Tuesday: Elimination Games Begin

Hey there everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the Olympic hockey this week. The women's gold medal game is set and we've got a Canada-U.S. matchup. And the elimination games are starting for the men.

As you may know, a big competition is starting up here at HJC and our fearless leader, Ryan, has a message for everyone.....
Edit by Ryan

For those of you who have made your team for next week's competition, please email me both of your names and what division you would like to be in. Division 1 is the advanced division and Division 2 will be the novice division. If you have not found a teammate by Friday afternoon then email me and I will start randomly pairing people up. I'm still forming all of the details, but this may end up being the most involved and longest HJC competition ever. In the end, I would like a team or two to make their PRESENTATION on each day. Full details on the upcoming Weekend Update.


Good luck to everyone who plans on entering!

As for the current competition, the voting ends this week, as well as the voting for the COTW.

COTW Feb 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Design A Country Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

So why don't we get to today's concepts?!

Anaheim Ducks Concept  - Dallas K.
Dallas revives the eggplant and jade, which is a good move. But the dark silver duck foot is questionable. The orange stays around on the third jersey. It's a real mash up of eras. The home and away jerseys look good but that crest kills it. The black jersey is ok. The numbers on the wrist is a bad idea because it kills the idea behind TV numbers, they wouldn't be easily visible.

Rating: 6/10

Jacksonville Jaguars Hockey Concept - Gerard M.
Oh wow. Can't say this is bad because of Gerard, this is bad because of the Jaguars. It fits the brand they've been starting to form recently, for some reason. It wouldn't look so bad if the colors on the top of the arms was a gradient as well. I wouldn't mind seeing the jerseys look more traditional and have gradient helmets like they really do. It'd still be weird though.

Rating: 6/10

Montreal Canadiens Concept - Jack H.
Jack makes very slight adjustments to the Canadiens' jerseys. The white jersey actually looks better than what they wear now in my eyes. But the dark jersey, not so much. The arm striping takes after the hem stripe now instead of the chest stripe. If the chest stripe had white outlines like it currently does I'd actually be ok with this set.

Rating: 7/10

Indianapolis Colts Hockey Jersey Concept - Gerard M.
Gerard brands the Colts and it couldn't have been hard to figure this one out. The team's branding is an east fit for a hockey jersey. It's a simple classic look that doesn't look bad, but kind of bland. I would add the dots from the logo onto the jersey's stripes.

Rating: 8/10

1986 Stadium Series Concept - CSKA Moscow vs. Edmonton Oilers - Jordan R.
Jordan pits Wayne Gretzky and his Oilers up against some of Russia's best in the 1986 Stadium Series. The two teams actually played that year as part of CSKA's Super Series. The Moscow jersey isn't that out there, but the Oilers' jersey more than makes up for it. That large oil drop sure is something. I can't say I like it but it fits the bill of crazy "modern/futuristic" jersey.

Rating: 8/10

1987 Stadium Series Concept - Montreal Canadiens vs. Detroit Red Wings - Jordan R.
The "Stadium Series Games of the Past" continues with Montreal visiting Detroit. The Montreal jersey looks a lot like a fan jersey... I mean, they both do, but this one more so. The name under the number I can't get on board with but the rest is fine. I actually don't mind the black Red Wings jersey. Definitely looks like something that comes out of the late 80's. I say the Red Wings win this jersey matchup.

Rating: 8/10

Anaheim Ducks Third Jersey Concept - Jack H.
Jack has created what I'm sure we all envisioned the Ducks wearing when it was announced they'd wear an orange jersey for their Stadium Series appearance. Give this the appropriate yoke and slanty stripes and boom. But this looks better than a Stadium Series jersey would. The only questionable part is the black sock. These Ducks are pulling a "Bruins" wish mismatched socks. Make that top half orange and its better.

Rating: 8/10

New York Islanders Alternate Jersey Concept -  Caz W.
Caz plays off the recent news that the Isles will keep their Stadium Series jersey, or some variation of it, around for the future. It's good news since in my opinion its one of the better Stadium jerseys. Getting rid of the chrome logo is obviously a huge plus. The new striping is ok compared to what the jersey had but it still looks sharp in these colors.

Rating: 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins CCM Alternate Jersey Concept - Tristan M.
Tristan brings back the old cut of NHL jerseys with the CCM branding and brings back Robo-Pen! I could go either way on the "Vegas Gold vs. Sport Gold" argument but I want Robo-Pen back. This is a pretty cool jersey design as well. It's a pretty good re-imagining of the 90's jerseys with a few tweaks. The gold yoke outline that connects the gold arms is different and I'm not against it....

Rating: 8/10

Game of Thrones Hockey Jersey Concept - Will S.
I don't know anything about the show since I don't watch it so maybe I'm the worst person to review this jersey since I'll miss any sort of little reference to the show. I do, however get the quote on the back. The chainmail jersey design is clever and I know it fits the show well. All I can say is its a clever idea that's carried out pretty clever as well. Maybe run this by the guys at GeekyJerseys

Rating: 8/10

Houston Texans Hockey Concept - Gerard M.
Gerard with his specialty, hockey jerseys branded with NFL teams. This Houston concept is pretty good. I wish the yoke had a second color. So white on the dark jersey and red on the white. I think that would balance the color out pretty great all around. Also, maybe have that bottom stripe on the hem go to the bottom of the jersey and get rid of the base color.

Rating: 8.5/10

Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series Concept - Matt Mc.
Matt designs what he thought the Kings should have worn in the Stadium Series. As you'll find out, he wanted to see a mish-mash of past and modern jersey elements which I think works really well. I think if the Kings had gone this direction it would have looked phenomenal, and I already think they had one of the better Stadium Series jerseys. The colors work really well here and I'm curious as to what any of the Kings actual crown logos would look like on this jersey. Not a fan of the "Los Angeles" script on the hem, that's something that could be left off the jersey.

Rating: 8.5/10

Anaheim Ducks Stadium Series Concept - Matt Mc.
Matt creates what I'm sure every living soul thought the Ducks were going to wear for their Stadium Series game. It made sense seeing they had already revived the eggplant and jade this year. This is almost exactly what they would have worn. I don't care for the Orange sticks in the logo but I guess it keeps a link to their current brand. The stroke around the logo is weird too, it's super thick on the sticks and duck bill but extremely thin around the triangle.

Also, almost everyone does this on their Stadium Series concepts and I can't tell if it's intentional or people aren't noticing, but the striping on the arms here would form a downward chevron as opposed to going up the arm like the actual jerseys. To fix it, the stripes on the front of the jersey would start lower and go up instead of down.

That aside...
Rating: 9/10 an a COTW nom!

Well that's it for today's post! Don't forget to get a teammate for the partners competition coming up and to vote vote vote!!! Comments!
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Tom V. said...

Nice job on the Ducks 3rd Dallas! I know it would probably never happen, but that jersey would look great, lots of potential there, I love the tv numbers, I would maybe just move em up a tad so they don't get lost in the glove cuff, but other then that I love em! Unfortunately I can't bring myself to nominate the set, I have to agree with Dylan on the logo's... the grey on the H/A just doesn't seem to work.

Justin said...

McElroy's Ducks for COTW!

Ryan said...

I'd like to nominate Matt Mc's Kings Stadium Series for COTW. It's good enough that I can overlook that it's not accurate. NHL sweaters are made by Reebok not IceBorn (*wink).

Unknown said...

@Ryan Someday... someday

Caz said...

I love that Game of Thrones jersey. It's one of my favorite TV/book series, and that jersey perfectly suits the Starks. Excellent work. I'll nominate it for COTW.

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