Monday: Swords drawn, Dragons Ablaze, Knights Afoot, Glory to HJC

Sometimes...rarely... I am speechless...the Jets loss to the Blackhawks was one of those times...ugh, gotta love mediocrity!!! Anyways, welcome to the Monday post. !!!1!

Happy Belated Birthday to Ryan HJC!!!
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To help you vote, here's another song from NHL 2003, this time, another song many will remember, again from the menu.

Lets move right along into the concepts!!!

Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

Jordan continues with his Nike NHL series, today's stops are Buffalo and Carolina. The darkening of the yellow and removal of silver, aside from the alternate, is a more mature and modern change, but something that could have been expected in 2010 when the Buffalsugs were terminated. The home and road remain mostly the same, aside for the already mention changes, and the introduction of the yoke stripe, which , yoke outlines are something I actually like. The alternate  is really unique, and seems like something Buffalo would have tried in 1996, but still actually looks very conservative for what it is. The sword striping I really like, as well as the new script, thought I think it could be a little more exciting. (8.5/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

Next stop, Carolina, where Jordan combines eras for a very classic look what I think many would get behind. The home and road look great, and I love how the underarm mesh looks on this template. The lack of arm stripes on all of these jerseys is sort of a love/hate type thing, and I'm sure some will like it, just make the cuffs a little bigger to really make the jersey look less bland. The only complaint I have with the set is the white jersey, I wish that logo matched the rest of the set, and the current primary logo was on the shoulders. (8.5/10)

Drexel Dragons Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

Dragons, what a name, I'm surprised this is the only hockey team I can think of with the mythological creature's name. The home and road seem very colligate, the striping and arm bands remind me more of a varsity jacket, which is something a college's jersey should have. I think there should be just a little more red on the jersey, maybe adding it to the second set of striping. The alternate, which I'm assuming is based on a jersey from the 50's,  matches the era and the style of, but all 3 jerseys could use white on them somewhere, maybe not the alternate but the home and road for sure. (8/10)

Team Norway Concepts (By: S2dio)

S2dio continues with another series going on today, this time it's the IIHF. Norway has potential to have a great look, though they are constantly too simplistic in their designs. The white jersey is in the right direction, simple but catching the eye, the red jersey though... Not that it is bad, but maybe a little too simple. It just has one big band around the middle, and a small logo, reminding me of a soccer jersey more than anything. I think the chest stripe with the logo in the middle is the right way to go for sure, but combing these two looks is a compromise that will make this set more appealing. (7/10)

Team Luxembourg Concepts (By: S2dio)

If you can find Luxembourg on a map, and good luck to you in that, they are extremely small, but yet have a IIHF team...nice..nice...nice. The blue jersey could be considered a very Scottish jersey but, unlike the Norway jersey above, I like the simplicity, The white jersey only has one problem, and one problem only. It needs more blue on the yoke, and I can actually see this was attempted in the yoke. The white pants are a no no in hockey in general, but...to be fair, they do look good with the set. (7.5/10)

Minnesota North Stars Concepts (By: Jason P.)

I've never played Blade of Steel, although I do have an NES to play it on (those who didn't grow up on Gamecube and Gameboy Advance may think I'm too young to play NES and Genesis, but none the less), but I do love this series so far. Purple is an underused in hockey, but, the only reason why this jersey is purple, is because, Konami didn't have the NHL licence. The jersey looks to be based on the early 70's jerseys and is a solid look, though the vintage white actually adds quite a bit to the look! (7.5/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Jason P.)

Another re-coloured team, this re-colouring is not as drastic as the previous, but still, very similar to what Edmonton wore when Blades of Steel was released. Aside from the colours, the only addition is the shoulder patch. I actually really like it, it's a little too simplistic colour wise, but its a great idea! (7.5/10)

New York Islanders Concept (By: Steven G.)

Steven continues to De-edge the NHL's 3rd jersey program, next stop, Long Island. The arch script from the current alternate is a good thing to keep, but none the less, the lack of black is refreshing. The four stripes are expected, the Islanders never want to you to forget they won four straight cups. I would have made the numbers and NOB match the script on the front to get more continuity, however, that may make the jersey too blue and not as white. (9/10)

New York Rangers Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen continues to use the Nike Swift template in this recent concept, making the Rangers look more uniform and matching, however, this concept misses the mark in a couple of ways. The idea is one I like, for the Kitchener Rangers, I like the Rangers away jersey too much to seem it go. The execution errors lie in the shoulder patches and numbers. The patches are far to bit and should be put into the square yoke, and the numbers moved into the curved ends. (6.5/10)

St. Louis Blues Concept (By: David P.)

I'll be frank, David's execution was starting getting better and better; I could see the progressive improvement, but this is a definite step backwards. The jersey is just a blanks blue jersey with the Blues alternate slapped on to in with the fillbucket used on the arms and hem. The jersey needs more colours, needs to show off the 90's flare that the Blues had for so may years to match the logo. If this were a St. Louis Eagles concept, maybe I could see it, but as is, it's just lazy. I would put some more colour and excitement into this concept, and add tv numbers to boost the execution and score better next time! I hate to sound like a jerk, but I really want everyone to but their best foot forward in concepts, and this isn't meeting the mark as some of David's other concepts have come close to. (4/10)

Penn State Nittany Lions Concepts (By: Jake88)

Our resident Euromaster Jake88 moves on to the colligate concepts, starting with a classic team, Penn State. I like the chest stripe, especially on the blue jersey. I get the classic aesthetics from both jerseys, but the blue jersey just looks solid. Kudos to you Jake88 on the authentic helmet and how the white jersey replicate that, gotta love authenticity and uniformity on jerseys that look as good as Penn State. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.

Phoenix Coyotes Concept (By: Tom V.)

Oh Tom, Tom, Tom.....this is one of the most unique concept's I've seen, matching the tone of this whole series. The only problem I have with this concept is the logo, way to small! Aside from that, the execution is amazing, the hem stripe is something more teams could try out , and Phoenix is the team  to try it out on. Adding the piping reminds me of bones and desert, something the Yotes should try to do. The number squares are an interesting idea for sure, but with the Yokes, sure why not. (8.5/10)

That's the post, hope you enjoyed it, and maybe the new layout I'm trying out. If you don't like this style, speak up, maybe I botched up the spacing or something, but it's something I'm willing to tryout. Remember to vote for COTW and the COTY Logo contest, I just set my votes in, why don't you. Have a great Monday, Go Jets Go! 
Monday: Swords drawn, Dragons Ablaze, Knights Afoot, Glory to HJC Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on November 04, 2013 Rating: 5


Jake88 said...

The white jersey on my Penn State jersey wasn't based on the helmet at all. It was based on the fact that PSU wore jerseys like that when the club team first began (without the chest stripe).


But thanks for the CotW nom. anyway!:-)

Unknown said...

My 100% appreciation how winnipegjets host a blog today - THAT WAS SO PROFESSIONALLY DONE!!! I really enjoy his work!!! Thank you!!! I really like that idea for Buffalo alternate jersey and only wish that artist would continue both swords tips coming to sleeves and keep a sleeve on a diagonal version. Not sure about " BUFFALO " above swords... Perhaps, " Sabres" ? But never the less that is awesome concept going. Would be nice to see a back of that sweater, too.

Phil B. said...

I can give some background info about Drexel and those concepts: Drexel is the only Division 1 program in the NCAA to use the nickname "Dragons" (UAB Blazers use a dragon mascot, but are not called "Dragons"). The alternate is based on the original Drexel logo which lives today through the academics of the University. I like the lack of red because none of the current jerseys use red outside of the logo.

Funny side note: Drexel has no Division 1 hockey program, though it does have a club team.

Josh said...

Love the NHL 2003 flashbacks. I think of that game every time I hear that Jimmy Eat World song.

I'll nominate those Buffalo jerseys for COTW

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