Tuesday: Early Arrivals. Late Idiot.

Sorry HJC viewers, writers, and especially Ryan. Today was a very unexpected busy day on my part. Just got home from school and I am beginning to write the post now. Expect it up by 5! Again so sorry for the delay!

Finally finished the post, and since I want to get it out as quick as possible, heres a short welcome.


Heres a new template added onto the 'TEMPLATES' page. It's the NIKE template with the new faux lace collars added onto it. So for those wanting to do some National team concepts, you can add the new feature to them!

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Team Japan - (Eric W.)
We start off today's late post with two concepts from Eric for the Olympics coming up in early 2014. He starts us off with a Japan concept. Right away I can tell I like the simplicity in design. Then again, a two tone jersey always looks simple regardless. I like the difference in light and dark jersey for the crest. My one bug on the dark jersey is maybe to make the number below or above the script. I like the outside the box thinking, but it looks quite crowded. Just one more thing, I notice that theres a small line going through the sleeve stripe. Since it's on both sides I'm assuming theres 3 stripes basically. So I think keep that solid, or have a matching look for the hem. It just seems odd and there for no reason. Concept Rating [7.9/10]

Team Finland - (Eric W.)
I'm just going to state it since it's bugging me from the start, but the hem striping seems way too high on these. It wont have any effect on the grading, but for future reference. Anyway, I like this design a lot you brought us for the home and away. And not just like, REALLY like. Those are really gorgeous and wouldn't mind seeing them right now. One bug-a-boo is that the hem and arm striping seem different on thickness, not sure if that's just how the sizing turned out, or if it's really different. The alternate is alrght. One think that could make it a lot better would be to outline the number and name. They seem too faded into the lighter blue color. The alternate is fine design wise, but it's not to my total liking. Concept Rating [8.0/10]

Ottawa Senators Heritage Classic Concept - (Matt R.)
Hmmm...I can tell I'm not going to like this one. And that's just me of course, don't take offense by it Matt. This one is just not my cup of tea. Even though I don't drink tea. But the amount of red and white on this Senators concept doesn't float my boat. I would want more black, just because I think that's a color that Ottawa should always use more than white. One thing I would take away instantly to make it better in my opinion would be to have the yoke black or just red with the jersey. Then I would take away the cuff striping since it seems useless and bunching it up, or match it on the hem. And actually I would use the cuff striping for the actual striping of the jersey. The one you're using right not seems really off centered and it doesn't feel right. Concept Rating [6.9/10]

Colorado Avalanche Concept - (Pat W.)
Pat brings us a much needed Colorado change. Honestly, when I think of a Colorado change, the mountain like arm sleeves comes to mind, but looking at this, I do like this. It has so much potential too. What I mean is, I like the arms, I really like the look of it, especially with that blue. What would make it so much better I think would to make the bottom of the hem matching it. With the blue ending the jersey of course. That goes for both jerseys. For the white, have the burgundy for the waist. Other than that, I like the look of this. You matched it up well with the socks, now we just need to fix the hem. Concept Rating [7.6/10]

Nashville Predators 3rd Jersey Concept - (Ryan H. - HJC)
Ryan brings us a new third jersey for the Preds. It really goes a long with their new look, but brings a not so conservative look. One thing I can say is that I like the look of the gold stripes on the lower yokes. (not sure what to call those) But with the non piping, it makes those look like teeth, which is much cooler. For the striping, I actually...really like it. Maybe not so much as an actual third, but just a fan jersey. Know what I mean? I don't think I could see an NHL team wearing those, but surprisingly, it looks pretty cool. To make it NHL worthy in my opinion would to make the keys subliminal. And this is something that maybe I just think but I don't think the 'NP' logo is worthy for the crest design. Just my opinion though. Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Phoenix Coyotes 3rd Jersey Concept - (Colin M.)
Colin brings a design that I just currently finished basically. Bringing back the Aztec like motif striping the same way I did (with a different pattern though) I think this looks beautiful. Especially with that logo, I like that logo. What makes me okay with the sand color for the whole jersey is that it's meant to be an alternate. I think this whole jersey really looks quite grand, I have no immediate changes. Concept Rating [8.7/10]

Caroline Hurricanes Concepts - (Gerard M.)
Gerard changes Carolina's primary with this one. To a more honest warning flag logo. I really like that he used the double flag, truly showing that the Hurricane(s) are coming. What I don't like is that it is used as the primary, and that the home and away don't use the warning flag designs. NO. They do use it. They are hidden below the arm striping, and to me, that's awesome, for an alternate. I really think those should be out more, but what I like is that they are slanted with the striping, haven't seen that yet. The alternate that you have here though is really sexy. I think that should be the home, and the away could be based off of that. So, home and away, they are good looking jerseys, but I don't think I would want them for the primary jerseys. My one addition would be to make the warning flags more dominant. Concept Rating [8.2/10]

New Jersey Devils Concept - (Dylan W.)
Today's post ends off with one of my NHL redesign submission for the Devils. I kept a similar look to what they have now, but added in small changes to go back to their old look. I didn't do much to this compared to their current look. But hey, I call the Devils an untouchable look.

Sorry today for the delay, as I put it before. Just a big struggle day for me. I thought today, since it was more rush I may not have added in EVERY though that usually comes to ming, and I may have gone off topic, so help the artists out here. Let them know what you think, and just have your opinion heard! Have a nice day everyone!
Tuesday: Early Arrivals. Late Idiot. Reviewed by Unknown on October 08, 2013 Rating: 5


Tristan M said...

Eric W's Finland concept for COTW!

Unknown said...

Pat W's Avalanche for COTW. Love that colored shoulder design

Unknown said...

Hello to you all! On Eric's Olympic concepts: I like the idea of using a red face off dot on a white jersey. That makes a truly looking hockey jersey and a current flag of Japan is perfect for that. A red jersey need some fix ups : I'm not in favor of using Japanese and English text at once and a number on the front. Also, not sold on that Flyers sleeve pattern... Perhaps, finding ornaments from a rich Japanese folklore would be a thing of beauty and solid identity . Love Suomi concept home and away, but never like that slice of pizza behind a lion, it needs to be removed and lion needs to be enlarged a bit. On an alternate I would stay with same hem, sleeve pattern, as on H/A plus enlarge a crest a bit. Some contrast must be added into a collar, too... Like a lot Canes third jersey, but would use same grey on a crest and eliminate white all together including sleeves. NJ Devils concepts... Keeping white on a bottom of the red jersey below a hem stripes creates that image of a men's briefs. I would stay with a solid red instead. Crest on a home jersey without white outline looks dull versus a nice crispy look on a white jersey. The lines below a yoke are pointless and do not match a design on a white jersey. Neat approach on Avalanche, but still plenty of work on that left to do. I like Ryan's thinking outside the box sleeve/hem piano keys pattern for Predators. With some changes that could lead to a very interesting jersey. Not a bad idea for Senators, but to me it looks more as Austria jersey.

Richard Mazella said...

Gerard's 'Canes 4 CotW

Josh said...

That Finland alternate looks awesome, better than the other two (though they're good too).

The Nashville alternate is great but it'd be better with the main logo.

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