Friday: Halloween Isn't Over

While everyone is enjoying hockey, I get the day off while having to deal with college females on my campus in suggestive clothing and hanging out with their boyfriends . . . I did see a guy hockey costume last night though - equipment and all. I'm still sold on the fact that Chara bought the soft tripping penalty on Patrick Maroon yesterday that I knew would lead to a Bruins win. As I prep for the Ducks visit to the lowly Buffalo Sabres tomorrow, I will be pulling for our athletics program in Springfield to do well. Enough of my sports problems, let's get to the fun stuff ! ! !


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Carolina Hurricanes {Brian B.}

The first of three similar concepts. I am being tested by Brian's work. From what I can tell, the bottom of the two white stripes from the current uniform is changed to black. And everything else appears the same unless this picture was taken before the new uniforms were introduced. I like the black stripe but not on this uniform. Oh how I (like many) miss the flag stripes. The changes on the other two may be a little more obvious. Storm warning: an 8 out of 10.

Quebec Bulldogs {David P.}

Here's a team we don't hear about often enough! I like the look except the colored cuffs I would like to see have a blue stripe in the middle while removing the hem as for the numbers and NOB a darker outline where applicable. Lack of TV numbers would make sense but the template is too modern (notice the collar insert). As far as the vintage white, either use it everywhere or not at all - it doesn't sit well with me. This concept barks more than it bites, a 5.5 out of 10.

St. Louis Blues {Matt R.}

The symmetry of this concept is uncanny I like it but with minor changes. This is too much of a good thing and my first thing would be to ditch the number outline. Next the NOB must go from white to yellow then remove the hem. Then if I am going to see this as a third jersey, use an alternate logo for the crest. I know everybody hates roundels, but the arch logo should be retained from the current one. However if I make that suggestion, then maybe keep the number outline and change it to silver along with the remaining white stripes. This music exam scored a 7 out of 10.

Nashville Predators {Brent P.}

Okay similar color issue with this as the last concept, except that there is no silver to sub in anywhere. I like how the chest stripe is somewhat different from what the Canadiens use, but at the same time the color issue takes away from it. The shoulder patches are (A) backwards on the left sleeve side and (B) not appealing in color. On to the number for the back, I would go white or yellow with a blue outline  or change the white striping to blue and get rid of most if not all of the white. A 6.5 out of 10.

Minnesota Wild {David P.}

Well this is a combination of uniforms. but takes away most of the white. This is pretty good as far as giving Minnesota a (finally) matching set. Problem is it needs a road white. Now, if this were soccer where you can wear different colors home and road, that would be cool too - Portland of Major League Soccer uses a similar green at home and bi-red colors on the road.  My only tweaks would include TV numbers and switching the green and white on the hem and sleeves (not that anything is wrong with that combo as is) and Switching the thin green stripe to red on the green uniform. An 8 out of 10.

Winnipeg Jets {Matt Ruck}

This one gives you a lot to think about because it utilizes the entire Jets color scheme outside of the logo. White being an accent color, should be removed from the cuffs to the aviator blue of the jersey and also to match the socks. Else-wise, I like it  - it's relatively simple despite the nine-stripe design. Soaring high with an 8.5 out of 10.

Nashville Predators {Brian B.}

The only changes I noticed here are on equipment from the originals. The yellow stripe on the pants were added and yellow was also added to certain areas of the gloves. I think I'm misunderstanding the purpose of this particular presentation of the concepts, but it's experience. A 7.5 out of 10.

Soviet Union {Stephen T.}

Gold is the key to this concept, it livens up what would be a rather dull concept. However, I would like to see the gold be the fatter stripe on both jerseys. The only thing with that is that it might look like something for China, so the way it is is fine I guess. I'm not a fan of the double number outline specially the gold and white as we've mentioned earlier in the post. At least maybe add stripes to the pants and I'll be satisfied with this one. A 7 out of 10.

Toronto Maple Leafs (Blades of Steel) {Jason P.}

The double blue. I've mentioned I'm okay with it if you can pull it off like the new Jets of the CFL's Toronto Argo. This is not one of those. I like everything about this other than the color (and the mask design, but that at least is appropriate to the BoS theme). The darker of the two blues just isn't dark enough for me. A 6 out of 10.

Buffalo Sabres {Brian B.}

Not because I'm from the area but because it is an easily identifiable part of the current uniforms, Brian has removed the piping from the uniforms here. I also believe the silver that was present has been turned white. That I don't like. Unlike many others, I love the silver accenture, it makes everything more bold and stands out much better. But still, it's better than I would've done. A 7.5 out of 10.

Montréal Canadiens (Blades of Steel) {Jason P.}

You could classify this as the official fan jersey of the Heritage Classic, given the colors. While it's not the standards red, white, and blue for the Habs, I like this schematic much better than the double blue from the aforementioned leafs kit. All in all, it does keep most of the traditional team elements. An 8 out of 10.

Well, that was all in a days work. Now it's time for some more exciting hockey, cheers!

Friday: Halloween Isn't Over Reviewed by Richard Mazella on November 01, 2013 Rating: 5


Caz said...

Ricky, the Preds added gold to the pants this year. The only change that I see that Brian made was that he deleted some of the white piping. The piping on the actual jerseys goes all the way to the bottom.

Brian said...

@ Ricky: Wrong about turning the silver to white on Buffalo. It's just the lighting from the picture I used.

Caz covered well the changes I made to the preds.

For the Hurricanes, I don't think you can miss it :P

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