Monday: Islanders in Gray, Oilers in Orange

Up an hour early because I have work at 4, and because everyone outside of Saskatchewan has to get up an hour earlier in a week...yeah!

Welcome to the week that WILL feature some good trades, seriously, a solid trade deadline for the Jets would be much obliged. The Leafies currently have a Manitoba native on their bench the Jets sure could use, maybe for Mark Stuart?

Voting is super important, not just to silly things like government and society, but mostly to HJC! The polls are down folks, we are at risk of losing the majority, our shot at the White House, nay, the world! We need a plan, I get it, some of us are busy, I'm in the last semester of high school, a lot of you are in school to, at any level. All it takes is one vote to change the outcome of COTW,

IF YOU CAN EMAIL, YOU CAN VOTE! Hmm...that's a good slogan...

COTW vote Feb 24-Mar 2 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Reminder! The Pairs Competition entries are due Wednesday Night at 11:59pm EST, please make sure you follow all the rules and read them carefully, so you're entry has the best shot. I have a secret up my sleeve not even my partner knows (now he's probably emailing me asking what it is) so let your creative side flow and get everything done, there is a lot so hopefully you've started by now, if not...yikes, get to it!

On to the part of the post we all love..the concepts!


Dallas Stars Concept (By: Wings98)

Because of their incredibly hot surface, most stars appear solid white, like when you stare into a light bulb...but adding bronze to the Stars look instead of gold...interesting idea. Texas tea colours would look good on a team that only recently added green as a full time colour, though bringing in some black to this jersey would help it a lot. The bronze and silver bend into each other, especially since the silver is so thin, so some seperation would really help this concept out a lot. I like everything else though. The logo looks great  without the script, and I like the striping pattern. I think this is the best of Wings88's series so fa, execution wise, and is only missing a couple of things to make it good. (6.5/10)

Calgary Flames Concept (By; Wings88)

Kuddos to Wings88 making this logo on his own, that is really hard to do (as I am learning through Photoshop!) but this concept misses the mark for me. The logo looks a little too much like fallen leafs and icing on the bottom. On the jersey it looks okay, but the I can't see the NOB or numbers that well, if at all. I would use black on the numbers and maybe the NOB, at least on the back, or add a black outline to make it more visible. I understand why the jersey is the way it is, it does look like Flames, but not my favourite (that's just my opinion though). (5.5/10)

Team Great Britain Concepts (By: David P.)

Listening to Herman's Hermits while critiquing this concept was not the brightest idea, but this concept certainly is a bright one (figuratively of course). The Lion logo with the union jack was a nice primary crest, but the sublimated yoke is even better, a great detail I'm sure nike would do if team GB made the Olympics. The chest striping  looks decent, but kind of gets lost on the Union Jack. The white jersey looks a little bare to me, having a blue yoke would probably fix that, or even a white helmet. (8/10)

Unicornstantopialandia of America Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

Needless to say this is not a real country, this was Taylor's entry to the IIHF concept nation contest. Hockey in general does lack unicorns, and neon green, both things I like and both things Taylor uses, nice work on the logo! I'm not a huge fan of that shade of blue, I think something darker would go better with neon, but the blue isn't pale enough it looks bad. No execution errors, good work. (7.75/10)

New York Rangers Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

I have to admit, the Rangers Stadium Series jersey was a pleasant surprise, compared to some of the others, and having it as an alternate wouldn't be that bad an idea (as long as Ms. Liberty makes a return). Stephen creates a blue version and removes some of the Stadium Series elements like the angled striping and what we have are a really good jersey and a bare one. The white jersey looks really good, everything  looks how it should, minus the lack of a certain shoulder patch. The blue jersey needs the blue bars and yoke the white jersey has, but in white. If you do that, this set would be an easy 8.5. (7.5/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: David P.)

Why Pittsburgh has yet to have a Vegas Gold jersey is a stupid mystery, but it makes for some really good concepts, this one is no exception. The striping is an angled version of the early Mario Lemeiux era striping, but the key difference is the shoulder patch. I don't like that logo in blue, but in black..it looks surprisingly good and fits the jersey, in fact, this would look better as the primary logo, since it has a recoloured vintage long beak penguin. The execution is good, but the outline on the numbers need a thinker white outline and the logo is pixely. (8.25/10)

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Phil B.)

I'm not a huge fan of San Jose's current set, and Phil gives us some good ideas. The angled yokes look neat, but  the black yoke sticks on the teal jersey, and would look less out of place if the striping and numbers were black. The striping is a little thin for my taste, but I know some people like it and it would be good thick so as is isn't that bad. Most of the changes seem lateral to me, but the shoulder patch looks so nice being used, and adding a little bit more orange to the striping would give the jersey a nicer flow. (6.75/10) Edit, I missed this when writing the post, Phil makes the logo much more modern and streamlined by taking out the stick, or as he called it, making the shark less hungry (7.25/10)

Columbus ************ Concept (By: Mike S.)

The ************ jerseys look like Calgary's Flaming Horse jerseys with curved striping, or Altanta's Pre edge jersey thrown on to the Blues' template, either way...meh.. Mike on the other hand makes a good, cartoonish alternate. The bright colours give it that great cartoon minor league look that teams lack today, and the scaly yoke is a great, creative touch. The striping and logo look good, the chrome effect on the logo is something new, most people take the chrome off. The numbers are the only thing I take issue to, just because the ************ use snakes bent into number shapes, which I think would look amazing, but maybe a little too extreme for most. (8.75/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: Caleb F.)

I've always been a fan of Edmonton darkening their orange to right around where Caleb has it now, and I think this is supposed to be either an alternate series or a Stadium Series series,either way, very modern. The striping is unique for sure, not many concepts use the yoke and arms to make a coloured band, but the Iceborn template lends itself to this idea. The lack of white on the striping I think hurts the look, and just simply making the middle band white would make this concept better. Everything else checks out find, but adding a shoulder patch wouldn't be a half bad idea. (8.5/10)

New York Islanders Concept (By: Caleb F.)

The Islanders are done with black for a while, but this isn't black, this is dark gray, so it's fair game. This striping pattern works for the Islanders, or any team with blue and white, I don't know why, but the brighter the contrast is between the colours, the better it looks. Most people like the dechromed NY logo, and it really stands out on the gray, everything looks good, except for the jersey colour itself. I'm all for using gray as a colour on a jersey, but this gray almost looks like faded black, I'd either darken it a little more so it becomes, what I call HJC gray, or brighten it, just right to, it's a little too middle shade for its own good. (8.5/10)

Buffalo Ospreys CWHL Concepts (By: Pat W.)

Other than free Audi R8s, HJC doesn't get a lot of women's hockey concepts, outside of IIHF concepts, and hey, lets give them the spotlight at the end of this post. The idea of a Canadian Women's hockey league is a great one, and expanding into Buffalo really isn't that strange of an idea, in fact, it'd be closer than Montreal or Halifax or Ottawa for a Toronto team. Both jerseys look like they are based on the 80's Sabres jerseys, but with inversed striping on the yellow jersey, and no blue and the striping on the white jersey. Since the Sabres screwed up the yellow jersey, this one would be a much more refreshing and traditional jersey and looks great. The white jersey looks good too, but the lack of blue in the striping makes the yellow blend into the jersey, adding blue would be the best option, on the outer two stripes. Not much else to say, maybe adding an outline to the numbers ad script to help it stand out, but that's it. Hope to see more, Pat. (7.5/10)

That's it, Ladies and Gentlelads. Hope you enjoyed today's post and hope YOU VOTE! Please comment and VOTE, because commenting and VOTING are essential to this site. Anyways, I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go, have an awesome week  and a not so stressful trade deadline. 
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Unknown said...

David P's penguins jersey gets a COTW nom from me, I know a lot of people that would be very happy to see the pens wear this, myself especially!

Phil B. said...

Jets96, you made no mention to the biggest part of my Sharks concept, that I feel you may have missed it: The shark no longer is hungry, as the stick disappears. The striping I kept consistent because I like the orange for them, but many don't, and what they did for the striping pattern this summer was good. The angled yoke I added in order to mirror the logo's shape (Reebok doesn't have an angled yoke template for reasons I cannot imagine).

winnipegjets96 said...

Oh, I didn't notice that, That's actually neat touch, Phil, the stick int he mouth looks to 90's IMO, which isn't what you're going for. I'll boost your mark because I like that touch to the logo.

Unknown said...

Hello everyone and how are you!? Mr. Phil B., I would like to make a comment on your San Jose " Sharks " concept... By removing a hockey stick from a crest you've made a familiar logo less appealing in my humble opinion and that is a step backwards. I've never liked that silly triangle behind a shark's body ever since that franchise introduced in a first place - a triangle belongs only to the " Penguins ". I can assure you that if you remove a triangle and draw a body of a shark up to a tail either straight or twist a bit or even twist into a letter " S " , if you could - that would look 100% sharker than a present one. Your yoke is a good touch and I welcome that , but a thin line of orange on a striping pattern is not something that makes me say " wow ". Perhaps, drawing a row of shark's teeth around the yoke, hem, sleeve and socks stripes - would make a concept somewhere unique and different from many that has been done on this blog. By any means, I think that there are tons of work could be done and you're not done , yet... I see a very nicely done concept based on what you've started here.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your feedback Felix, but being the Islanders fan I am, I tend to be very conservative with my jersey designs. Unrelated note, I have Fishsticks ready!

Jokes aside, I think the removal of the stick is a somewhat forward move, because we already know that the Sharks are a hockey team. We don't need a cartoonish shark bitten stick to reinforce that. Only thing worse would be the shark holding a stick in it's fin. The striping I adapted from the current jerseys, because there has been outcry against orange, but it has been met with rave reviews of the orange, to the extent of a 50-50 crowd in SJ. Their newer striping is a nice compromise between removing orange entirely and keeping it as it was post-Edge. But the biggest features I wanted noticed were the yoke and the no-stick.

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