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Another Tuesday with me on board! Dylan W, here with another post for you all! I hope all of you enjoyed your week, and also excited for some HOCKEEEYYY!!!! First day of the regular season today and I'm very happy to kick this season off. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to put together a picture of the standings for my prediction. For the most part, I agreed with Ryan's and Jets'. I think the only main playoff team I had different is Colorado. I don't know everyone, they're my dark horse for this year. I don't know why, I just have a mighty good feeling that they could crack that last spot.

Also, this week is the Colgate Womens Hockey Team Autism Speaks specialty jersey competition. Could you imagine seeing your jersey design worn for a game by a team? I think what makes this competition more fun is that, any wacky, nontraditional jersey design can easily win. Seeing the past designs they've worn it seems like the crazier the jersey, the better. I'm putting up a couple mocks, some with the puzzle design mixed with a traditional sweater, than others that are very very out there. Good luck to everyone, I'm sure this wold be a nice thing to put on your portfolio in life!


COTW Sept 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Colgate Autism Awareness entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)



Jordan R.

Scott M

Jeff C.

David K.

Now, onto some concepts!

Team Sweden Concept - (Coby S.)
Just to state, before I get started commenting on the concepts. This template I think could be a really great template, with some small changes. If it's just going to be a regular pixel outline temple, I think the sides and shoulders should be straightened out. It seems like the jersey has cuts on them. If you want to keep those in there, I think it would be really cool to get a shadow, or a texture in there to show the jersey folding. So, Brady, this template has a lot of potential to be something I love! Onto the actual concept. The faux laced collars I know, seem really dumb, and everyone hates them. I actually don't mind them. What I don't like though is the whole collar being a different color. I like on how the jerseys that were unveiled that it's almost hidden. For the jersey I think the arm striping looks really unique, and it might look really nice on a real jersey. One thing I would recommend, is to have something on the hem or chest to continue the striping of the flag. Just a execution tidy up would be to enlarge the shoulder number. Looks very small right now. Also, maybe extend the arm striping to the collar and have it almost like a yoke trim. Like this template, this concept has a lot of potential. Not quite there yet though in my opinion. Concept Rating [7.2/10]

Saginaw Spirit Concept - (Caleb F.)
This is a jersey design that fits this team very well. And with the star ending off the arms is a great touch. I'm really torn in half about the different striping from hem to arm. I like it because the whole jersey might seem way too overwhelmed with it, but at the same time, I think the matching would be great. This is one of many on this post where it's too hard to decide to nominate. Hopefully all of you can help me out here and leave your feedback in the comments too. Other than the striping the rest of the jersey is fine. I would like to see this design on the white to either have a blue yoke, or maybe even a matching hem yoke. I think that could make this an even greater jersey design. So many options, I still don't even know what to choose. Overall though as it stands, I really like this. Concept Rating [8.7/10]

Team Norway Concept - (Brady S.)
I'm going to just say it off in the beginning of this concept. The next two concepts are by Brady, and they are both missing something that I think could really help out the concept rating. Putting some TV numbers,  (and maybe) a shoulder patch, just to get an idea of what the numbers would look like. But that's the only bug I would say. As for the jerseys, the whole idea I think is gorgeous. The jerseys differ in a way that I think is perfect. The white hem/arms/yoke all look great. Only change I'd make is making inside the 'O' and 'G' white, it's just a little thing that I think makes it looks a tad off. For the red jersey, the timeless striping really works again. I like how in both jerseys the striping basically matches the script. Not much I would change about the designs. And again, another design that I would have in contention to nominate. Concept Rating [8.5/10]

Team Austria Concept - (Brady S.)
Now we move to Team Austria. This one is a plain red/white put together, that...looks good. What I really like is the falcon (at least I think it is) and the word mark at the bottom. Everything else looks good. How much can you do with two colors? One suggestion I would make, with using this sharp logo, I would add in a unique sharp design. I always like mashing traditional and unique together, and done right, I think it looks great. What I would do, above and below the chest and arm stripe, have a small stripe (thicker in the middle, and gradually get smaller and sharper a the ends) Almost like a quick claw scrape, or a wing dash in a way. Don't know if I explained that well enough. But hopefully you got the picture. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Florida Panthers Concept - (Gerard M.)
A nice Florida Panthers set coming up, and in my opinion, another contender for a nomination. With this one I think the home red is gorgeous. I wouldn't touch that, the only thing I might change is the yoke, maybe make it like their first jersey, but Reebok doesn't make a cut like that, so I won't hold that against it. The away I think there's a little stumble. I think keeping the same type of striping would be better. Blue in the middle, gold outline for that, and then an outside of red. Do that, and I think the home and road set is pretty damn good. And, I also think the arched name is a nice touch. For the alternate, I think this is another one that looks a little busy to me. My suggestion would be to make a thinner gold stripe. I think that could clean it up a bit more. Other than that, I think this whole set is very well done. Concept Rating [8.3/10]

Team Canada Concept - (Gerard M.)
Another jersey that I think looks fantastic at first glance. The striping and numbers look great with the 2 outlined color. What I really like is the sublimated leaf at the end of the arm. Doesn't draw too much attention at the front or back, but it's still there to have a nice tough. I don't know if Canadians like the leaf to stay red, if so, keep it red, but on the red jersey I would make the leaf white. I think that would make the whole set come together and look crystal clear. Honestly, what you're going for on this one, it's great. I have no other suggestion with this design. Looks nice, and if they wore this, they shouldn't change for the next Olympics. Concept Rating [8.4/10]

USSR Concept - (Shaun F.)
Surprise, another concept I think looks great today. Right off the bat, the striping and yoke design I think makes this look great. Stick to the old look, but spiced it up a bit in my opinion with the yoke. I'm going to reference a conversation is Sunday's comments when Felix said that the sickle and hammer have nothing to do with hockey, that's why it's never seen on the jerseys. Like the other Dylan. I always wondered why they never did, so that cleared things up, but I agree with Dylan A, when he says it's a great logo. Which it is, it's such a great look for a sports team even. Looks fierce, and very Russiaean. That probably made sense to none of you...oh well. Concept Rating [8.8/10]

Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey Concept - (Jake88)
Man I love that logo. Black jersey, horse head, yellow numbers, ahhh that looks nice. The striping I think is really nice, and looks great on the hem too. One suggestion for that would be to not continue the red down. I would keep it like the arm and just have it stop. I think that would make the jersey feel really sharp, because an almost full black jersey I think would fit really well for Calgary. Like I mentioned before, the number and name are perfect, wouldn't change that. Concept Rating [8.7/10]

St. Johns IceCaps - (Jake88)
And we close off today, with in my opinion the best by a nose hair. I'm giving this one the nomination this week today, and I'm still shaken up in my head. I think this is such a great fit. We see the Jets' look because of the parent club. I'm not against having parent club characteristics, but I hate it when I see the exact same look. So I love it when I see some characteristics of the parent club, but at the same time, they have their own little difference. The double blue, like I always say looks great, and it's done very well here. Going with this design. I wouldn't change a thing. Concept Rating [9/10] COTW from me.

Amazing job today by everyone! First time with my new strict grading style that I think everyone did great for the concept. I think today more than ever we need viewer comments, and plenty of them. Unfortunately I can only nominate one concept, but I think this whole post could be nominated. Leave your opinions in the comments, and share your thoughts. Did every jersey design have a great look? Am I over exaggerating? Let us know! Have a great day everyone!

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Ryan said...

Brady's Norway set for COTW.

General Jersey said...

The Team Austria jerseys and the Blue Florida rock! Great job!

The Austria jersey logo fits in well with the background stripes - similar to the habs logo on their Home jersey.

Unknown said...

I second Jake's icecaps concept for COTW

Montana Wright said...

gerard's canada for cotw

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