Wednesday: Finland and Slovakia Reveal Jerseys

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! I wish I had prepared better and had the time to really get into the news from the past couple of days but I didn't and I don't so I can't and won't! But Slovakia and Finland have revealed their Olympic jerseys!

Photo: SportsLogos.net
Team Finland's jerseys came out today and they feature another jersey based on the country's flag, and I don't hate this one. Without really going into it, I'm ok with the set, could be better. 7/10

Photo: Yahoo Sports
As for Team Slovakia, they sport a jersey that bears a STRONG resemblance to the USA white jersey, as well as a color swapped version, but both jerseys have something that sets them apart from the USA, and every other jersey revealed so far. Pinstripes....but those aren't stripes... Those stripes are made from the lyrics of the Slovakian national anthem. Very unique feature and I love it. 9/10

So since I couldn't get too into, I'm leaving it up to you people... In the comments, what do you like and/or not like about these new jerseys?

Ok let's get movin'.... go vote. Now. Do it. Please? Come on........

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And now our daily concepts!

Victoria Royals Concept - Zack M.
The good ol' Victoria Royals of the WHL. First thing I notice is the logo. I think it's better suited as a shoulder patch, I like their primary, but if this is meant to be an alternate jersey then it would work just fine for me. Secondly, I noticed the lack of white in the jersey, as well as the red, which is absent from their current jerseys. I'd like to see more red in their jerseys so I can get on bored with this, But I'd also like to see some white in there somewhere. As well as some black, but probably only as a trim color. The striping comes out of the tempate and the name and number on the back could use some work. Work on your presentation and execution Zack and I know you'll improve! Keep sending in those concepts!

Rating: 5.5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate Jersey Concept - Ben S.
Ben submits a Tampa Bay alternate but this ones a callback to the identity before the last one. Gray/silver is back too. I'm assuming the TV numbers would go on the shoulders but I'd like to see it since I can't be sure about that. I don't like the lightning bolts on the arms. They're too thick to look like lightning bolts to me. Quite honestly they look like something white spilled on the jerseys.......I'm going to leave it at that.

Rating: 6/10 - Improvements could be made to keep those bolts. But as it is, I don't care for this jersey.

Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate Jersey Concept - Ben S.
Ben submits another Tampa Bay jersey. It's sort of a call back to the previous identity but without the silver. It's an ok jersey, but personally I don't care for the logo. I'm ok with the black coming back but the bottom of the arm striping should have another white outline, it's hard to tell the black and blue apart. Shoulder patches would be nice too. Would like to see the back of the jersey too. As well as a name or some sort of ID on the concept.

Rating: 6.5/10 - More contrast in the striping, and some patches.

Columbus Blue Jackets (Nike NHL) Concept - Jordan R.
This Nike template has been growing on me since Nike started revealing Olympic jerseys. I've always been a fan of Jordan's work, but this is the first time I haven't really been a fan of one of his concepts. I don't care for the main logo, very busy. and the...thing... that the TV numbers are in, as well as the front of the alternate, is way too big and distracting. I'm ok with the overall jersey designs and how they're laid out, but the logo and ...number things... are too distracting for me.

Rating: 6/10 - New logos and no number....things.

Los Angeles Kings Concept - David K.
David throws waaaay back for the Kings. Way back to the 80's that is. The home and away are more or less remakes of the actual jerseys. the thickness difference between the white lines on the arms and the hem bugs me. The alternate jersey is great. I like seeing this era of Kings jerseys in white. The same thickness issue applies to the yellow in that jersey though.

Rating: 7/10 - Not the most creative concept, but that white alternate saves it. Fix the thickness between the arm and hem outlines.

New York Islanders Concept - David P.
David gives the Islanders their Brooklyn makeover. Black and white....aaaand gray. Something I haven't seen much of with all these "Brooklyn-ized" Islanders concepts. I like that but the logo isn't cutting it for me. I want the Isles to move away from this style logo. The jerseys are alright. I would like to see the backs, TV numbers, and the hem stripes be the same size as the arm stripes.

Rating: 7/10 - Fix those hems!

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Ted N.
Since the Dodgers are letting the Kings play on their home turf soon, why not give the Kings a set of jerseys that match the baseball team's attire? The script logos are pretty neat, especially with the crown used in the home jersey's script. The "KINGS" looks stretched out though. I like the striping. It's difficult to make hockey jerseys based on baseball jerseys since there's virtually no striping.

Rating: 7/10 - Clever idea, would be great fan jerseys. But that's all I'd want to see them used for.

Colorado Avalanche (Nike NHL) Concept - Jordan R.
Jordan drops burgundy from the Avs' scheme. A move I'm not against. I applaud Jordan for making his own logos. I'm not feeling this logo as a replacement of their current one. I do like it though. I like the white yoke on the dark jersey quite a bit. Really fits in this color scheme. As for the alt, it keeps the diagonal lettering, but the letters seem too close together to me. I think all the jerseys could benefit from shoulder patches. I also don't very much care for this trend in Nike jerseys that are absent of any form of striping. I'd like to see some arm stripes at least.

Rating: 7.5/10 - Arm Stripes! Arm Stripes! Arm Stripes!

Stadium Series LA Concept - Brandon C.
I love that Brandon went "fauxback" with the Kings, it's a combination of the "Purple and Yellow" days as well as the "Black,Purple, Silver" days... I'm a big fan of that jersey. Same with the Ducks jersey. I love that orange is dominating this jersey as well as the return of the duck mask. I feel like there could be some more black on the jersey though. I feel like the Ducks jersey needs either shoulder patches or a yoke, top part of jersey seems too blank.

Rating: 8/10 - Add more black and something on the shoulders to the Ducks jersey and this is a 9, easy...

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Dylan W.
Another Colorado concept with no burgundy. Hmmm. I'm intrigued. I like the zig zaggy stripes but I feel it should look more subtle, at least on the arms. I feel like it would look odd when actually worn. Other than that I have no real problems with the jerseys except for the nameplate overlapping the zig zaggy stripes.

Rating: 8/10 - Fix that nameplate issue, that's the real big issue with me, I could live with the arm stripes as is.

Minnesota Golden Gophers (NCAA) Concept - Jake88
Jake's back! And now he's redesigning the BIG 10. The striping on the white jersey some what resembles their current white alternate. I wish the striping between the jerseys matched, but these are college jerseys so I can live with it. I would like to see a dark version of that white jersey though. The one thing this set is missing, is a yellow alternate. Make. That. Happen.... Please...

Rating: 8/10 - Yellow!

San Jose Sharks Alternate Jersey Concept - Tom V.
I love the idea of a Sharks jersey featuring a stripe pattern that forms a gradient. It's been done on this page before and looked good then. I think it looks good here too. I like the orange stripes under the stripes as well as the one on the shoulder. I like the logo choice but think it could be a little bigger.

Rating: 8.5/10 - Make that logo bigger!

Anaheim Ducks Stadium Series Concept - Ryan H. (HJC)
Well it's no secret that the Ducks plan on wearing an orange jersey when they hit the ice outdoors at Dodger Stadium. I like the amount of black in this concept as well since it keeps the jersey balanced and not too orange. Normally I'd say that there needs to be a hem stripe, but that might be too much black, so I'm ok with it here. Overall, a pretty good set. I'd like to see the socks flipped though.

Rating: 8.5/10 and a COTW Nom! - but flip those socks!

Well there you have it folks, get to commenting! Now....Please....Come on.... Guyyyyys..........
Wednesday: Finland and Slovakia Reveal Jerseys Reviewed by DBro Alexander on November 06, 2013 Rating: 5


Rob Coulter said...

I agree. Sweaters lacking arm stripes just look like practice sweaters. But the Slovakian lyrical horizontal pinstripes are brilliant!

Tom V. said...

No love for the small logo!? haha! ah well... I tried it with a bigger logo originally but thought it took away from the orange stripes 'POP'. Also, the gradient looks so good in the logo, how could I not use it! Cheers

Montana Wright said...

Im like Jordans nike concept. I think the lack of arm stripes and the different elements are on the concept because he is thinking of what nike would do not judging by the olympic jerseys instead of what he would personally do. just a thought

Unknown said...

Hello everyone! Will start on Jordan's Blue Jackets concept: excellent home sweater design ( too bad USA team will not wear it in Sochi 2014 ), in a crest ditch a shield entirely, place a civil war hat above the crossed rifles or arch outward " BLUE " and arch downward " JACKETS " respectively above and below crossed rifles. No go on alternate due to a dull stars in there. On his Colorado concept - logo didn't materialized into a motion of the avalanche. Top portion of " A " looks as a sharpen pencil tip. David Parkinson's NY Islanders concept - a silhouette of Brooklyn borough interfering with " NY " and " Islanders ", makes it impossible to read. Tom Vopni SJ Sharks alternate sweater - let go of that diamond shape thing behind a fin, continue a waives motion from a main logo itself on a sweater throughout and all the way into the sleeves, too. These straight lines taking away a feeling of the water . Add orange above the fin, too. Eliminate that thin orange line on a yoke - it looks as a cloth hanger from a closet. On Ryan's Ducks stadium concept - helmet should be copper/bronze not black, maybe gloves, too... Socks are fine the way they are - goes very well with a set. Dylan's Avalanche concept- remove that zig zaggy sleeve pattern and add that part from a main logo that swirls around " A ". That should give a cool dynamic motion to a sweater.

Tederifico said...

I have to agree with Montana. I quite enjoyed Jordan's take on Nike jerseys. I do agree that stripes usually enhance a jersey, however it I wouldn't call it a principle.

I really REALLY like the Columbus jerseys and really like Avalanche colour scheme. While I wouldn't give it a 100% "the Avalanche should adopt these now!", I do thing the colour scheme and logo are the starting point that they need.

Tyler Gross said...

Tom's Sharks concept for COTW

Those are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

There needs to be an ALL-NCAA Jersey contest, or at least more college hockey concepts.

Kevin said...

There needs to be an ALL-NCAA Jersey contest, or at least more college hockey concepts.

Richard Mazella said...

I'm going to second then nom for El Capitan's Ducks sweater.

DBro Alexander said...

@Montana Wright - I totally get that Jordan was probably going for what "Nike would do". I think that that he's pretty damned close to what Nike would do. So I give him props for that. It's just personally I don't care for most of Nikes jersey designs so far. Too plain.

DBro Alexander said...

@Kevin - Yes. More college jerseys would be nice. Those are the jerseys you can usually get away with some crazy things!

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