Tuesday: My Oh My.

 Sunday I caught a couple of minutes of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim game. My oh my, did those jerseys look great or what? I noticed something on Icethetics Saturday, and Ryan talks about it on his new blog (HJC DESIGN BLOG). The Ducks and Reebok are selling a CCM classic jersey similar to the original jerseys they had. Just with the 20th anniversary patch on it. I wondered if the players were going to wear that, but I thought about the new edge fabric and stitching that it might slow them down in a way compared to what they usually wear. Well they wore a different jersey than the 'Replica' 20th anniversary jersey. That was my only bug a boo about that night. But the production of the game was fabulous, really made me feel like I was watching a NHL classic game on NHL Network!


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Now, onto the concepts!

Team Sweden - (Brady S.)
Brady brings us a nice and beautiful (and conservative NIKE) jersey design. For the most part, everything about this just gives the signs of a traditional well liked jersey all the way around. Different as though a lot of concepts we see on here, and most of the actual NIKE jerseys now add in the flag design in some way, Brady sticks away from that, and It really looks good. I've said it before, I know, but to make this concept look better would be to add TV numbers! Also, some sort of ID is recommended for the picture. Let people know who you are! Very nice design nonetheless. Concept Rating [8.5/10]

Dallas Stars Concept - (Jack H.)
Jack gives us a new look for Dallas, but keeps the old logo. I agree with staying with gold with this logo. I just dislike when people add gold to the new one, it looks funky. This set is a good set. I think what draws me a bit off is the sizes of the striping on the green jersey. I get that it is almost a mismatch of the white, but it seems like it's just little slivers of a big design. One other peeve is that I think there should be a gold outline on the away yoke just like the green. Onto the positives, I really like the addition of more white and less black with this set. And the different color logo for the star. Just some minor changes and I could really really like this one. Concept Rating [7.6/10]

Buffalo Sabres 3rd Jersey (De-Edge) - (Steven G.)
Wow, look at this thing. I actually saw this posted on Stevens blog a couple weeks ago I believe, and he explained why the third jersey is white (because the home and road set are blue and gold), so I understand why he wanted this, and I don't mind. If the Sabres added this into their closet I would cheer. For as terrible as they are playing right now, this would make up for it. I'm a sucker for white jerseys in general but everything really fits with this. The striping is simple, and matches a semi unique yoke quite nicely. I'm going to have to give this one two thumbs up, no complaints from me. I'd like to see this either in gold or a blue jersey. Concept Rating [9.5/10] 

Team Germany - (Stephen T.)
Stephen also brings us a more conservative NIKE design, and I think we will be seeing a lot of those because well, it seems we all have good taste compared to NIKE. I understand what Stephen is trying to do with the arm striping for the black jersey. I think that small white stripe however just looks distant and not wanted. But I also have to say I wouldn't know how to fix it as that seems to be one of the only ways to have it stick out. I think overall this is a good design, but nothing out of the ordinary to what I've seen in the past. Someone want to chime in on the striping? Is it fine the way it is? Have an idea to fix it? Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Virginia Cavaliers (NCAA) concept - (Mike S.)
I just recently did a UV concept as well a couple days ago, and I went almost in the same direction as Mike. One question right away before I go into it Mike. What is the design on the cuffs? My guess would be something related to the marching band, but I don't want to speak out of my rear so I'll disregard that until Mike gives me some feedback. For the design it is almost exactly what I had, but what I like most of all is the yoke. I think that looks really nice. I'm wondering though if it might look better matching the striping. Or switching the striping so orange is on the inside. Regardless this is a very nice design. Concept Rating [9/10]

Cross League Classic Logo - (Jake88)
I'll just make a quick comment before we get to the concept that goes a long with this. I love this idea, it's something new to me and I'm excited to see what Jake brings us. I'm not too swell with making logos so I feel I shouldn't be one to critique, but I think it's missing a hockey feeling to it. Hell, I would just add the cross sticks to it, but I like what I see.

Abbotsford Heat vs. TPS Turku concept - (Jake88)
Jake starts off the series with a very classic looking game here. With the Heat I can't really call it much of a concept as it's an Atlanta Flames jersey but let me just add that it's great execution, but that's expected from Jake. For TPS, as I'll call them. I like the design you brought them. Theres only so much you can do with a two color scheme team, and it looks nice. Going around the jersey I can see the striping and yoke match. That concept I really like. Concept Ratings: Abbotsford Heat [7.5/10]  TPS Turku [8.4/10]

Team Norway - (Eric W.)
Eric gives us an asymmetrical look for Norway this year. I'm not a fan of these looks, but when they have a meaning like the flag, I'm okay with it. Especially since I've never seen a flag look on a jersey done this way, so unless I can't remember I'm just going to say I think it's a very smart design. I like the crest used here and the hem pattern as it's trying to match a double design here. We would be lucky fans to see Norway wear this in the Olympics in my opinion, especially that red one. Concept Rating [9.2/10]

Team Latvia - (Eric W.)
ZEMGUS! achem.....Eric shares another concept, and it's the last of the day. I'm not as big of a fan as this one compared to the Norway one, but this is good too. I get the look of the flag on this one as well, I just don't think it works as well. But it's not Eric's fault entirely, he's trying to match the flag striping, but I think the white stripes are just very small. The white jersey...again is the one I like the most. I think it's a nice balance between the striping. For the red, maybe have the arms finish off white, just like you have the white jerseys arms finishing off red. Maybe that could make the white seem more visible in a way. Concept Rating [7.6/10]

Another day done, and every day gets harder in my opinion to do this. After a while you get similar jersey styles, it just gets hard to keep consistency in my opinion, since it does change from time to time. Like I once hated the Mighty Ducks look, now I love it. Anyways, I think the artists deserve more opinions than just mine, and I feel the last couple of days has been short of comments. Don't be afraid to let your opinion be heard, even if it's bad, that's the glory of having an opinion. Have a nice week everyone, and see you next Tuesday!

Tuesday: My Oh My. Reviewed by Unknown on October 15, 2013 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Sorry, forgot to give Steve G's Sabres a COTW in the post!

Unknown said...

The cuff designs are supposed to be sabres, or the fencing foils that are in the logo. I messed around for a bit trying to make them work somewhere else, or to be more prominent, but putting them on the cuffs was the only place that would really work. It's hard to see what they are because there was no place to put the handle of the sword, so they look kinda weird.

And yeah, what you said about the yoke, I tried reversing the colors to match the striping, but the color balance wasn't working for me. It seems you had the same thought process that I had

Alan John Herbert said...

Eric W's Team Norway got my COTW nom!

Unknown said...

What is Alexander Ovechkin doing by wearing United Arab Emirates sweaters? Is he going to play for them in Sochi, in the bottom ten tournament? But he kinda looks okay in a foreign unis , doesn't he? I think that " Capitals " designers should take a close look at that and see that there are: eagle, stars ... I really like a team Sweden concept today - nicely done! Sabre concept - also, a very superbly done by Steve ! I'm not okay with team Israel's yellow sweater at all and here is why; a star of David on a yellow background was used by Nazis to identify Jews in order to slave, starve and eliminate them from a face of the Earth during a Holocaust. Being Jewish myself - I'm offended by that and would like to ask an artist to change that third sweater into a different design. Team Mongolia came out a very interesting done concept, too.

Ryan said...

@Felix: It's unfortunate that you were offended. However I will let the concept stand after doing my own research...
A blue star on a yellow background, as used on the concept, was not used by the Nazis to identify Jewish people.

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