Tuesday: Flyers Double Take at a Flame in Steel

Welcome to Tuesday here at HJC! Boy do we have a crazy schedule ahead of us. We will start with this introduction, move onto voting reminders, and the crazy rating of the concepts being sent in. Not an ordinary day here, but let's get right under way with telling you guys to vote. The Sabres are an easy team to make fun of, and I promise if you vote on the logo competition and COTW, they will continue to embarrass themselves and give the league a nice laugh. DO IT FOR THE SABRES!


COTW Oct28-Nov3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY Logo Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Detroit Red Wings Concept - (Stephen T.)
Stephen starts us off today with a NIKE take of the Detroit Red Wings. God knows what NIKE would actually do if they took over the NHL for designing uniforms. Let's start off with the positives. For the most part what I like is keeping the home basically the same, I like the idea of moving the white stripe up to match the away. Also the font choice. To me that classic font is something that hits me in the right spot.A couple of things I don't like is that on the away the arms are white. Not saying it looks terrible, but I think having the red arms and white stripes looks a lot better. I think it looks too blank as it stands right now. Then again, when doing a Detroit concept, why just keep the same look? This is a concept for Detroit that we see a lot, so I've become used to this look. Doesn't look bad at all, but then again, I would rather have them wear the current sweaters. Just an execution note, I believe the logo is too large. I would just shrink it a little. Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Keeping the classic look is a plus. The away still looks really empty. Nice job, and nice effort trying to beat out probably in my opinion the best looking team in the NHL.

Wake Forest University Concept - (Mike S.)
I love rating college uniforms. Mainly because I'm a huge NCAA football fan, so I love seeing teams in a hockey uniform. I really like Wake Forest's color scheme, it's something that I'll always be a fan of. So taking a classic look is a nice touch with those colors. I like the striping, classic and simple. I'm wondering though that if you look at the logo and numbers, theres a double border with black then white. So I wonder if you made the striping like that, there would be more consistency with the jersey all the way through. I don't mind the piping in this one, but the sleeve piping looks really weird here. I'm not sure if it's just me, but regardless I would like to see the arm striping continue all the way through, or have it so it's on the other side of the piping. Nothing really else to say. I think changing the striping to the way the numbers and logo's are (or vice versa). Concept Rating [7.9/10]

The piping I think doesn't really go too good with this look. Although I don't really think it hurts it too much. The sleeve piping however does look funky. Overall though, this could be a very nice design to have.

Maryland Terrapins Concept - (Jake88)
Jake is also doing college. The Terrapins will be joining the B10 in football next season (not sure if that's with every sport too) and they've been known to have some CRAZY football jersey and helmet designs. This goes right a long with what they've been known to do. Usually I'm not a huge fan of side panels, but since this flag design looks weird stretched out along horizontally, I think it's fine. I truly think this is a very sharp design, however I can't say I love the flag design. It does make the jersey pop though all the way through. I have no real suggestions with the way Jake went with this concept as I think it might be as good it's going to get. For me though, I'd like to see this design now and then, but I've never been a big fan of the flag though on Maryland's look. Concept Rating [8.2/10]

Honestly, looks very sharp and nice. Though I don't think I could stand it as a full time jersey.

Philadelphia Flyers concept - (David P.)
I'm just going to state it right off the bat and say as a kid I used to love this logo. And I mean love. As I grew up and saw it die I realized why some people don't like it. I think it's just a bad attempt at modernizing a classic logo. The one thing I like about David's direction is that he makes the jerseys pretty modern in my opinion. I know that they're based off the old third, and I think that's a good idea. One thing I believe the Flyers got right with the logo is the jersey design. I think it's a great mix of their classic look, and making it unique. I really like everyone here. They are sharp and nicely done by David. Again withe his work though is the lack of TV numbers which could give the jersey a less empty feel, and really show what the whole thing could look like. However I won't deduct points for it because I know what the jersey design you're going for. Concept Rating [8.4/10]

I really like the design here, not the logo though. If I think about it though, their current logo probably wouldn't look to good on this design. Who knows though. Good job though.

Philadelphia Flyers Concept II - (David P.)
David gives us a more conservative and classic design for the Flyers too. David and I have the same minds I guess because if I recall the Flyers jersey I recently finished has similar design elements to this. Great minds think a like, right David? Anyways, onto the set. I would rather see Orange as the home jersey for the Flyers instead of the black if that is the case in this set. Regardless though they all look good. I like the fact that you gave the sleeves and outline. Also giving a small stripe before transitioning into the cuffs. I'm a usual hater against colored nameplates, so I'm glad David also took those off with this set. One thing that I think could use a little work is the hem. I think if you added a small stripe above the cuff, that could be a a nice striping pattern you could convert into the hem design. Concept Rating [8/10]

A nice look overall, some quick touch ups and I think it could be great. Again about the TV numbers-

Timberline High School Concept (His HS) - (Zack M.)
Zack gives his High School some hockey jerseys. Not sure if his school already has a hockey team or what they look like, so I can't compare to a previous look, so I'll just go as if this could be their first look. I like the Timberwolves logo, and it looks pretty cool with red, black, and silver. I think the striping is a bit too traditional for a team with this logo, but you can never go wrong with looking classic. The red jersey is my favorite in the set. I think that's pretty good. Minus the phantom yoke though. For the white jersey I think adding a black outline to the yoke would be better for that one. It would look good with the striping in that. The alternate I think could use a lot of work though in my opinion. The script and number could look nice, but right now it looks very dull. The script I think would need to have a white base color font. Right now it's really hard to see or read that script. Also the  same with the number. Maybe with an outline it could stand out, but I think with how deep the red is in color, it should be white. This whole look though struggles with execution. The striping is very slanted in some spots compared to straight in others, and there are some pixels missing completing the jersey. More practice and work the execution points will get much better Zack so don't worry about it. Also like some of Davids work, if you can add some TV numbers to make the whole concept in general look better. Concept Rating [6.8/10]

Honestly, not too bad. Like I said the home is my favorite and really brings the rating up. The alternate however could use a lot of work.

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate Jersey Concept - (Tom V.)
Another out of the box look for Tom's alternate series. Not truly that out of the box since Pitt had a look similar to this in the past, but still for a hockey jersey I'm going to call it out of the box. I've been a fan of the Robo-pen logo since I was a kid, and that doesn't change here. The chest stripe and arm striping is really nicely executed and looks good. My one nit pick would be to have more of the lighter gold into it. Maybe have the gradient more in the middle of the chest striping. Like immediately when the logo is the lighter gold. Also I'm going to have to say that with the numbers. I think it could be fine if left that way, but in my opinion I would just like to see it with the bright gold. Tom always sends in greatly executed work, and that doesn't change here. Theres just some small changes before I would want to spend money on this jersey. Concept Rating [8/10]

Like stated, more bright gold would make me love this jersey. As it stands though, it still looks pretty damn good.

Chicago Blackhawks concept - (Jordan R.)
I'm a big fan of this template (although not a big fan of the faux laces). JCR keeps it pretty similar for Chicago switching to NIKE. I won't say much about the home and road since they are very similar if not exact to what I would want Chicago to look like when switching to NIKE. The alternate is very sharp, and looks really good. The striping had a mix of the away and home which is cool to see also. I think everything really looks good as a throwback without going overboard with the striping that they had. Concept Rating [8.2/10]

Nothing too amazing, just a good looking set. I'm sure Jordan knows that, as he didn't want to change the original six too much.

Calgary Flames Concept - (Jordan R.)
JCR takes a stab at another team with his NIKE template. The home and road look nice and classy. I think however they would looks better with hem striping. I know with this NIKE template, they jerseys are better being lighter and what not with less stitching on them, but I think it could look a lot better. The striping on the away I think is perfect. Keeping the gold noticeable without making it too big or bolded. The alternate I can safely say now is outside the box. Different from any other Calgary jersey I've ever seen them wear. Adding in  subliminal flames looks cool and it flows well with the gradient.  I don't think it would work well as an actual jersey for them to wear in a game (obviously arguable) but this would be a cool jersey on the shelves for the fans to buy. I'd have to see it on the ice to make a final judgement on the actual jersey part, but you might get my point. It's a definite NIKE move though. Concept Rating [8.1/10]

Nice looking set. Could be better with hem striping. And the alternate is a cool touch.

New York Rangers (Blades of Steel) - (Jason P.)
I've never ever heard of Blades of Steel before Jason started sending these in. I guess from the looks of it and some game screen caps I've seen, It looks as if the colors are off for the teams, and giving them a dull look. These are pretty similar to the actual Rangers jerseys, almost identical for the most part. I don't know how I feel with the shoulder patch logo. Maybe a bit much. I think it could look better if you just kept the roundel part of it. Nothing really too negative, this is basically what the Rangers where, and they look good doing it. Concept Rating [8/10]

Basically the same jersey with different Rangers font and an added shoulder patch.

Los Angeles Kings (Blades of Steel) - (Jason P.)
For this one Jason gives us another distorted color look for LA. They are changed at the slightest as if the saturation on your TV would be off watching a game. This is a Kings look that I like and it's a nice look. If these were actual jerseys I wouldn't be a fan because of the dullness of the colors, especially the gold, but I can live with it knowing that the idea came from a game. The shoulder patch I think is okay. Could use a little work with giving it a more LA feel to it. Nonetheless, a nice set. Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Again, have no clue about the game. So I'm just rating it off of how the teams would base their jerseys off of it.

New York Islanders Concept - (Dylan W.)
The concept to close the day comes from me. Continuing my NHL series I gave the Islanders a new look with the idea of moving to Brooklyn but keeping the name. I liked the logo change, keeping the NY but losing the island behind it. I think I kept the look pretty basic, nothing too crazy. Tell me what you think.

Another day in the books. Tell, and help these artists out with what you though of their jerseys. Did you like them? Hate them? Agree with me? Hate what I said? Let us know in the comments. And as always VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE.
Tuesday: Flyers Double Take at a Flame in Steel Reviewed by Unknown on November 05, 2013 Rating: 5


Alan John Herbert said...

Dylan W's Islanders Concept for COTW!

Montana Wright said...

Dylans nyi for cotw!! so nice

Ryan said...

Tom's Peguins for COTW.

Caz said...

I'm really loving that Islanders concept, Dylan. Great stuff. I'd third it if that was a thing.

Ryan said...

@Caz: Thirding is a thing. It helps in case more than 5 or 6 concepts are nominated for COTW.

Caz said...

Huh. Guess I haven't read the nomination rules in awhile. Third it then!

Phil B. said...

Would have loved if you either kept the Island or even the original logo on the Islanders concept Dylan. As is it doesn't scream Islanders and seems generic for New York hockey. Having Long Island in the logo gives it that meaning of Long Island as opposed to New York.

Unknown said...

Dylan, I like your New York Islanders concept; love the striping pattern on a blue sweater and you should've kept it on a white jersey to match with a color switch. I think that I have to agree with Mr. Phil on a logo issue and it is not that your attempt is not good enough for a new look, but in your new logo there is work to be done to make it look perfect. Die hard " Islanders " fans will not go easy for any type of a new logo nor different colors. I really appreciate your effort on taking time and creating a new logo - some touch ups need it on kernings and negative spaces.

Unknown said...

@FELIX :As much as I would have liked to have the talent to make that Felix, it wasn't mine. I found the logo on a message board, but I couldn't find the person who made it or the original upload. So I have the link in the concept. From the looks of it though, I guess I have to use the original logo when I start doing 3rd jerseys for all the NHL teams.

Unknown said...

@Phil and Felix, you guys are right. I should've at least incorporated something with Islanders in it. Maybe even the lighthouse shoulder patch at least.

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