Monday: Baseball Crossover Overload!

That was...the best trade deadline in recent years! Even though the Jets didn't make a move (NO REIMER!). I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see Garth Snow as GM of the Islanders next year...trading Matt Moulson and your first round pick (top 5) for Thomas Vanek for...a prospect, a conditional pick and a 4th round pick...not as big of an insult Devin Dubynk being traded for a bag of pucks.

Have you guys enjoyed the first two entries in the Paris contest, if you haven't seen them, check them out on the HJC Design Blog...here's a link to today's presentations.


If you're having a bad day, maybe this will cheer you up! I went to vote, typed out the email and everything, hit send...then I got an email back from Ryan...It was Saturday Morning....and I, the writer, who every week tells you to vote, voted on Saturday! Do as I say, not as I do.

COTY-February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Mar 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Winter Classic jersey vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

If you want to be a part of the big decision, deciding the best Winter Classic jersey in history (up until now), vote, vote, vote!

Before the post gets rolling, artist Leo D. has a concept artist card!

A Vancouver fan who's favourite player is Chara? It's not Timmy Thomas weird, but I would think any Canucks fan would dislike all the Bruins from the 2011 Cup winning team, anywhositz, welcome Leo!

On to them concepts, youz all like:


AL West Concepts (By: David P.)

David begins a series that will span over this week and on to the weeks to come, crossing over each MLB team on to the respective professional hockey team's jersey (if that makes sense). I'll give my thoughts on each of them. Execution is good, but is very pixelated and the lack of TV numbers jurts the look overall. (7.5/10)

Angels: Colours are balanced well, but the Angels haven't been a mainly Navy team since they were the California Angels in 1996

Athletics: Good, solid, classic striping, which makes sense because the two teams were owned by the same guy at this time

Mariners: Every Seattle team could cross over onto this jersey, since they all have the same colour scheme (whether green or blue is primary is flipped)

Astros: Although it is based on the Aeros jerseys, I would have stuck with the blue jersey and not have the orange band on the side

Rangers: Now that the Rangers wear red over blue as their primary colour, the new Stars template looks amazing! 

Cleveland Indians Concept (By: Ben A.)

Last post, I reviewed two baseball concepts from Ben A., well this week, I only have one, modernizing the Indians, and using that awesome script as the primary over their dated, racist former primary. I like the idea of the chest striping, but the execution needs improvement. The logo needs to be bigger to fill the front of the jersey more, and striping is the thickest stripe setting on paint and goes outside the jersey in certain areas. Adding TV #'s and removing the NHL tag from the collar insert will also improve the execution. I will say though, Ben did the shoulder patch correctly, which is one of the harder things to do for rookie concept artists, so good work on that. (4.5/10)

Colorado Rockies MLB Concepts (By: Stephen S.)

Holy pinstripes Batman! The Rockies do lend themselves well to a crossover concept, and using pinstriping on a hockey jersey is particularly hard. The home and road look more like baseball jerseys since they are gray and white, but each jersey has execution errors, than once they are fixed will make this concept much better. The jersey would look much better with minimal pinstripes, especially on the yoke, where the CR could be used as a shoulder patch. On the road jersey, the chest stripe is much too thick and would be sublimated since the stitching isn't cut off. Overall, each jersey needs a striping pattern that would help blend the pinstriping in more, and balance the purple iinot the white and gray, rather than using it as an accent colour. The TV numbers should also be bigger, along with the shoulder patch on the alternate. (4.75/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Jacob K.)

I've never reviewed a concept by Jacob, but right away, I can tell he likes to experiment! This minimalist, modernized Blackhawks logo looks great, and good job crediting where you got it, even some veteran artists don't do it! Having no hem stripe is something I'm becoming more and more okay with, and the white jersey looks pretty good even without it, aide form a couple of execution errors. The red jersey looks okay but making the striping pattern like the sock striping, would work much better. The shoulder patches should be cut in half on each side, and the name and numbers are low on the jersey, raising them up would make them look more inline with the jersey, especially on the red jersey. (5.5/10)
Ottawa 67's Concepts (By: Cedric L.)

The 67's have a clear and defined look, with the barber pole striping and classic logo that is a staple of the OHL....Cedric makes some neccisary changes, and a sweet vintage alternate. The home and road don't need to match, since each jersey has their own distinct feel, yet are close enough that they somewhat match (like Ottawa in the early to mid 2000's). Aside from the old Reebok vector logo being used on the front of the jersey, lack of tv numbers and stitching still visible on the road and alternate hem stripes, good execution. I really like the vintage jersey because it uses those overly complex logos the 50's and early 60's had that almost never were used as primary logos, and makes it work (nice OHA logo too). (6.75/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

The Vanucks in the yellow mess template...interesting idea here. On their own, each jersey looks decent, but the red back and yellow front don't match well. I prefer the yellow and black, simpley because the stick in rink logo looks better with black stick and red outline. The only thing I'd change on that jersey would be making the numbers yellow. The red jersey looks good too, but the shoulder patch would look better with a black stick, and its missing on the right back shoulder. I'd be interested to see what this concept would look like with the skate on plate logo, or in blue, green and white. (7/10)

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Caleb F.)

The surging Stars are probably going to eliminate the Jets if Tim Thomas plays well, but they should play in the next Stadium Series. Caleb makes some unique choices in this concept, including the stars under the arm. The striping is good, though I think going for a whole arm band, rather than cutting it off at the yoke. Adding some white to the striping would balance the colours better, especially on the hem. The star under the striping would work better if there were more gray on the jersey itself so it doesn't stand out so much. (7.5/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Caleb F.)

The Jets don't have a Stadium Series game under their belt yet, but after the 2016 Heritage Classic, it may be possible. Caleb mixes the Blues with the Stadium Series look and a unique striping pattern. Like the last concept, this concept lacks white on the striping, but in this case, the back numbers somewhat save it. Making the middle stripe white will make this concept great! The use of the shoulder patch is awesome, and fits the theme, but the logo should be larger. (8/10)

San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Steven G.)

San Jose is one of those teams not many people picture doing a minimalist or vintage design (even though the team is 22 years old), but Steven makes a good case as to why they should. The Sharks have always looked best with teal and white, and emphasizing that gives a really bright jersey that looks similar to the Golden Seals final jerseys, but much more visually appealing. The script looks great monochromatic, but adding a little bit of black around the numbers, script and that smaller teal stripe would make this concept perfect! (9/10) COTW Nom from me!

That's the post Lades, Gentlemen, Aliens, Houseplants and those from the future! Remember to VOTE before FRIDAY and comment as you always do! I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go, I'm off to Halifax Wednesday morning to go and check out universities in Atlantic Canada! Have a great week! 
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Ryan said...

Caleb's Winnipeg Jets for COTW

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback. I've been trying my best to perfect my jerseys, and hopefully my upcoming concepts are better than my last!

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