Monday: The Day After Gold!

Gold, Gold Gold, Gold, Gold medals, both the Canadian men's and women's Olympic national teams win gold in Sochi, and that has me, predictably, pumped as ever!

If you're day wasn't so golden, today, maybe voting will fix it. My partner in concepting Alex O. brought up last week that I may be a little mellow in my voting reminders, so here's some tough love:

Listen up, maggots. You are to vote for COTW by Friday at 23:59 hours, or you will face court marshaling and have to scrub Fat Bastard's Latrine. If I find out, any of you have not voted, so help me I will make sure you personally take a hit from Scott Stevens while you brush your teeth!

How was that? Anyways, vote!

COTW Feb 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

For those who have a partnership for the Team Contest, remember to read the rules and the criteria so you have a good shot at winning and qualifying! Good luck to everyone, Me and Alex O. will work hard to make sure we win our division!

On to the concepts 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

We will start today's post with finishing up Gerard's NFL crossover series, starting in central Florida! The Bucs just released a new logo and helmet, and what Gerard's jersey proves, is how bad that brownish gray colour looks (maybe it would work on the pants and helmets). The striping is nice and simple, it isn't based on their current jersey, but that doesn't matter since it doesn't really have any striping. I would consider adding more black on both jerseys, and maybe adding cuffs to the arms and hem, just to make things a little more unique. It's good as is, but nothing too exciting. (7.5/10)

Tennessee Titans Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

The Titans are a hard team to do concepts for, because of their colour scheme, and sometimes getting ambitious and trying to add red to the jerseys, usually ends in problems, not so for Gerard. the jerseys are clearly based on the Titans current jerseys, including unique numbers and the arm bands. I like this concept much more than the Bucs one because it looks nearly identical to the football jerseys but just on a hockey jersey. The only qualm I have is the lack of piping under the arm banding. Adding white to the blue jersey and navy to the white jersey would raise the score of this concept even more, and while it may be a little cookie-cutter, it would still look good. (8/10)

Washington Redskins Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

The Redskins are due for a name change, for obvious reasons, but their colour scheme is timeless, and Gerard makes good use of it! The striping is based on the their jerseys from the 1980's, and it is a simple design, but with a unique colour scheme, it works. The white jersey would improve with some added maroon and this may seem weird but seeing the famous yellow pants on a hockey jersey would be so cool. I would also add the stylized R the Redskins currently use for a shoulder patch. Huge congrats to Gerard for completing an awesome NFL/NHL crossover series! It's hard to complete any series, but one where the teams aren't even hockey teams and have completely different design aspects is even harder. Each concept was well executed and showed effort, overall, great job, Gerard! (7.75/10 Congrats, again)

Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Tristan M.)

Another yellow Sabres concept, that once again proves the concept makers on HJC sometimes, especially with recent 3rd jerseys in New York States are 1000X better than the design teams. Tristan uses an interesting striping pattern, almost like what the current Sabres thing would look like in the mid 80's, and it's cool. This would catch eyes for all the right reasons and the cut off arm band and silver metallic bar would be memorable. I just wish there was some sort of shoulder patch (Buffalo has a few so take your pick) and keeping the captains crossed swords C is something that I would like, but as is, really well executed, and awesome work. (8.75/10)

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

The Stars current jerseys have been well received, as most predicted, but one must wonder if a 90's throwback or fauxback/inspired alternate is a possibility. Stephen goes full on retro, with some small changes to the original Stars jersey. The changes are necissary ones, like having striping patterns match on both jerseys and using the darker green rather than the North Stars one. Not much else to say, a simple crossover, not insanely interesting but still well executed. (7.5/10)

University of Maryland Terrapins Concepts (By: Ricky M.)

I actually has a pet Terrapin, fun fact! The Terrapins, more so recently have been playing around with Maryland's unique flag with their striping, but Ricky full on used it all over this concept. The design works for the striping on all three jerseys, particularly the black jersey, and would work for the NCAA.The execution is solid, I might have chosen the full turtle or just the script as a primary logo, just to keep the clutter down, but that's just a preference thing. (8/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

This concept was based on an idea left in the Leave an Idea section, an awesome place to leave and get concept ideas, please check it out and use it. Stephen bases this set from the days of Mitika, Hull and elder Esposito, great years in Chicago. This is just a simple edgeification, but this set has a nice vibe to it, and though the changes are subtle, they are noticeable. Good execution! (7.5/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Ben S.)

This is probably Ben's best concept he's sent in so far! The striping and logo are based on the late 40's Blackhawks jerseys, but without the chest striping and multitude of colours. The striping and cuffs are a good design choice, both modern and classic at the same time, something not easy to do, but striping like this does it. The execution is really good, aside from some nitpicky things. The chest logo is a little too small and I'm not huge on using ABCD 123 on the back of concepts, putting your name or a player's name shows more effort, but these are little things. (8/10)

Fredericton Junior Caps Concepts (By: Robb C.)

Fredericton is a beautiful city from my native province, and it's nice to get Junior hockey concepts! The Caps current jerseys are Red Wings copies with a baseball style logo. Robb creates a neat new logo and uses elements from Washington to blend everything together nicely. The striping and numbers work for a Junior team, but the logo and pants stand out to me. The pants are a staple of the caps and crossing them into gray is a cool way to keep that look, along with the logo Robb designed, which is awesome. Any Junior team would be proud to wear this jersey! (9/10)

Baltimore Orioles Concept (By: Ben A.)

Ben may be new to HJC, but he's already getting ambitious with two non-hockey concepts to end off the post. The Orioles are a staple of baseball and rival of my hometown Jays (more like city ajacent to my hometown). The yoke striping is a cool idea, but the lack of white hurts this concept, white and black are a staple of the Orioles caps and would look good in between the striping. The striping patterns should all match, and while the O's in the he striping are unique, they don't look too good, using the O in the arm striping and only one O per arm may look better. The execution is getting better, but practice makes perfect. (4/10)

Boston Red Sox Concept (By: Ben A.)

This concept starts to show a shift in execution, and this may be Ben's best choice for template. Boston is another staple of baseball, and wearing red is only fitting, since in hockey, teams usually wear their primary colours rather than just white or gray. The arm logo and shoulder patches are done well, but the left arm logo is upside down and should be the other side of the logo. The next step would be adding tv numbers and removing the NHL logo. Also, the inside of the jersey should be red instead of white. (6/10)

That's today's post! Remember to vote and for those in the Pairs contest to colaberate with your partners and get the creative juices flowing. I'm Jets96, go Jets go, Canadians, have Golden week, everyone else, you too, Silver, Bronze, just a good solid week! 
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DBro Alexander said...

um, how are those Blackhawks jerseys based on the "Days of Roenick, Belfour, and Wilson" if the image says based on the 66 jerseys?

Tederifico said...

Fredericton for COTW!

Unknown said...

Tristan's Sabres alternate for the COTW

Unknown said...

Robb Clarke's Caps concept for COTW. I have coached a lot of the player on the currents Caps team. Jersey would be a great update and upgrade on what they currently wer.

winnipegjets96 said...

Oh crap, @DBro, I read it as 1992...awkward

DBro Alexander said...

@Jets womp womp!

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