Thursday: Late Season Push

With most teams having about 12 games left in the season, the focus for most hockey fans this time of year is their team's playoff push, or draft prospects. Sadly, being a Calgary fan, I'm thinking about the latter.

But an interesting question that comes around every year before the playoffs: Who is going to wear their 3rd jerseys during the playoffs?

Depending on the team and the jersey, most of the time I like seeing 3rd jerseys during the playoffs. Some teams do it, some teams don't. The Sharks always seem to.  Personally, I'd be happy to see the Blue Jackets/Capitals wear their 3rds through the playoffs, as well as the Blues and Wild.

Now for another "late-season push", so to speak. It's Thursday today, which means less than 32 hours to vote for the Pairs Competition and COTW votes. I really can't wait to see the results for the Pairs Competition, I know it's going to be a close race for both divisions.

Enough jibber-jabber, time for concepts.

COTW Mar 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Comp Top 3 votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - Stephen T.

Yay: We start with two fauxbacks from Stephen, the first being from Columbus. While I would argue their current 3rd looks more vintage than this does, it still has a good retro style to it. The patriotic colours look great on the logo and jersey. Solid exception and a believable design make this a good concept.

Nay: This is almost just a recolouring of an existing jersey, so it loses some originality points. The one noticeable change is the number, which is changed for the better in my opinion. But I'd like to see a different name font as well. Yes, it's accurate, but I'm just not a fan of it. A helmet decal and more pants detail would really make this concept stand out, but for now it's good.

Overall: Good concept, with a little room for improvement. 7.6/10

Calgary Flames Concept - Stephen T.

Yay: As a Flames fan, and hockey traditionalist, I'd be ecstatic to see Calgary use this sort of thing as a main set. It has all of the retro vibe the original Flames jerseys have, and still look great. The glove design really stands out. The arm design, especially on the white jersey, is different, but I think it works nicely.

Nay: But I'm having troubles with the arms and stripes on the red jersey. I'd like to see the same stripe pattern on both, which means having a white "cuff" on the red jerseys. I also noticed that the hem stripes on the red jersey are thinner than all of the other stripes on the jerseys. I'd also like to see only 2 stripes on the socks, and again, more helmet and pants detail.

Overall: I'd definitely buy these as is, but there are some fix ups than can make this even better. 7.5/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept - Ben A.

Yay: Ben gives us a pair of concepts today, starting with the return of the Buffaslug. My dislike of the logo and jerseys of the Buffaslug era has been well noted, but I have soften my stance just a little. I think a 3rd jersey with the logo and a more traditional, "college-like" jersey would be good, better than their current 3rd for sure. This set has that traditional look, and still looks decent, which is a big improvement.

Nay: From an execution standpoint, this jersey could use a good tune-up. The logo is too big, and too low, some of the striping is uncentered, and the striping leaks out of the jersey a little on the dark jersey. Design-wise, I think the dark jersey needs some white somewhere, and the white jersey needs some yellow somewhere.

Overall: It's an OK concept, and for anything with the Buffaslug logo on it, that must be pretty good. 6.9/10

Boston Bruins Concept - Ben A.

Yay: Ben is back with a Bruins concept. The Bruins are one of the most identifiable teams in all professional sports, and this concept has all of the elements a Bruins jersey needs to look believable. The Bruins break my design rule of having the arm not matching the hem (on their road jersey), and while it looks good for them, I like Ben's arm design here. Simple, but perfect for the Bruins.

Nay: Again, the logo is too big and too low. It's weird seeing numbers on the front of the jersey on one jersey but not the other. The yoke outline on the black jersey is unnecessary, and I'd like to see a black yoke on the white jersey. The black on the black jersey doesn't look like a pure shade of black. And again, upon a closer look, some of the stripes aren't centred like they should be.

Overall: It definitely looks like a Bruins jersey set, but not a great one yet. 6.7/10

Ohio State Concept - Alex O.

Yay: While most sports fans (myself included) are more focussed on the NCAA March Madness, the NCAA Frozen Four is often forgot about, which is sad. Ohio State is ranked #21 right now, and likely not a contender for the championship, but with these jerseys, they can certainly look like one. Love the yoke style on the main set, and the chest stripes on the alternates. Really sharp looking concept.

Nay: The logos on the main set of the jerseys could be lowered by a few pixels. I realize why you used black numbers on the 3rd jersey, but it still doesn't look right. Red with black outline, or white with red and black outline? There are a few options there. On the main set, if the skinny grey stripes were just a tiny bit thicker, I think they'd look so much better.

Overall: Great concept! 8.2/10

Team Great Britain Concept - Adam R.

Yay: A very interesting concept from Adam today, making a Team Great Britain concept, in case they ever went to the Olympics. They weren't too far from this year's Olympics, making the final qualification round, playing a close game against France, but ultimately failing against Kazakhstan and eventual qualifier Latvia. While I have tons of issues with the design, the originality is fantastic, and I love the colours, even if they look weird for Great Britain.

Nay: I love the idea of the flag being the main piece of the jersey, but it needs to be moved so that the thick white stripe is directly below the collar, and so half of the back (or at least the entire left arm) is covered in the design. There is no name, number, or TV numbers, and the sock design isn't really great for a hockey look.

Overall: This concept, like GB's Olympic aspirations, have a long way to go. But I do respect the effort. 5.5/10

Ontario Reign Concept - Dallas K.

Yay: Dallas has been on fire with all of his concepts I've reviewed in the last few weeks, one of those being in this week's COTW vote. With these two concepts, can he keep his streak up? Well, this concept is a great start. They have some really funky jerseys now, but this concept is classy yet flashy with it's unique striping style and colours. Execution is great, and I'd definitely buy this over the Reign's current set.

Nay: The biggest thing I've noticed is the TV numbers, which look way too big. Now, I love vintage-white more than most it seems, but I think it's unnecessary here. There's no vintage-white in the logo, and there is still pure white. I think pure white on the jersey would be okay, but a light silver would be really cool, and would fit the look of the team better.

Overall: Great set, and while I'd rather silver over vintage-white, I'd still wear it. 8.2/10

Vancouver Canucks Concept - Dallas K.

Yay: Dallas is back with a Vancouver alternate that they need to have. Their previous alternates look to much like their current set to stand out, and while I'd like to see their Heritage Classic jersey used full time, those should be kept for special occasions. The logo is an awesome combination of the Johnny Canuck logo and their Millionaires logo. I think Vancouver in green would be great to see.

Nay: While I like the striping pattern here, it does need some work. I don't think the white stripe needs to be that big, and the blue stripes outlining it are getting lost in the green of the jersey. Getting rid of the green gap between the blue and grey stripe, filling it with blue.

Overall: After the stripes are fixed, then the Canucks should use these ASAP. Great work. 8.4/10

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Connor L.

Yay: Next up to bat is Connor with a Colorado Avalanche concept. This is kind of like a white version of their 2001-2006 3rd jersey. The striping design is simple enough and the design is pretty accurate to what a Stadium Series jersey would look like for Colorado. I'd rather see this than something completely out of the ordinary. Very believable concept.

Nay: Not a big fan of the number and name outlines. The word mark on the front of the jersey is fine, but the outline on the name and numbers just looks messy. The Reebok mark on the back yoke should be lowered, and it looks a little distorted. The pants design doesn't really match the jersey design, and I would almost rather see maroon or blue pants instead of black, especially for a game like this.

Overall: It's going in the right direction, but it isn't quite game-ready yet. 7.2/10

Mississippi River Kings - Mike S.

Yay: Our last concept today is a very interesting concept out of the SPHL. The jersey design follows the colour scheme of the logo, which is one of the more interesting logos in pro hockey. The crown jewel of this concept is really hard to see, but there are shapes on the shoulders that resemble a turtle shell. It's a great touch, and the rest of the jersey design is really cool.

Nay: Here is another case where I contradict my preferences, and say I'd go with white instead of vintage white. This time, the off-white colour is actually in the logo, but the problem is that it's too dark to really work as a white jersey, and it really doesn't make the logo pop out like it should. If the text in the logo was changed to white, then the jersey colour might work. I'd also like to see more detail on the pants and helmet.

Overall: This is a really neat concept, and while I'm not totally buying the jersey colour, there are ways to fix the logo to keep the colour. Overall, good work. 7.7/10


My COTW nomination today is going to Dallas K's Vancouver Canucks concept. Everyone had a really interesting design, and I really love the level of creativity in all concepts today.

One more friendly reminder to do the right thing, and vote for the Pairs Competition and COTW votes by Friday. Voting has been hit-and-miss lately, but lets bring it back to the strong participation levels we had back in December.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

Thursday: Late Season Push Reviewed by Unknown on March 20, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'll second Dallas K's Canucks third for COTW. That logo is fantastic! And more teams need to wear green, it's the most underrated color in hockey IMO, and too many teams wear red or blue! I do agree that the white stripe is to wide, and I also honestly didn't see the blue stripe at first. Everything else about it is perfect and I'd love to see Vancouver wear it! Or at the very least use that perfect logo somewhere!

Unknown said...

I nominate Alex O's Ohio State concept for COTW. Even though their basketball team lost today, this concept makes up for it. Move the logo down like Will said, and I'll take one ASAP

Thanks for the reviews Will. You have never reviewed any of my concepts, and I like the "Buffaslug" joke. Never heard that one before.

Unknown said...

I want to say a few thoughts about the logo from Dallas K's green Canucks concept... I like the " V " part - it is perfect and simple. But a head of Johnny always bothers me ever since it was designed. The thing is that if you stare at a head long enough - you will see how the nose with a mustache will turn into a for head with a flock of hair below a ski hat and then mustache will turn into an eye and chin dove into a beard and a beard stocked into a portion of a " V ".I'm not sure about the others but I've noticed that right away. Also, back on that new Jets logo from last night - a blue part very much similar to INFINITY logo.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nom's guys! I know that the striping is definitely different on this one, my reasoning for the grey stripe being farther away from the other stripes is because I was trying to put the distance of the grey in relation to the grey outline's space around the logo. I dunno if it works, you guys may be right that it looks funny like this, but it's for an alternate so I guess I can afford to be a little different haha

Tom V. said...

I'm digging the Reign jersey too Dallas. As simple as that striping pattern is, it really works. I think the arms would look really good worn. The orange stripe is framing the numbers perfectly. I'm gonna have to nominate that one. Ontario Reign COTW nom.

Anonymous said...

Stephen T's jersey simply looks like a Blackhawks recoloring plus a red yoke on the white. You can't necessarily go wrong with the Blackhawks template, but just not for another NHL team.

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