Saturday: Viva la HJC

Hola a todos y bienvenidos a otro puesto de HJC sábado! We have some great stuff in store for you today, including throwbacks, alternates, team revivals, St. Patrick's Day event jerseys, and one for the popular fútbol team, FC Barcelona!

Our Roadrunners contest has several great entries in it! Today's post has the last of those entries, and I can't wait to see who wins. Be sure to email your votes to Ryan next week!

*** Edit by Ryan ***
I have opened up the voting a little earlier than usual. So, go check out the ROADRUNNERS page or click the banner at the top of the page and start voting now.
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The contest did get me thinking, though. Back about four or five years ago, when I was just starting to watch hockey, (yes, I'm a newcomer) I was looking for some cheap Preds gear to take to my first NHL game at a Goodwill in Jackson, Tennessee. While looking through the racks of clothes, I happened across, of all things, a Phoenix Roadrunners jersey. Unfortunately, it was an XL, and I wear a small. It was one of the IHL jerseys, blue with grey and white striping. I passed on buying it, and later changed my mind. When I went back for it, it was gone. Totally regret that. Are there any classic jerseys that you wish you could go back and buy? 

Here are the last of the Roadrunners Contest entries:

Andrew W.


Taylor R.

Matt Mc.

Now on to our daily concepts!

Pittsburgh Penguins St. Patrick's Day Concept - Jake88

What I like: Here's an interesting concept. Most St. Patrick's day jerseys are half-baked green practice jerseys. Here's a St. Patty's day jersey you can be proud of. The outfit on the skating penguin is just great. Thank you for putting a logo on the helmet.

What I dislike: It's essentially a green Penguins Stadium Series jersey, but that's ok because I really didn't mind the design. 

Overall: I'd love to the the Penguins break this out on St. Patrick's Day. (8.5/10)

Anaheim Ducks concept - Christian L.

What I like: Some people want to see an orange ducks alternate. Forget that. I want to see the eggplant come back. The color could be unique to the NHL if they brought it back. It's simply not a Ducks jersey without angled striping.

What I dislike: I do miss the jade. The logo is good, but I think better suited for shoulder patch duty. When I see it as a primary, it makes me think of the Red Wings. 

Overall: This has the makings of a good alternate. (7.5/10)

Kansas City Scouts Concept - Christian L.

What I like: I really like this one. The Scouts didn't last long, but if they had, would they haven ended up looking like this over time? I think there's a chance that that might have happened. The roundel logo is pretty cool. I certainly like it more than the Scouts actual logo. I like the striping pattern as well.

What I dislike: Something about this makes me think this would be more believable as a Columbus Blue Jackets concept, but I do appreciate seeing the Scouts on the blog.

Overall: It's not often we see the short-lived Scouts on the blog. They would look good in this. (8/10)

Team Canada Concept - Steve M.

What I like: With Nike's fondness for simplicity, lightness, and flag-inspired designs, jerseys like this could easily be seen in 2018 in Korea.

What I dislike: The jersey is too simplistic. Yes, I know it's supposed to be reminiscent of the Canadian flag, but it's just not eye-catching, or memorable.

Overall: I love flag-inspired designs as much as the next man, but this needs something more. (6.5/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: This is sort of an amalgamation of decades here. This concept has 80s striping, with colors and fonts from the 70s and 60s. 

What I dislike: I can't help but wish to see this in true white. This in one of the rare cases where I want to see tie-up laces on the collar, since Pittsburgh actually used them back in eras that this concept draws inspiration from. The numbers on the back are a little off-center as well. Do I need to mention the helmets? I think if Stephen was ever going to rectify that he would have done by now.

Overall: Not a bad throwback set for the Penguins. (7.8/10)

St. Louis Blues Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: I have an uncle who is a old Blues fan. He'd probably love these. It's not a straight throwback, because Stephen does add a yoke, and changes the pants and blue note.

What I dislike: I never this color scheme. It looks like a jersey made for the aesthetic trends of the mid-to-late 70s, but implemented in the 80s and 90s. It was behind the times even then. The red striping on the dark jersey is imperceptible. I don't think the yoke improves the dark jersey, either. The sleeve numbers are backwards. The pants striping looks odd, with just the horizontal red stripe at the ends. There's a spot Stephen forgot to fill in on the dark socks. As always, helmet logos.

Overall: Some things are best left in the past, and simple execution errors bring it down. (6.5/10)

Nashville Predators Faux-back Concept - Matt Mc.

What I like: I always like seeing concepts for my Predators on the site; don't get to see it often. It's been a few years since we had an alternate jersey, and I'm glad Matt had the good sense to keep it gold. Fans here love it. I don't mind the roundel logo, it serves to tone down the aggressive, modern look of our primary. The striping is great. I especially love the striping on the yoke. Execution and presentation are top-notch.

What I dislike: I think I'd prefer true white here. Yellow and white are tricky to work with because of the lack of contrast, and the vintage white here further complicates the matter. Helmet logos. I know many don't care, but I like to see them.

Overall: Several Preds fans would probably buy this, and if that vintage white was change to true white, I would too. (8.5/10)

Grand Valley State Concept - Alex J.

What I like: I really love Alex's presentation here. This is very well organized and clean. GVS's color scheme lends itself well to good designs. This is essentially an Avalanche alternate with a matching white jersey, but I'm glad Alex took off the colored arm pits. I appreciate adding alternate logos to the helmets. Execution is good as well.

What I dislike: I'm usually not a fan of diagonal wordmakrs, but I don't mind it here. Looking through GVS's logos, this is probably the best option Alex had to work with. Nevertheless, it does look a bit plain. I would take the lace-up collars off.

Overall: This would be a good set for Grand Valley State. (8.5/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - Tristan M.

What I like: Here's a cool concept. Most alternates we see lean heavily on past design design cues, but if you look at the Blackhawks of the late 30s-50s, that's not always a good thing. I like that Tristan designs a jersey that, while looking like it could be a throwback, it's not. There's enough new designs here that it feels fresh, without being a total departure from Chicago designs. There's not really a lot of red here, but I don't even mind it. The white stripes give good balance to the jersey. I've always thought Chicago's alternate logo looked better with just two colors. Execution and presentation are flawless.

What I dislike: The Blackhawks looking any better than they already do. (not a fan myself)

Overall: Some might say Chicago needs no alternate, but I think would fit in wonderfully with their current set. (9/10) COTW nomination from me!

FC Barcelona Concept - S2udio

What I like: I'm not really in to fútbol, but I think this set does a good job reconciling the world's most popular sport, with the world's best sport (hockey, naturally). I especially like the striping on the yoke and hem. I think the set shows what Nike might do with FC Barcelona realistically. Their philosophy seems to be: "Yoke, arm stripes, and hem stripes. Pick two." The alternate captain logo is done really well. I like how the yoke striping stops just before it reaches the patch. Presentation and execution are great.

What I dislike: the numbers on the back are a bit large. 

Overall: Although I don't believe FC Barcelona will be changing sports any time soon, they would look good in this if they did. (8.5/10)

There's more than one concept that deserves a COTW nomination, so be sure to let us know your thoughts on today's concepts in our comments section! I hope you all enjoyed today's post! I'll see you all back here next Saturday!
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s2dio said...

I guess that today's writer did not had the chance to see my submission e.mail. FCBarcelona is not just a soccer team, is a sports club with more than 10 sports temas under the same shield: soccer, basketball, handball, roller hockey, baseball, rugby, athletics... And one of those is ice hockey.
I would be nice if writers had the chance to see the comments that come with the concepts so that they have all the info when evaluating them.

Anyway, this is not hockeyfying (whic, btw, I am not a fan), but a proper ice hockey team jersey.

Ryan said...

@S2dio: As has always been the case on HJC, any info you need relayed to the readers needs to be ON your image. This is explained on the ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page.

CLIB542 said...

matt mc nashville COTW

Caz said...

Hi, S2udio. That would be me. Well, now I know. I knew that FC Barcelona was a soccer team, but did not know the rest. I've never kept up with European sports teams. I assumed soccer was all they did. A little info on the concept goes a long way, though. Forwarding each email sent to Ryan to the 6 other writers would be a logistical nightmare, hence the need for the policy. It just makes it easier for Ryan and the rest of us.

On a side note, I don't mind "hockeyfying." It's good to see concepts for teams we don't normally see here; keeps things fresh.

Ryan said...

Seconding Tristan for COTW!

s2dio said...

Never paid attention to that particular point, I'm afraid, so sorry for the little criticism (I had my pride touched hahaha).
I'm aware of Ryan's amount of work here, and that's why I always end my submission emails with a thank you. I guess I should place it on my images as well ;)

Jake Miller said...

Matt Mc's Nashville seconded!

Ryan said...

Sorry, COTW noms have already been posted.

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