Wednesday: 2 More Olympic Jerseys

Good afternoon everyone. It seems that everytime there's a big jersey unveiling somewhere I get the honor of being the first HJC writer to post about it. So not only do I get to post about the Czech jerseys from the other day, but now I get to post about the Canada jerseys that were unveiled yesterday.

First off, The Czech jerseys. Ya know, the one thing that I've been thinking about these new Nike jerseys for the Olympics is that while keeping things simple, which normally works, Nike is making these jerseys too simple. And if they don't make the jersey overly simple, they make the jersey over the top crazy. The Czech jerseys (and Russia's for that matter) are an example of both these things. Czech's light jersey is extremely simple, all the color and design elements is at the top of the jersey while the bottom is blank. The "dark" jersey however is three colors. It's basically the Czech flag being worn as a jersey. Definitely an intriguing idea, but not something I feel I want to be seen worn on the ice.

Rating: 6/10

As for the Canadian jerseys they utilize the classic chest stripe with a maple leaf cut into it. I really like the look, but the stripe on only one arm is odd to me. I don't care for it. The black jersey also looks really good up until you notice only one arm stripe! The leaves on the shoulder are pretty neat but ONE ARM STRIPE ARGH! I also noticed that in the promotional photos all show black helmets....hmm.. I'd only want to see the black helmet paired with the black jerseys.

Rating: 7.5/10

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Soviet Union Concept - Alan H.

Alan sent in this Soviet Union concept for the competition a few weeks ago. I really like this color scheme on a hockey jersey. It's very fierce looking. I like the font used for the "CCCP" on the front of the jersey. One thing I feel should be changed is the name and number color on the red jersey. I think the name, on both jerseys, doesn't need an outline as well.

Rating: 8/10

San Jose Sharks Alternate Jersey Concept - Colin M.
How about the Hertl kid eh? Wouldn't mind seeing him put up a few of those between the legs goals in one of these. I love the gradient striping. Wouldn't mind seeing some orange trim though to be honest. Really nothing else to say, this is a solid jersey. Execution is great.

Rating: 8.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - Dylan W.
Dylan makes an attempt to give Chicago a new set of jerseys. The arm striping is similar to their current set up. The yokes are a welcome addition but I'd rather see the bottom of the jerseys, at least the red one, have the same pattern as their current set. I know it's not fair to compare and judge concepts based off of current jerseys but the bottom of the Hawks' red jersey is the best. I also dislike the "C" logo being located on the arm. And the fact that there's only one.

Rating: 7/10

Dallas Stars Concept - Dylan W
Dylan also gives the Stars some new digs with their new logos. I really like the white jersey. I feel it's got the right amount of green and black. I feel the new Stars' green looks better when it's not around a bunch of black so I'm not on board with the dark jersey. I'd rather see less black so maybe just keep the shoulders green.

Rating: 7/10

Russia Olympics Jerseys - Eric W.
Eric explains his design on the image so I'll leave you to that. But I really like the font choices and striping. The throwback is pretty good too. Total departure from the other two.

Rating: 9/10

Columbus Blue Jackets De-Edge Concept - Justin S.
Justin De-Edges the Blue Jackets to a set of jerseys that basically are what they wore before the days of Reebok. The only things different is the newer logo and the stars are missing around the cuffs. Not very creative. Executions alright, the numbers and logo seem to be a bit big.

Rating: 6/10

Seattle Pioneers Concept - Pat W.
Seattle hopefully gets a new NHL team within the next few years when the league is looking to expand. The team no doubt goes with a green color scheme but this is one I've never seen used. I like it. The jerseys could use some tweaks like losing the light green on the cuffs and the lines on the sides of the jersey. The logos are good too. I primary could use a few tweaks to give it that finished look but this is still a pretty good set.

Rating: 7.5/10

Anaheim Ducks De-Edge Series Third Jersey - Steven G.
Steven continues his De-Edge series by adding a third jersey to the Ducks' arsenal. It's basically a combination of the club's two different eras. By adding the current color scheme and foot logo with the striping pattern of the Disney era you get this. I like it. I actually wouldn't mind the team wearing something like this now. I actually dislike their current "swoop" thing on their jerseys.

Rating: 8.5/10

USA Sochi Olympics Concept - Eric W.
Eric's back again to finish off the day with his concept for the American team. The crest on the home and away is immaculate. The striping pattern fits with the flag, which has been done in several concepts but it works so well so why not? The third jersey is the cliche 1980 throwback but, why not call back to that team? Especially since the jersey looks good. All around great set. The stars on the bottom of the numbers are a great touch!

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom!

Well how about those concepts today huh? Quite a few good ones, there was a little something for everyone. Some green jerseys, some Blackhawks stuff, some Olympic jerseys. I woulda put my COTW vote on Eric's Russia jerseys but That American set just looks so good. I'm sure someone will nominate the Russia jerseys!
Wednesday: 2 More Olympic Jerseys Reviewed by DBro Alexander on October 09, 2013 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

I actually love Canada's jersey (Ps. Go Canada Go, gonna win 2 in a row next year), especially the classy colour scheme on the black jersey. The Czech flag jersey has grown on me a bit, but still looks weird. I'll send s COTW shout out to Colin for that smooth Sharks jersey, I love the gradient

Unknown said...

I'am from the Czech republic and I have to say that majority of Czech fans likes the design, but because of something like "national identity" issue. I personaly like the white design, because is modern "nike" way to remember old sweaters from 1947 "www.cslh.cz/photo/1947.jpg". But the flag one, is it white or dark version?. It is wierd, not-hockey type of uniform. Hockey is not tennis: "tyden.cz/obrazek/data-46f8fd131287e_275x183.jpg"

Caz said...

Odd thing about that those Czech jerseys, I actually did a concept very similar to that when I first started to submitting to HJC. Thing is, I knew it was a bit ugly even then.

Tyler Gross said...

Eric's USA for COTW

Why can't we just use those? Why Nike, why?

Oh that's right. A good look is against the rules now.

Unknown said...

I'll Second Colin's Houston Astros... I mean Sharks sweater! Looks great

Kevin W. said...

Evidently, someone at Nike didn't think about the historical connotations of a black uniform with one red armband.

Tederifico said...

Let me second the COTW nomination for Colin's "Sharks" jersey.

~TA~ said...

I have to say, I wish the Ducks would go back to that logo anyway. I like the new colors but I could really see them going back to that original logo.

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