Tuesday Jersey Fever

 What's going on everybody? We have a nice amount of concepts appearing on today's agenda so get ready a good sized post! Unfortunately the last couple days I've not been feeling too good, have had a fever. I'll try to keep my head straight with this post. Maybe with this fever I'd like the look of the Sabres third jersey, huh?  Voting reminders for this week are directly below this.

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Let's get this show started!

St. Mark Lions (His High School Team) - (Michael S.)
It's always fun to see a concept from a team you're not aware of. The only bad thing about it is that you can't compare to what they actually wear (If they even have a hockey team). First let's talk about the logo. Not sure if this is what the school uses or something Michael came up with, regardless, I like it as a High School team logo. To the actual design of the jersey I think it's something that could use some work. Execution is fine, but I feel that the difference between the sleeve pattern and striping pattern makes these jerseys difficult to use. the white one I think is the best one because the red is at the center of both. So I would try to do that with the other two jerseys. Have the gold as the center, or switch up the hem striping to fit the sleeve, whatever might look better to your eye. Like I said though, execution is fine, so keep it up! Concept Rating [7/10]

Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series Concept - (Avi S.)
Avi always brings us great looking concepts. This is no different from the rest. Right away I like that he went into the direction of the less crazy striping look that the Blackhawks used to wear. At the same time though he makes it look like the Blackhawks have worn this before in the past. I really like the striping on the chest. There are however two things I would like to see that I think that might make this look even better. The one that I'm not so sure about is having a vintage white outline of the yoke to match the striping, I wonder how that would look. My other one that I want to say I'm positive on saying is to give the bottom hem a small vintage white outline, almost like the striping is cut in half going down the jersey. If those changes aren't made however, this is still a fantastic look. Concept Rating [9/10] COTW from me!

Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series Concept - (Avi S.)
Avi brings us another concept to go a long with the last. He has the Penguins staying with the same logo and color scheme. I would like to see that, but I truly want to see the old black and gold color combination. The striping and style for the arms and hem are fine. Nothing too crazy. what I like is the yoke style. How it matches the triangular look they had from the Robo-Pen years. I think Florida pulled it off better, but whatever it looks nice. Nothing I can really complain about too much on this one with the direction you went here. Again, I'd just like to see the old gold color. Concept Rating [8.2/10]

Philadelphia Flyers Concept - (Ian V.)
Ian gives us a very different Philly set. I'm still unsure about how I feel right now. One thing is for sure I like the alternate. I think that is just a nice classy jersey. I'm not a fan of the colored nameplates, so that goes for every jersey. For the home jersey I understand why the white sleeves are used, but honestly I think the striping could stand on it's own. Or have a black border around the white sleeves so theres almost a double sleeve/arm stripe going on, I think that black could make the whole sleeves pop. The same goes for the away. I hope I made that clear. If not, later today in the comments I can explain more if needed Ian. But this one has a lot of potential, Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Philadelphia Flyers Concept - (Spencer C.)
Spencer has given me the perfect example for Ian's concept. How the black borders the sleeve design. Anyway, again, for the most part Spencer had the same idea as Ian minus the arm striping cutting through. This one has the same problem for me as the last one with the nameplates, not a fan, and It's very rare that it looks good in my opinion of course. For the home and away, I agree with no hem, I think it would crowd the jersey and just have a tacky feel. For the alternate however I think I'd like to see matching hem striping. Theres nothing here that makes me say WOW, I think for the most part this is something I could see Philly wearing, but I wouldn't be crazy about it. It's going to take something great to beat out their current set for me. Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series Concept - (Matt R.)
Matt also gives his version of the Pittsburgh Stadium Series game jersey. At first glance I really liked the look. Only like though. I think what could make it better right away would be to change the crest. I'm a fan of script, and cursive ones for some teams, but I just think Pittsburgh should stay away from it.  I see that the striping has almost a hiding feature that makes it looks like their second Winter Classic jersey (their first ever franchise jersey) which I think is cool. I say hiding because the white and gold really clash together in a way where you really need to focus on it. Very nice, only complaint from me is the crest. Concept Rating [8/10]

Colgate Autism Awareness Special Jersey Concept - (Matt R.)
Matt also sends us his entry for the Colgate contest that was held a couple weeks ago. I think for the most part every jersey sent in had it's own good features. I said to my mom when trying to design the jersey, it can be so out of the ballpark and still look great for this competition. For the most part I like everything. I like the crest and how the puzzle pieces are off in the corner. The striping is good, but I feel like their could be more added to that. Maybe adding a puzzle piece together their, or a patch on the arm. Again, good jersey, anyone that sent in could've been used in my opinion. Concept Rating [8.3/10]

Colgate Autism Awareness Special Jersey Concept - (TheMatrix)
With this one, I saw right away the crest and the flag. I think that was one of the best features that was sent in for this. The little details like that can make it look awesome. For the most part the rest of the jersey is fine. Nothing too crazy or special, it just kind of is. I'm not sure if I agree on the 'gate logo to be on the arms like that. I think you could've added something else with the Autism Awareness theme their too. Concept Rating [7.9/10]

Team Germany - (S2dio)
I think it's weird seeing Germany in a full and mostly green jersey. Is that something that has been used before or has some significance? I know their futbol(soccer) jersey is green, so I'm not sure if that's why. The design is nice, however I think the striping could be thicker. One other addition that should be made is I think their should be an outline on the numbers. I think black on green might be hard to see, and maybe that could be another way to incorporate the colors to the design. The white jersey too is also different. Just white and black. Not sure if I'm in total agreement here with that choice but the striping I think looks better here. Maybe adding those thicker black stripes on the green jersey above and below the flag stripes? Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey Concept - (Tom V.)
Tom never fails to bring something different to the table. Let me just comment first on the jersey. I like the design brought here, I just don't know how Minnesota would feel about it. Although I think it looks better in black and orange. Most of you are probably jumping out of your seat saying "THE TV NUMBERS ARE WAY TOO BIG" but I know Tom knows that, so I know this was on purpose. Not sure why, but I have a feeling it's just to be different and I actually like it. The one downside to this concept to me is the logo. I'm not very good at creating logos myself, I couldn't do any better, but I'm just not feeling the tweaked logo. Maybe if their primary wasn't so dominate and classic, but I just can't get around to this one. I would say either use the current logo, or make something that really differentiates he two. Nothing against the creativity though, but to me the logo doesn't make me think this looks better. Concept Rating [8.3/10]

Another day, another sickness, another day off from work. I'm not entirely happy though that I'm missing work. I need a car, therefore I need money. Theres always something that goes wrong! Anyways, I hope yo all have a great week, and remember VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!


Tuesday Jersey Fever Reviewed by Unknown on October 22, 2013 Rating: 5


Avi said...


The reason I left out the extra vintage white in the places you mentioned was because I was trying to make a simplified faux-back to this jersey used by Chicago, where they didn't use the extra yoke piping:



Unknown said...

Hello everyone! I really like Avi's Blackhawks concept that posted today and totally agree with artist's explanation about leaving out extra vintage white. I'm glad to see Avi's back on this blog and he does a great job! Tom has an interesting take on Flyers and I think that I do know his thinking while he was creating that new logo. Tom, correct me if I'm wrong , but you were welding an " F " and a " P " into one shape - am I right about that? Now I have this statement to make and I'm upset about one particular comment made by Dylan Wonka on team Germany concept. He used " SS " to try to give an artist an ID here. sS2dio - means studio. He doesn't realize who might be reading his comment - people in Germany, Jewish people ( including me )... I'm personally offended BIG TIME. Dylan might not be aware of who were Nazis elite " SS " death squads composed by Himmler during a WWII. Then he needs to go to a library and search for it to get a proper knowledge and gain a respect to the fallen victims of " SS ". Dylan should stay in his commentaries with a design only and nothing personal or offensive to the others and keep it according to rules and restrictions made by Ryan - BUT HE DOESN'T. I'm surprise not to see Ryan's direct involvement on that issue, as of yet. Dylan- it is time for your seventeen year old corp to grow up and start thinking of what to say and what not to say here on HJC . I hope you will take that as a positive. You owe me and others an apology. Ryan, please, make sure to post my comment. Thank you.

Ryan said...

@Felix: Ok, that's it! Not everything is about the Holocaust or Nazis. If you read the ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page you'll find out that anything that is intended as offensive will not be posted. That's my job as blog admin to look at everything to ensure it's suitable for HJC.

The guy's name is S2dio. Dylan made a MISTAKE. However, you can't get offended at any instance in which two ss's appear together! If I were to write the following words would it be offensive?
That list goes on forever... (http://www.morewords.com/contains/ss/)

This is the FINAL warning. If you continue to make wild and baseless ACCUSATIONS, I won't be posting your comments anymore. This is the last one.

Take a look at yourself. Why are you the ONLY person who finds something offensive on a simple blog like HJC? I'm sure there are many Jewish people who read HJC and enjoy it just fine. If you don't like HJC, there are many other blogs out there and it might be time for you to move on.

Unknown said...

Woops, sorry Ryan. The file has a lowercase s before it. Probably why I didn't get the studio look.

Phil B. said...

Felix, mistakes happen, be it typos, misnamed files, etc. Think about every potential scenario first before making accusations, and not just here, but anywhere.

Unknown said...

@Ryan: Ryan wrote : " if you read the ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page you'll find out that anything that is intended as offensive will not be posted. That is my job as blog admin to look at everything to ensure it's suitable for HJC." So, what was the intention of Wonka calling an artist " SS " in regards to Germany concept??? Now Dylan's original comment has been altered, modified after my complaint. Ryan, you wrote back at me that I'm making wild and BASELESS accusations here on HJC - am I really??? How about your accusations towards me made on September 24,2013 in regards of comment left by " Button " bashing at Wonka's post??? Can you explain that, please??? I have nothing else to say in this comment and need answers. I haven't done anything wrong at all lately here and it is not me who should take a look at himself.

Unknown said...

@Felix, I changed it because if his name is not sS2dio then there is no point for two S's...I made a mistake, I fixed it.

Ryan said...

I think it's best if you find another blog to read Felix. That's my opinion.

I think that it's also best for myself not to interact with you anymore. Go ahead and leave your comments if you wish, but I can't respond to you anymore.

I can only suggest that others follow my lead.

DBro Alexander said...

Bad Cat. It's not like Dylan wrote a piece honoring the SS. I'm only 21 and I noticed the two S's yesterday and not one thing made me think, "aw hell yeah, SS, Germany, aw yeah!" I thought, "either that's just his name, maybe initials, or hey maybe someone made a typo."

DBro Alexander said...

Plus I gotta admit, Yeah Felix, you haven't been causing any trouble lately and I like to see your opinion on some of the jerseys. Like when you pointed out some knowledge on the USSR jerseys, that was nice to have someone kind of educating us on the symbolism of those jerseys that we might not have otherwise gotten, but jumping the gun and saying Dylan W. was trying to mention the "SS".

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