Friday: a post shorter and quicker than Martin St. Louis.

Hello HJC,

Today's post is going to be decidedly snappy. I have midterms and papers out the wazoo this week.

It looks like Phil can relate.
photo: sbnation.com
Don't feel frustrated like Phil. Make sure you get those entries and votes in!

COTY-January vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Feb 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Design a Country entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Here are today's entries into the design a country competition:

Will J.

Martin L.


Eric W.

Patrick N.

Mike S.


Dallas Cowboys - NFL - Gerard M.

Overall I like this look, keeping it simple and consistent with the Cowboys look. I feel like some work needs to be done on the yokes, they seem a bit out of place with the arm stripes. 7.5/10.

Calgary Flames - Bastian S.

I do think the flames could benefit from a clean, modern look, like the stadium series template provides. It would be nice to see some hem stripes to match the arm stripes. 7.5/10.

Quebec Nordiques - Christian L.

Christian's skills have really come a long way since he started making concepts. It feels like I have had a Nords concept from him every week I have been writing here (this time around). This one looks good, but I feel like I have seen the same thing from Christian before. 7/10.

Italy - WWI - Stephen T.

I feel like more green would go miles to make these seem more Italian. The white cross on the red feels swiss without more green. Empty nameplate on the back, and a badly off centre logo do not look good. 6/10.

Edmonton Oilers - David P.

I get what's going on here, but am not a fan of black for black's sake. Not much creativity here, and messing with one of the best looks in the league gets a thumbs down from me. 5/10.

Springfield Falcons - AHL - Connor L.

The logo seems a bit small to me. I like the diagonal cut off on the hem stripe. I don't like the white hem on the front, and think overall hem and cuff striping/piping should be eliminated. 6.5/10.

Phoenix Coyotes - Jack C.

The overall look of the jersey is pretty good. The main logo is too big, and too low. Having a Jets logo on a Coyotes jersey is definitely a no go, especially now that the Jets are back in the league. 6.5/10.

Nashville Predators - David P.

Same criticisms as the Oilers blackout jersey. Good jersey, spoiled by the black, not much creativity. 5/10.

Japan - WWI -Stephen T.

I really like the rising sun flag. It looks good here, but it would be cool to see it "uncaged" and have it carry over to other parts of the sweater, like the yoke. 7/10.

New Jersey Devils - Bastian S.

I like the "horns" on the yoke, but it would be cool to somehow get them pointing upwards instead of down. Black pants would look better to me here. 7.5/10.

SanFrancisco 49ers - NFL - Gerard M.

These don't look bad (in fact, they look pretty good), it's just that they don't have the classic 49ers arm striping, which in my opinion is one of the best looking arm striping patterns out there ever. 7.5/10.

Boston Bruins - Tom V.

WOW. These look super vintage and super cool. I like the alternate, it reminds me of the pre-edge bruins sweaters, and the logo is pretty cool. The home and roads look pretty cool, but as every day unis they could be a bit problematic, because they are so stripey, and make it hard (for me at least) to distinguish if the jersey is light or dark. 8/10, and a COTW nom from me.

Well HJC, it has been a blast, enjoy the Olympic hockey, get those contest entries and votes in, and check back next week for another (longer) post from me.
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