Thursday: Puck Drop!

Its about time!

Seriously, this summer has gone on quite long enough, and I'm really excited to see the NHL season underway.  The first few days of the season has brought up enough water cooler talk to last a while, and finally I can spend my nights at home watching my favourite team... try to stay out of the bottom of the Pacific division.

My hopes aren't exactly high for the Flames this year.  They're going through too much of a rebuild to be a contending team.  I've made some early predictions on my blog for who I think will do well this season, but just for the sake of guessing, I'm going to pick Detroit over Chicago in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Before getting to concept talk, here's a few reminders to pass on:

COTW Sept 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Colgate Autism Awareness entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)


I really like this new contest going on.  It's cool seeing a school like Colgate getting involved with HJC.  The designs for the contest have been fantastic so far, and hopefully I can finish my entry in time for Friday.

Without further hubbub, lets take a look at today's Colgate jerseys:

Alex O.


Brian B.

Matt Mc.



 And here's today's concepts:

Nashville Predators Concept - Avi S.

Let's get this party started with a Preds concept.  Avi gives us this very well-executed set for Nashville, inspired somewhat by the new Sabres' 3rds.  I would normally say that the narrow stripe down the arm isn't a plus, but I can't help but look at those stripes and think of whiskers of a catfish, which is somewhat of a playoff symbol for the Preds (and their ice-girls). Its probably unintentional, and maybe only my eyes see it, but I think that is an awesome touch.  The rest of the concept is great, not too similar to their current jerseys, but recognizable enough to belong to Nashville.  It looks a little bare to me, a yoke or maybe some additional striping on the arms might help, but very nice set overall.  8.3/10

 Oklahoma City Barons Concept - Caleb F.

Caleb brings us his concept for the OKC Barons of the AHL.  The colour scheme is extremely interesting here.  I like the combination of the colours, but I think it's a little hard on the eyes for a hockey jersey.  I'm not sure if there is a certain theme to the colours here, but if not, I think darkening the blue is a very good first step to making this concept better.  The logo, with the white background and white letter highlights, is a little hard to see as well.  The execution of the rest of the jersey, albeit simple, is done well.  The Oilers shoulder patch looks crumpled on one side, and the Reebok patch on the back could be shifted down a pixel or two.  A few fix-ups, but its still a cool design.  6.7/10

Montreal Canadiens Concept - Dylan W.

Dylan gives us his Canadiens concept on this beautiful template.  This concept is pretty similar to the current set, besides adding some striping on the arms and mirroring the hem stripe, as well as recolouring the numbers.  I like how the striping matches throughout the jersey, and the pattern is based on the logo, but I feel that there is too much red and not enough blue.  I was always a fan of the subtle red/white/blue stripes on the bottom of the Canadiens' set, and the blue numbers.  But for the sake of symmetry, this concept looks nice.  And execution, as usual with Dylan's designs, is spot-on.  8.7/10

Lethbridge Hurricanes Concept - Gerard M.

I like reviewing my hometown Hurricane's concepts, and Gerard doesn't disappoint at all with this one. When I first saw this, I thought of the Hurricanes' set from the early 2000's, the last time they had a nice, original looking set.  This looks similar, besides being more rounded and not having that goofy Taz logo along with it.  This gets extra points because it doesn't look like a Capitals jersey, which is Lethbridge's current look.  The colours work very well in this set, and both of Lethbridge's new logos are used perfectly here.  My only real concern:  the striping is beautiful and matches well throughout the  set, besides the yoke on the white jersey.  To keep everything matching, shouldn't the blue and grey be swapped?  I'd also suggest maybe some striping or decoration on the pants, but the right colour is used at least.  Overall, I'd wear this to 'Canes games before their current set, good job.  7.7/10

 P.E.I. Islanders Concept - Gerard M.

Gerard comes back with this very unique set for the new PEI Islanders.  I absolutely love the fact that Gerard gives meaning to the colours he used, that would really win over the hometown fans.  I'm not sure how the wavy striping would look on a hockey jersey, I feel as though a team by the same name tried it in the 90's, and coincidently they had the same name.  However, these stripes are much more subtle, so they would work better I think.  The 3rds are pretty cool, using the old NYI alternate, but for an alternate jersey it feels a little plain, and I don't think the font change is really necessary. I like the fact that the alternates get patterns on the pants, but they should have two stripes to match the jersey.  I'd say the gap between the red and white on the socks has to go too, for the same reason.  I'm not won over by the 3rd jersey, but I love the rest of it.  7.2/10

 USSR Concept - Jake88

Jake88 shows off his Soviet Union jerseys, and unique is a very easy way to describe the main set.  The arm striping is very different, but I like it.  It feels like something Nike would do, but actually works.  The logo is original and really cool, but it looks like it takes up more space on the front of the jersey than it needs too.  The 3rd jersey is great, stays true to the classic USSR jerseys but making enough subtle changes to be its own design.  My one main problem throughout the set: the name and number on the back looks to be squished on the top of the jersey.  I think it can be further down on the jersey, to even out the empty space on the back.  The equipment designs throughout the concept are well done though.  Good concept!  7.8/10

 Colorado Concept - Patrick N.

Since I lived in a ski resort town before moving to Lethbridge, I'm ashamed that I had to look up Never Summer to see what it is, which is a snowboard company based in Colorado.  A few things to say before I even talk about the jersey: 1) Like everyone here, you're an artist.  Artists put their names on their work, so people can recognize you for your work.  So always put some form of name or branding or anything so we can recognize you for your work.  2) I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an Avalanche concept, or an Eagles concept, or any specific team in Colorado's concept, or if its just a symbol for Colorado snowboarding.  Any of those is cool, but try to say what you're designing somewhere on the concept, just for clarity.

Onto the jersey itself.  There's definitely work that needs to be done here.  The way the logo was used with the Colorado flag is pretty cool, but maybe there should be some more elements from that flag or logo to really brand the jersey with it.  The wordmark on the front of the jersey shouldn't work on most jerseys, but considering this is repping a snowboard company, I kinda like it.  The font doesn't really work on a hockey jersey.  Try to look up other sports teams' jerseys and get a better idea of what jersey letters and numbers should look like.  The hidden gem here is the arm and hem striping, nothing too traditional, yet believable on a jersey.  The design here is a good start, and with some work (starting with your name), you have the beginnings of a beautiful concept.  5/10

New York Islanders Concept - Phil B.

Phil gives us his new look for the Islanders, which is essentially a tune-up of their current alternates.  He changed the colours around so that there isn't any grey (good), and the yoke is now blue (even better).  The wordmark and front number is gone, and replaced with their main logo.  The weird yoke stripes are replaced with a Brooklyn Americans-esque shoulder patch.  Besides the weird flag-football design on the pants, everything here looks like it belongs in place, except for one thing: BLACK!  I get that they're moving to Brooklyn, and it's almost a sure thing that they'll get black and white alternates when they get there, but its painful to see the classic blue, orange, and white, mixed in with black.  Still, this is a great improvement to their current 3rd jersey, and I almost wouldn't mind wearing this now.  8/10.

Washington Capitals Concept - Ryan(HJC)

Finally, we end off with a winter classic concept for the 2015 hosts, Washington.  The Capitals used their classic jersey already, so either they reuse that jersey and make no money from new jerseys, they use the 90's blue, brown and black, which I'd like to see, or they go with a faux-back, like this.  This jersey is clean, everything matches up, and it really does fit in with a team from the 20's or earlier.  Mission accomplished, Ryan.  I like the off-white being used here, and I think this traditional looking set would look even better with some snow, toques, and outdoor hockey.  9/10 and COTW nom from me.


Hopefully you guys all liked my reviews, and if you have any comments towards my writing style or reviews, they're greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy your hockey-filled weekend.
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Anonymous said...

Ryan, I love the idea for the Caps WC jersey. That logo too is pretty sick. Nice job.

Phil B. said...

The reason I left the black in for this one is to show that with a few tweaks, the Isles current 3rd has potential to be a nice jersey. Keep in mind that the Mets were able to make black work with their blue and orange.

FYI: The triangle of the pants is supposed to form a diamond with the jersey, just like it does now, but minus the grey.

General Jersey said...

OCB jerseys for COTW!

Unknown said...

Ryan's Caps jersey for COTW

Unknown said...


I get what you were doing with the concept, and I wasn't knocking you for including black. You're adaptation of their 3rd jersey was really good. I don't like the black 3rds in general, but you're right, with a few tweaks it can look much better than it currently is.

I didn't clue into the diamond style on the pants, nice touch.

CLIB542 said...

Not even sure how I got to those colors for OKC. Had a completely different vision and couldn't get it the way I wanted, then fooled around and got here.

Dylan W. said...

@Caleb, you actually sparked an idea in my head with those colors. Brown,
Blue, and White were the colors of the sports teams at my college. (They only had basketball). I don't know why those colors would be together, but thank you. And that concept is almost there, I think the logo really throws me off. Maybe if you switched the blue and white on the logo, it could look better. Good job though.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the nomination and the kind words.

Unknown said...


That's cool, it is a really cool combo of colours, so I was just curious to see if it was from something else. Like I said, the white and light blue together is a little bright for the eyes, especially in a sport that has enough white to look at as it is. But darken up the blue a tad and give the jersey more contrast, and I bet you'll have yourself a really cool colour pattern for your jersey.

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