. I'd like to see the gray around the logo to match the gray on the jersey or vice versa. Maybe something on the shoulders too, like maybe just the ram. As for Borgholm, Very dark, I'd put some white in there or something, the logo is very hard to make out. Overall, I'd like to see the backs and what fonts would be paired with the jerseys.

Rating: 6/10

Dust Bins (Rec Team) - Dallas K.
Haven't seen this logo in a while! The Danbury Trashers of the old UHL where my Icehogs used to play. The colors are alright here. Pretty dark overall. Some hem stripes would be nice. As for the striping, I don't like the black on maroon without any white or silver to help it pop out. the black gets lost. Same goes for the black in the logo. Give that logo a white outline. It'd be nice to see this get used. I love seeing beer league teams with custom uniforms.

Rating: 6.5/10

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey Concept - J3
J3 adds a lot of white into the Jets, in fact, he ditched the silver and light blue altogether to go back to the red, white, and blue days of the past. Personally, I don't like seeing logos' colors being switched around. It rarely works. That applies here, I don't think the new arrangement of colors really works. The jersey design is alright as well. I think the top white and red stripe should be moved down. All the striping seems so far apart and barren.

Rating: 6.5/10

Minnesota Wild Concept - Stephen T.
Stephen mishmashes all three Wild jerseys together to come up with this set. Overall not a bad look but that cream helmet is very meh. I feel like the logo can be moved up a tad. The name and numbers don't look centered to me but I can't tell if its just my eyes messing with me. The green jersey has a red backdrop on the numbers but the light jersey doesn't have that. I'd get rid of it, I think that's an effect that should just belong to the Rangers. Also, there's some white in the collar on the light jersey.

Rating: 7/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Stephen T.
Well the Kings will be losing their current purple throwbacks... But they'll be replaced with the old yellow throwbacks! The yellow would fit in here as an alternate. This set here is a pretty good mixture of Kings' identities. The pants' stripe, in my mind, should match the striping on the dark jersey. The logos could be moved up a tad, as well as centered. The name on the white jersey is black not purple. Fix those execution errors and if the Kings every felt the need to go full retro this would work.

Rating: 7.5/10

Liverpool FC (EPL) Hockey Concept - David P.
After looking up the clubs actual uniforms I see they transfer onto a hockey jersey very nice. The Warrior branding is accurate as well. The ad on the upper arm is actually one of the better places I've seen an ad on a jersey. Now where is this alternate? The one thing I'd want to see tweaked is the logo on the white jersey. Maybe a thin red outline. Yellow on white can be hard to see.

Rating: 8/10

Seattle Metropolitans Concept - s2dio
Ahh the Mets. Hopefully this will be a reality soon. As a set I'm not a fan because the jerseys don't match, so I'd like to see one of these as a home or away with a color swapped version and the other as an alternate. I like the dark jersey better so maybe stick with that one. The white jersey has a brighter shade of green. The one thing I don't like for sure here, and I see it on all of s2dio's concepts is the socks. I don't like the white socks on the dark jersey and vice versa. Maybe that's just me but the mismatched socks is a huge pet peeve of mine... I've made my hatred of the Bruins home socks no secret around these parts. Fix those socks and this is a very good set.

Rating: 8/10

WInnipeg Jets Concept - s2dio
Very dark set for the Jets here. I actually think this new color scheme makes for a good look. I don't know if keeping the team's current logo on the shoulders is necessary. Unless you change the jets in the primary logo to the jet in the current logo. I feel like the striping fits the current brading with all the sharp points but the new logo here is very wavy. A little bit of red in the striping would look good too. The socks don't have that mismatch of colors like I mentioned earlier because they are pretty even in color so I don't mind them here.

Rating: 8/10

Calgary Flames Concept - Jets96
Jets is on the right track here. I think if Calgary wants to have black in their identity it needs to be a very small amount. I'd like to see a bit more yellow but what he's got going on here works in my opinion. Honestly, I like seeing the horse back, but if the new Calgary logo is on the home/away shoulders I'd like to see that on the alternate. I like the pants stripe actually, but it doesn't really match anything going on in the jerseys.

Rating: 8/10

Missouri Mavericks (CeHL) - Jets96
I love this color scheme. It would be really hard for me not to like something in these colors. I'd like to see more orange in the striping. Pretty traditional jerseys. Not much to say beyond that. Nothing wrong with them and nothing extraordinary either. But those colors man....

Rating: 8/10

Well that does it for another day here at HJC. Sorry for the slight lateness of the post. Had some internet issues which kind of hindered things. Anything you agree or disagree with here? Comments!
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David P. said...

The link you provided is actually the Liverpool away jersey. Their third is a hell of a lot more ugly and I didn't want to touch them

Tyler. F said...

I think if you wanted more voting, then voting should be made easier on this site. A great way to do this is shown on the NHL official site. On the home page there is a poll where voting is done, I believe it is on the right side.

Ryan said...

@Tyler: I've had polls on HJC before. They can be easily compromised. Comparing NHL.com to this blog is a tad unfair. They likely spend thousands, if not millions, on their site a year. I spend $25 a year to run this blog.

From my point of view, it's just as easy to vote as it is to send in a concept, which every seems to do quite easily.

Why not send in a vote with a concept? If everyone did that voting would increase by about 75%.

Unknown said...

s2dio San Antonio Roadrunners is a very interesting concept with a very cool logo..., but the color of the socks are making the whole concept lesser. Please, change that to a normal dark for home and light for road. Also, why on a white sweater there is a number " 23 " on the back but sleeves numbers shows " 46 " ???I like s2dio Jets concept, too. Love that logo ever since it came up in 2011. I would ditch a circle entirely behind a logo and that red line, too. Logo is sharp by itself and there is no need for these elements at all. Stripes would need to be made exactly as the streams on a crest.

Jeff H. said...

Dallas' concept wins my nod for COTW just on the use of Scrappy (the Trashers mascot) alone.

I was a STH for the Trashers back in the day (no shocker, my seat was in Section 102 lol) and I have a few Trashers sweaters (white jersey, blue alt used in the 04-05 season, military appreciation special, and a St. Patrick's Day one) in my collection (I plan on bringing at least one of 'em to the HJC MeetUp this July)...

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Jeff: Nice, Thrasher stuff isn't easy to come by anymore, would be glad to see it. I'll probably bring part of my Toronto Roadrunners collection, or my signed Michael Peca Islanders jersey form 2002/03

Unknown said...

Ryan: Icethetics is kinda like the NHL of concept sites. They set the standard. They use polls just fine, and I'm sure that Chris doesn't pay Thousands of dollars to run Icethetics. He told me, he runs the site completely off revenue from ads. I doubt their polls were compromised, and even if they were, Nobody complained about the results. The most recent Olympic mask polls had over 14,000 combined votes!

If people could just click one button to vote, i'm sure it would be a lot easier, And I doubt it would be more compromised than say, Icethetics or NHL.com's polls.

My 2 cents on the issue, I'm sure voting would skyrocket if it could be done on the site.


Tom V. said...

I agree with the idea that a poll type vote on the side would be great, Infact that's how it was run for a long time here. Unfortunately there was consistently twice as many votes as there were readers. I think the issue here is that there isn't a solid poll generator that will block IP's that have already voted from voting again. If you have a solution that isn't easily compromised I'm sure Ryan would take it into consideration. Otherwise, let's do our part and send in our votes!

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