Weekend Update (October 20)

The winner of the 3rd Quarter Vote to advance to the 2013 Concept of the Year semi-finals is Dylan A!
Full Results
Dylan A. - 4
Ryan H. - 1
Scott M. - 1


The winner of the COTW for October 7-13 is Eric W's Team USA concept!
Full Results
Eric W. (USA) - 2
Colin M. (SJ) - 1
Colin M. (VAN) - 1
Eric W. (SWE) - 1


Here are the final IIHF Bottom 10 entries...
Brendan F.


Josh L.

Matt Mc.

Michael L.

Patrick E.

Ricky M.



 I thought I would do a breakdown of the countries that were submitted:
Greece - 10
Ireland - 9
United A.E. - 4
Israel - 3
DPR Korea - 3
S.Africa - 2
Georgia - 1
Luxembourg - 1
Mongolia - 1
Turkey - 1


You can now vote for your Top 5 favourite Bottom 10 IIHF entries. You can also now vote for the COTW Oct 14-20. Both of those votes end on Friday and here are your voting reminder bars. You'll hopefully notice that they are brightly coloured in hopes that it draws your attention. Now that they do have your attention, go open your email and send in your votes! COTW votes go to the regular email address and IIHF votes go to the competition email.

IIHF Bottom 10 Top 5 votes (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


It hasn't come up in emails or comments, but I thought I should explain something to the HJC readers. You likely have all seen the Calgary Flames 3rd jersey leak on Icethetics. All of the HJC writers have. You may be wondering why nothing has been mentioned on HJC.

In my opinion, that information is an Icethetics exclusive. It was sent to Icethetics specifically. If the information was common knowledge or easily found on the internet then HJC would report on it. However until that moment arrives, which may not be until the reveal, HJC continues on as normal. This applies to any jersey news.

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Unknown said...

Hello to you all on this Sunday! I really love Brendan's F. UAE sweaters - superbly done, great color balance, interesting excecution of the collar. The thing that I would change is to go with a black helmet on a home sweater and a white helmet on a road one. Also, would love to see socks on both... Brendan's F. for COTM ! Like Wing's 98 alternate sweater for Greece - awesome job! However, on home and away I wouldn't use that many crosses ( that might be a good idea for team Georgia ). S2dio's got a very interesting take on Luxemburg and I love a home sweater with that stripe pattern. Why not continue with that on a back of the sweater and change a numbers to red ? I don't like a choice of white for the pants ( that would be more appropriate for soccer ). Pants should be red. Also, home socks should be white with a same striping pattern as home sweater. Away sweater needs a bit more of that sky blue - maybe add home striping to sleeves? Still, a great set! I , also, like Michael's L. away sweater for Ireland - nice and crisp! Ryan, I red your explanation on my point brought up the other time about team Israel's concept being done in yellow with a star of David on a front... Any time there is a yellow star or star on a yellow - to us, Jews, that is a horrible reminder of the Holocaust and I'm so glad that there was no more concepts in yellow for Israel. Again, thank you for your research and I appreciate that.

Ryan said...

I don't know what COTM is. I assume you meant COTW. However, contest entries are not eligible for COTW.

Unknown said...

Ryan, I meant concept of the month. Was not aware that contest entries are not eligible for nominations, sorry. I'm still impressed by that concept.

Anonymous said...

When did the header at the top of the blog change?

Ryan said...

about a week ago

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