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Hey guys, we are one week away from seeing the new Saturday writer. Until then though, I am filling in for today. If you're wondering who I am, I am the Tuesday writer Dylan W, or Dylan, or the other Dylan. Anyone of those works for me. It's weird posting on a Saturday, but It's nice not being at school during a post.


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Buffalo Sabres 3rd Fix Concept - (Brian B.)
On the file name it says this is a third jersey fix, I'm confused as to why it's called a fix though. Unless I'm really blind it looks to me this is just the name and number font with the current home..a long with the new captaincy patch. Regardless, I'll look at it as a regular concept. Thank you for taking out the silver piping and under arms, that makes this look ten times better, but if you're going to do that, I would eliminate the silver in general. I don't know if I agree with the new font on the classic jersey, but if you're going for a third jersey fix. I would rather have two jerseys looking the same than what they put out there. Concept Rating [7.2/10]

Buffalo Sabres concept - (TG)
Wow, this is something completely different. I'm leaning towards liking it too. Maybe not as the Sabres jersey, but I wouldn't mind seeing this for a Nashville set. I would like to see that home as the third jersey maybe. I will stand by it, and this alternate logo the Sabres had was my favorite log. And with this jersey style I haven't seen, It looks really nice. To make this better, I think I would make the hem striping slanted like the sleeves, I think that would bring a better feel all around for the jersey. I think this looks really nice, and out of the box, which is hard to do. Concept Rating [8.1/10]

Calgary Flames - (Colin M.)
Well, talk about outside the box. At first glance, I really didn't even want to comment on it, but after letting it sit, I've grown to not hate it as much. For an attempt at a full third jersey, I don't think this would fly. I think though, as a fan type of jersey, this would actually be really awesome. I could see an ECHL team or another minor league team wearing this and rocking it though. As it stands though for an actual jersey not too great, but it is a great fan made jersey. Not too much I could say to make it better, since it's pretty out there, and I think you nailed the idea and execution. So the Concept Rating is [7.5/10]

Edmonton Oilers 3rd Jersey Concept - (Colin M.)
Another attempt here by Colin, and I think this one is more realistic chance at NHL ice. And to be honest, I really like it. I enjoy the look that continues from the logo, it makes the whole jersey flow. If you're going to keep the ink blot on the arms I would suggest making it have the look like the striping, with a small blue outline to distinguish it from the rest. But if you keep it blue I wouldn't keep it on. It's almost like I can't tell it's the ink drop as it stands. Overall, this is a neat look. Concept Rating [8.3/10]

Buffalo Sabres 3rd jersey Concept - (Ricky M.)
Yesterday Ricky said he had a similar concept to mine from yesterday, and he was right. It takes away the cape look which was needed. Another thing I like apart from mine is the font used, and the logo. I don't know why the Sabres used the classic logo on such a modern design. The things that I look at differently is the use of silver and no white along the actual jersey. Since the white is outlining the logo I would have it outlining the arms and the font name and number too. It seems a bit dull on the back of the jersey. Also since you have the script logo, I would take away the 'Sabres' script under the collar, it seems really bunched up and clogged. Ricky is headed into a great direction though, a lot of potential. Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Team Finland Concept - (Stephen T.)
Right off the bat, I have to say this is a bit crazy for my taste. But at the same time, this fits the Nike look perfectly. I always think the vertical striping on the arms looks really...not good in my opinion. I think it might as well go all the way down. When it stops randomly like that it throws me off. For the white jersey, one change I would make is the mesh coloring. For everything else I would say looks okay, but as it stands, the vertical look is something I don't like. Concept Rating [7.1/10]

Bloomington Prairie Thunder (Jason T.)

This color scheme right away I can tell is something I don't like, and that's no fault to Jason, so it won't effect the rating. I like the logo used on the blue jersey, and I think that should be swtiched over to the white too. I think the whole look of the striping is okay, but like the above concept it just stops and it looks very weird on the blue. At least on the white the blue borders the striping fine. Some execution errors, I think the logos and numbers are a bit large, but that's the only bug. This concept is just something  I wouldn't mind, but I'm not a huge fan. Concept Rating [7.4/10]

San Jose Sharks Concept - (Gerard M.)

Gerard does a nice job fixing the problem with San Jose's jersey. I like the shoulder patch used, and the absence of the yoke coloring. It's been known that the Sharks' jersey's have been crowded and this is a great fix. I like seeing the striping on the 3rd, and the arched name. Overall, not much to say. It's a good fix compared to their most recent change. I'm still not fully accepting the orange, but since it's staying on this design you sent in, it's fine. Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Vancouver Canucks - (Dylan W.)
We end off today with my attempt at a Vancouver set. My mindset was to use the colors only in the logo. So green is eliminated, but I use the double blue, silver and white. I use a 'V' design for the arms and mismatching sleeve colors after the striping. Not much else to say here.

So another day in the book, and my first time doing a 2-day week. Did you agree with what I said today? Disagree with the out of the box comments? Let the artists know what you thought too, and help them gain a better understanding with more opinions! Have a great weekend!

Saturday: Line Change Reviewed by Unknown on October 05, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Colin's Flames for COTW. This is truly original, not a "I've seen this and just tweaked it". When you look at it quickly, it makes a bitmap-looking burning jersey. I just love the idea. Wow.

Alan John Herbert said...

TG's Sabres concept for COTW

Brian said...

My file may have had a typo. Either way, it's a home jersey fix, and the title should be corrected.

Anonymous said...

Collin's Flames concept is a terrible premonition to the Olympic jerseys in 2018.

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