Tuesday: A Treat For You All.

Welcome all to another day at HJC. And another day closer to Halloween! Does anyone else love this time of year as much as me? Do you guys play a long with the Halloween time? Does it annoy you? What are some of your favorite Halloween flicks? The other day I turned on the original Halloween movie (Michael Myers, if anyone doesn't know). It's always considered that classic Halloween movie to watch, so I decided, why not? This year was the first time I watched it, and laughed. To be honest, this movie is not all that it's cracked up to be. Sure it's one of the original horrors, but the terrible acting, and badly thought out events really didn't do it for me. If that was released today, it would probably be considered a comedy. Regardless, I love this time of year. Apple pie, cool temperatures, leaves on the ground, and of course, some insane and great Sabres hockey!!!.....not quite.


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William B.

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Calgary Flames NIKE 3rd Jersey - (Brady S.)
Brady makes a concept that is pretty similar to what Calgary unveiled Sunday. The only thing I didn't like about the jersey was that the arm stripes didn't match the hem, it just looked off without one black stripe. I do like how Brady keeps it consistent here. I think I prefer the striping they used, I liked the thicker white and yellow stripes. Then make the bottom black stripe thinner. I think it would make it look better. As for everything else I'm fine with. I know there wasn't an actual good quality image of it, so I'd expect that Brady would put the new shoulder patch on it. Just an execution note. The number on the back is quite small. If you look it's really almost as big as the arm numbers (over exaggerating). Decent jersey, same with the actual one though, some few touch ups. Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Anaheim Ducks NIKE 3rd Jersey - (Brady S.)
Brady continues his third jersey entries with the Ducks take now. Word on the street is that the Ducks will use an orange jersey for the Stadium Series game with their Mighty logo. I think this could be a pretty close possibility to what we could see for a future duck game. I've never been a fan of the bronze color for the ducks look, so I would like to see that go and leave the color scheme all together. To fix that I think putting white where the bronze is for the striping could be a great fix, or even just add in the orange there. Really nothing to truly complain about here. A usual Duck design that looks pretty good. It looks better here, but I'd make the same comment about the back number. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series Concept - (Michael G.)
Michael makes a conservative move in my opinion for the Blackhawks Stadium series jersey, and why not? Does there really need to be new jerseys for the Stadium Series games? I feel it just took all the fun out of the Winter Classic, to the point where it isn't classic or different anymore. Might as well just have all these games around the New Year at different times. Anyways, I wouldn't agree to these changes for a third jersey, but for a specialty jersey I'm all for it. Just using the vintage white, and slightly altering the arm striping is a nice feel. Although I like the current design better, and current logo. I think this could be a nice think to see on the ice. Concept Rating [8.3/10]

Team Greece Concept - (Mike S.)
Mike gives us a very striped loaded concept here. For Greece, it's expected, and it looks good. I really like the dark jersey better here. I think it's more consistent and doesn't have any confused looks on it. Maybe a little too, stripe loaded. Maybe have it like the Wild's home jersey and half it stop half way down, or more space in between the stripes? No other complaint on the blue jersey. The white jersey however could use a little work in my opinion. Everything is nice except how the yoke just comes in. I think it really throws it off. To fix it, I think it would be cool to have white stripes on the blue yoke, where the blue stripes ended off on the arms. So it's like an inverse effect on the yoke. Or either just continue the striping through the yoke. As it stands though right now, it just looks off to me. Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Las Vegas Royals - (Bryan W.)
I kind of want a little clarification right here on this one from Bryan. Did you create these logos? Is this team just a concept/fantasy team? Or did you have a mindset of having them join the NHL? Regardless, I like it. I take it that you used the vegas gold color, and that blue really compliments it. Is it blue? I'm getting a little hint of purple from my screen. Maybe another clarification added to the list. As for the jersey, it's pretty nice. I especially like the dark more. I think it's a nice balance between all the colors that fit into a classy feel. For the white jersey, I don't hate the gold, but I don't love it that much either. At the same time, if you want the same striping pattern I wouldn't really know how to balance it out again. I think you nailed it consistency wise, and I will not take off any point because I don't like the gold color. Concept Rating [8.4/10]

Lethbridge College Kodiaks - (William B.)
Hmm, right away I can tell I will not like the color scheme of this team. I don't know if it's because it's a lighter green and blue, or if that it's a dull version of them that makes this concept look really washed out. I think the design is pretty nice. Though I noticed something with the yoke and arm striping. I think the yoke looks really cool on the white jersey, and if you continued that look to the arms (a blue outline, with the white in place of blue) would make it look a lot better. Same with the blue jersey. Make the striping match the yoke. The hem striping is both original and cool. It's nice to spice things up sometimes. One thing that looks weird to me is the black outlined logo, but the only other black is outlining the numbers. I think more black in the whole concept could make it look a lot better. For the alternate. It looks like the Penguins word mark jersey. Not a huge fan of it. Unless there is a some sort of significance to Lethbridge hockey that I'm not sure of, this is just okay. I'm never really a fan of Wordmark jerseys unless it's the Rangers, so that's nothing against the image you had for the team. I just never had a feel for them no matter what colors or team they are. Concept Rating [7.4/10]

I think the colors really bring this one down for me. The concept as a whole I'd give a 8/10 for the design. The colors just don't seem to go together on a jersey for me.

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - (Stephen T.)
I don't think Blackhawk fans will like this move. I on the other hand really like it. Not enough to take over their current jerseys, but a fan that would think that the black would be a nice alternate, and the white could be a Stadium Series jersey for the future to ponder with. The black jersey I think looks really nice. The red, and white really look nice together. And the red from the hem carrying down to the end is a nice touch for me. That Chicago red is something I love to see on their jerseys. Not as big of a fan for the white jersey. I think it's just because the black is really taking over. Maybe if I saw this on the ice though I would change my mind. An execution note, the logo seems fairly large here. Just a tone down would make it look much better. Concept Rating [7.9/10]

Edmonton Oilers Concept - (Rob C.)
Oouuff, sorry Rob, cannot say I'm a fan here at all. So let me try to help this out of box design out. And I'm not saying that in a bad way, it's always nice to see these. First let's start off with the side paneling, I think those need to be taken away no matter what. To me, side panels really never look good on a hockey jersey. So let's take those away. We still have the design on the arms, which could work, but for the oilers I don't think so. I honestly think that could be an amazing Thrashers arm look if they were still around, for the Oilers though, not so much. For that I would just keep regular straight stripes (Orange stripe, outlined by a white stripe) maybe two of those down the arm. The design didn't work at all with me. It's just one of those things where something that doesn't work out. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go outside the box though. That is one think I liked about this concept. It could definitely work for another team. Concept Rating [4/10 ---w/o side paneling 6/10] (I just think side paneling is always a quick fix.

Dallas Stars Concept - (David P.)
This one has the potential I can tell right away. David gives us a third look at the Dallas new identity, and for the most part keeps the same look for this one. The yoke is something I am a huge fan of, and I'm glad it's kept green here. The striping is good, nothing too flashy here. The one problem is an execution note, the bottom stripe on the arms is way thicker than the other white stripes, which really throws this off for a jersey freak like me. Without TV numbers, and a shoulder patch (shoulder patch might not be needed) the jersey seems very bare, with really nothing too amazing going on. I'm not really a fan of the roundel as the crest logo. I think that should just stay as a shoulder patch, or just on merchandising. I'm a really big fan of the state of Texas logo they have, maybe that one could stand out more to me. So again, nothing crazy, nothing that really stands out to me. Just an okay jersey in my opinion. Wouldn't mind seeing it as an alternate, but nothing more. Concept Rating [7.2/10]

St. Louis Blues Concepts - (David P.)
I think it's pretty weird that two concepts today had basically the same Bruin tweaked yoke. It's one thing using the Bruins yoke, but have the same outline cutoff is pretty awesome. And I have to say, it looks really good. This one is much in my opinion is a much better attempt from David. There is however some same mistakes that I'll quickly point out. The TV numbers, and I think the logo may be a tad on the small side. The jersey design as a whole looks good. It's when we go into detail that I find some negative traits. The biggest thing from be is the two different patterns from arm the hem. Sometimes I'm a fan of it, when it's just a small difference, like an inverse in color, or one stripe turns into the end of the jersey, but when there are two sets of classic striping, it really doesn't work. I would go with the hem pattern for the design, I think that one matches the yoke a lot better, so I think that should be used for the whole thing. And just one comment before I end, man does that Gold jersey look good. Concept Rating [7.4/10]

San Jose Sharks Halloween concept - (Dylan W.)
We end off today with a treat from me. I was going to do an all out series (trying to do the most in the same time period) but I started getting really bored and turned off. I guess the jersey design freak in me just couldn't take the looks I was making any more. So this one is just a little fun I had for the Halloween season. Trick or Treat.

Today was a very different day in reviewing jerseys. To be honest I think all of these jersey had something that I didn't really like. Now obviously, that's just my opinion. So was I too harsh on today's concepts? Leave your comments below to help out these artists. Did you like the things that weren't to my taste? As always VOTE VOTE VOTE, and half a great week!
Tuesday: A Treat For You All. Reviewed by Unknown on October 29, 2013 Rating: 5


Tederifico said...

Dylan, I really like you "out of the box" Sharks jersey. I suspect its lack of sharp geometric lines and asymmetric look will not appeal to most people here on HJC. I would normal include myself in this - these tend to be too cartoon here. However, I like the way that you have done it here. I think the way you have used diagonal sight lines gives it nice balance.

It also reminds me of CFL jerseys from the 1990s and the botched US expansion experiment.

Anyone recall these beauts from down south and even some from north of the proverbial 49th parallel?

CLIB542 said...

For the Lethbridge Kodiaks one, the design and colors are inspired by the college logo. By trying to incorporate the hills and sky into the stripes is a good idea, but might be too hard for the jersey. I remember seeing a hockey jersey in the bookstore a couple years ago, and it looked quite good with these colors (White Primary). I was going to get it, but couldn't get myself to spend $80 on it when the college doesn't have a hockey team.

Bryan W. said...

Thanks for the feedback.

As for my Vegas concept: The Royals is an idea for an NHL team in Sin City, if Bettman will ever have a crazy idea like that. As for the logos, I created the shoulder patch myself, the main logo is from a youth hockey association I found online, as I was trying to lean towards a lion logo rather than one with a crown because of the LA Kings.

The colours are purple and vegas gold.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your input and advice, but I find too many current NHL uniforms boring. I enjoy my unconventional designs; in 1967, six new teams rocked the boat with unconventional colours and designs. I say that notion be allowed to continue.

Perhaps my idea for the jagged sleeves (see the Oilers) would look better with the Sharks?

Brian said...

Dylan Wonka for COTW

Unknown said...

Sharks Halloween concept... That is a perfect example what NOT TO DO to a hockey jersey. I wonder about that two legged thing on a back of a jersey - is that a new born baby calf/lamb??? I have no comments about the front of the jersey - that looks bad. Rob Coulter, you need to continue to adjust your idea for the " Oilers" a bit. DON'T GIVE UP SO EASY. Perhaps , shaping the triangles into an oil drop would be a thought ?

Unknown said...

That was the point Felix.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Dylan for COTW, I actually love the idea :P

Richard Mazella said...

If anything, the Sharks Halloween theme reminds me of the futuristic MLB sleeveless/shorter sleeve jerseys from the turn of the century than anything.

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