Saturday: Oil Change

Hello everyone and welcome to another HJC Saturday post! There's a very eclectic mix of concepts today. We have conventional concepts, wild alternates, crossovers to baseball and even soccer. 

Now that the NHL regular season is in the home stretch, we it's becoming more and more clear which teams will likely be competing for the cup, and who will be going home this year. As a Predator fan, I feel like our team has been out of it for awhile now. My team is at the point where the most exciting thing we have left is watching our prospects, like Calle Jarnkrok, make their NHL debuts. 

Which teams do you think stand the best chance of drinking from the Stanley Cup this year? If I were a betting man, I think I would put my money on the St. Louis Blues. I really think that Ryan Miller could be the missing piece for them, but then again, the Blues do have a propensity for choking in the playoffs. They do have as many Stanley Cup wins as the Jets, Whalers, Predators, Wild, Thrashers, Canucks, Panthers, Sabres, Blue Jackets, North Stars, Nordiques, and Sharks combined. Which is to say, of course, none. (side note: I never thought about how many current/former NHL teams have never won a cup until I made that list! It really is the hardest trophy to win in sports)

Let's continue on to the concepts!

Los Angeles Kings Alternate Concept - Leo D.

What I like: The Kings look great in gold. I'm looking forward to them wearing their gold throwbacks next year. I much prefer their old color scheme.

What I don't like: The LA logo is too small. The sleeve numbers are too small as well, and they are oddly positioned. The full body template is pixelated badly. 

Overall: I think many people would like to see this as an alternate, but execution takes this one down. (5.5/10)

Bemidji State University Concept - Leo D.

What I like: We don't see concepts for Bemidji State very often. I had to look them up. 

What I dislike: The stripes above the logo are the most interesting part of the jersey, but I think they would look better closer to the yoke, the effect it has on the back of the jersey, splitting the name/number isn't visually pleasing. The logo/sleeve numbers are still a bit small, though it's not quite as noticeable with this Under Armor template. The away jersey needs more green. With presentation, I recommend not making the words "HOME" and "AWAY" so large.

Overall: This is close to becoming a solid set for Bemidji State. (6/10)

MLS Eastern Conference/NHL Crossover Concept - David P.

What I like: All teams are made better when applied to hockey jerseys, right? I often forget about MLS; not a soccer guy myself. Some of these MLS logos are really bad, of course, that's nothing against David.

What I dislike: The same issue here as the MLB crossovers. A lot of work was put into doing these concepts, however it's more quantity over quality, with some details being left out. Some of these jerseys are simply logo/color switches.

Overall: I applaud the effort, but I'd like to see more detail here. (7/10)

Detroit Tigers Concept - Kevin B.

What I like: We've been seeing a fair amount of MLB/NHL crossovers lately. I guess we should expect that with baseball season starting. Kevin uses more color here than what baseball teams typically include, which is good. If there's one thing that I don't like about the MLB, it's there is way too much white and gray jerseys; just not enough color in the league.

What I dislike: The white stripes on the arms should be a little thicker. The stripes on the socks should be closer to the ankle. There should be sleeve numbers on the jersey. You also need to include some form of ID on the concept, so no one can take credit for your work.

Overall: Not a bad jersey for the Tigers, but it could use a bit more detailing. (7/10)

Dallas Stars Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: The Stars current color scheme makes it easy to create good looking concepts. 

What I dislike: I'm a huge fan of the Stars new set, so these are step back to me. The green is too good to not make a primary color. The gold on the the logo seems a bit arbitrary with none included on the jersey. The 4 on the right sleeve of the home jersey is a different color from the left sleeve. NHL teams put logos on the helmets. I see no reason not to include one here.

Overall: Does anyone want the old Stars look back? (6.8/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concept - Stephen T.

What I like: The striping on the jersey matches the striping on the pants.

What I dislike: These jerseys look really generic. It's lacking the character that Oilers set has now. It's not poorly executed, it's just not that interesting, not to mention very similar to Stephen's other concept today. Then there's the helmet thing I always have to mention. (Side note: Did you mean to put "ALBERTA" on the backs of the jerseys? I have never heard of a player named "ALBERETA." These jerseys have Ales Hemsky's number on the back, so I'm guessing Stephen had to change it after he was traded.)

Overall: The jerseys are executed pretty well, they just don't hold your attention. (7/10)

Edmonton Oilers concept - Dylan W.

What I like: This is the antithesis to the concept above. This is very interesting, attention grabbing, wild, and unusual. Will some hate it? Absolutely. I'm not sure if I even like it, but I cannot deny that it is extremely memorable and creative.  Third jerseys are meant to push beyond the norm, and this accomplished that mission. Execution and presentation are great as well.

What I dislike: I think what can make this concept so disconcerting is that it feels like the jersey is a enlarged graphic, rather than a whole jersey. 

Overall: A concept truly worthy of being a wonderfully controversial third jersey. (8.8/10) COTW nomination from me!

Los Angeles Kings concept - Phil B.

What I like: I like the striping on these jerseys. The striping on the current set is a little bland. The new "LA" monogram from the Stadium Series jersey is a great shoulder patch. The primary logo is really cool, too. However, I want to know where it came from. Even if you made it, Phil, it's good to know if you created it. If you didn't, you have to give credit to the person who did.

What I dislike: The name, numbers, and shoulder patch on the white jersey should be black. There's just not enough contrast between white and silver to make them easily readable. NHL teams put logos on helmets. It would be good to see them here.

Overall: There are some really interesting elements to these jerseys. I like that logo, I just want to know who made it. (7.8/10)

Colorado vs. Colorado State concept - Jets96

What I like: This would be a fun game to go to. I really like the striping on these jerseys, especially the one for Colorado. That yoke is cool. Thank you for putting logos on the helmets.

What I dislike: The subliminated mountains on the Colorado State jersey are a little crude.

Overall: I would love to see this game. (8/10)

St. Louis Blues vs. Washington Capitals 2015 Winter Classic Concept - S2udio

What I like: This would be a great-looking game for two Expansion Era teams. I really love the striping on both teams' jerseys. I think my favorite here is the Capitals jersey, because it doesn't feel like the usual throwback. 

What I dislike: I think the numbers on the Blues jersey would look better in blue. I just find yellow numbers to be difficult to read on a white jersey.

Overall: This would be a great game to watch.  I think it's high time that a team like St. Louis got into a Winter Classic, rather than the same northern teams. (8.5/10)

Don't forget to nominate concepts that deserve COTW recognition, and to vote for next weeks concepts! Let's keep increasing our voting numbers! See you all next week.
Saturday: Oil Change Reviewed by Caz on March 22, 2014 Rating: 5


Mat W. said...

Gonna nominate S2udio's Caps/Blues concept. I like the template, and the jerseys look great. Well done.

s2dio said...

this is throwing rocks on my own rooftop, but dylan wonka's oilers concepts is awesome!
i would like to see someone actually wearing it, though, just to see how the sleeves look, you know?

Alex O. said...

I'll second Dylan Wonka's oilers concept for COTW!

Unknown said...

Hello everyone and how are you all!?

I would like to make comments for

these four concepts: Leo D.,

Dylan Wonka., Phil B., S2udio

Leo's D golden version for LA Kings

is a solid, simple concept - my

only few suggestions are : 1. to

outline purple stripe in a thin

white line on each side and then

add another thin white line

respectively to follow the same

pattern from a center of the crest

and do the same on socks. That way

a sweater would feel more happier.

2. Make a yoke in white. I never

been a fan of that crest that

reminiscent a pocket. Dylan's

Wonka concept is awesome and I

like how he connected an entire

sweater with one line - a genius

move and my two thumbs up!! I

was hoping to see that move when

he introduced a Flyers alternate

concept with my logo and glad that

finally he came up on his own. By

far, Dylan composed the best

Oilers sweater!!! Love Phil's B.

concept and logo in particular.

Here is an example how to break up

from that boring " pocket " crest

that Kings currently wearing. My

suggestions for his white sweater

are:1. to make a collar in grey 2.

that thin line, also, in grey. 3.

a triangle around NHL shield in

black. 4. numbers in black. 5.

tv numbers/shoulder patches in

black. S2udio concept for 2015

Winter Classic is absolutely

sensational and I had a very

tough time to give my COTW

between his and Dylan's - so,

my COTW goes for these two!!!

HockeyCoachBen said...

The Washington-St. Louis concept is awesome! S2dio gets my COTW nomination.

Tristan M said...

I fourth Dylan's CoTW Nom

Anonymous said...

I did infact make the logo, using the current wordmark logos and styling it similar to the first black and silver logo. I kept the numbers silver because of those previous sets. I wanted to create a modern version of the Gretzky jerseys that looked better than the current set.

The thing I like best about it is that if you look closely, the striping is IDENTICAL on both jerseys.

Ryan said...

Got a few noms there that violate the COTW nominating rules.

Anyways, I'll second S2dio STL-WSH for COTW.

Unknown said...

I know the first Oilers team in the WHA had 'ALBERTA' on the back for the names for every player until they end of their first season. Maybe a small tribute back with a small typo? Or maybe just a play off of it regarding Hemsky's departure.

Anonymous said...

Also for Dave P's MLS crossovers, I'd recommend some deeper research into the actual kits of those MLS squads. For example, Philadelphia's home kits are primarily navy with a touch of gold, and the Red Bulls' dark kits are also navy instead of red (although I would want differently as a Red Bulls fan).

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