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Hey it's the guy from that place on that website, back on another Saturday to bring you more hockey concept goodness. Let's get to it.

Calgary Flames Home Jersey Concept - Felix T.

Several people were upset that the Flames would no longer be wearing their 1980-94 inspired third jersey this year. Felix proposes a permanent switch to a home jersey that takes heavy inspiration from the old traditional look. While I would be in total support of that move, there are few things I would change about this jersey. First, the TV numbers are not readable where they currently are, and they are a different shade of red from the rest of the jersey. Move the TV numbers off the arm stripes, and make them match color and outline of the number on back. Second, move the logo up a bit. Right now, it's a little too low on the chest. Last, there are a few loose pixels around the back collar. It's not a bad look, but considering the original, not an improvement. (6/10)

San Jose Third Jersey Concept - Felix T.

This one is pretty out there, but that's kind of the point of a third jersey; to push the boundaries of uniform design. I like the teal. I'm fully in favor of San Jose taking ownership of that color in the league. I think the hem is supposed to resemble shark teeth, but to me it looks more like icicles. I'm ok with the Reebok full sleeve stripe, but the chest stripe isn't doing it for me. With the logo, it looks really crowded. There's a lot of orange outlines intersecting. Also, I'm not a fan of the logo. It's just a few too many elements. Execution is pretty good, but the Reebok wordmark has been recolored improperly. My suggestion is to simplify the look. There's just a bit too much going on with this as it is. (5/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins concept - Rob C.

Rob brings us a concept based on a modified Robo-Penguin crest. This look merges angular designs of the 90s with the color schemes of the teams past and present. It's definitely ambitious. The execution of the idea is pretty good. The main point to improve upon would be the color choice. Right now, it's difficult to discern what the main color for this set is. Is it blue or black, and if it's blue, then there should be some blue somewhere in the logo. I would take out the blue entirely and stick with the gold and black color scheme. Very interesting set, though. (6.5/10)

Minnesota Wild Concept - Michael G.

Here we have a Wild concept that seems to be merging the Minnesota Wild third jersey with Buffalo's recently discontinued lighter blue third jersey. Is that why Pominville is featured on the back? The look is pretty solid. Execution is pretty good. The wheat and white don't mix that well to my eyes. I'm also not big on the roundel logo. That bear head crest is so good, why diminish it's importance on the jersey? I would make the yokes a bit shorter in width as well. On an execution note, there is one spot where the stitching overlaps the stripe under the yoke on the back of both jerseys. Overall, the green jersey would be an improvement over the Wild's current home jersey, but I believe the away would be a step back. (7/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins concept - Brian B.

The second concept of the day featuring a take on the Robo-Penguin logo. I believe this concept is trying to merge all eras of Penguin hockey. It combines the colors of the 1967-1980 teams, with the logo of the 90s, and the template look similar to that of the current jerseys. Execution is pretty good, but I would use the modern Reebok wordmark instead of the old logo that Reebok no longer puts on the jerseys. I must say that I still prefer the yellow/black color scheme. I would be interested to see this look, with the striping pattern of the 2002-2007 jerseys. (6.8/10)

Phoenix Coyotes concept - Dylan W.

Our next concept is a redesign of the Phoenix Coyotes. This set has some interesting details. The collar treatment is particularly eye-catching. It doesn't have the typical v-shape with collar insert NHL shield. It almost makes the sweater look more like a...sweater. I like the idea of having a pattern on the hem and arm stripes. Native American artwork from the Southwestern United States lends itself to some very aesthetically pleasing designs. However, this pattern reminds me more of Greece than Arizona. I do like how the pattern alternates brick red and black. It's a well balanced jersey. I think if you changed the pattern to something more indicative of the American Southwest, this could be a really great concept. (8.3/10)

Rochester Americans vs. Dusseldorf EG Cross-League Classic concept - Jake88

The concept says "Dusseldorf EC," and the file said "SC Bern," but after doing some research I believe this is for Dusseldorfer EG. That being said, this is a very interesting idea. I think having occasional inter-league play between different countries would be fun to watch. The jersey designs are pretty good, but I'm not sure if they match up well. There's a bit too much red in this game. I would put the Americans in blue, or put Dusseldorf in gold or red, and the Americans in white. I believe that would create a better contrast. Also, the logos are tad pixelated. I like the idea of international inter-league matches. I'm looking forward to more concepts like these from Jake88. (7.5/10)

Buffalo Sabres alternate jersey concept - S2udio

The Sabres threw the aesthetic turd that is their new alternate at us like a spiteful gorilla. It's almost like they were getting back at us all for hating on the BuffaSlug. This is a much more palatable take on the design. It keeps the most controversial element, the yellow/front-blue/back look, but does away with the random white tapering stripes and gratuitous use of gray. I have liked this jersey more as I've looked at it the past week. Execution is good. I would place an NHL shield in the collar, and a Reebok wordmark on the back, though. I just think it makes it look more realistic with those two details. I think it would look better if you replaced all the gray with white, but I understand the choice of keeping it in. Doing that would get into Nashville territory. (8/10)

Monocton Wildcats concept - TG

Here's a concept from the QMJHL. TG has overhauled the Wildcats look, and I think this is an improvement over the current look. There are a few things that could be done to improve it, though. The away jersey needs more gold. I really don't like the claw marks on the back, but when a team's primary logo is wildcat jumping out of your chest Alien-style, I guess that's to be expected. Also, on an execution note, your stitching is going over your striping. That being said, if you added some gold to the white jersey, took out the claw marks on all jerseys, and made the helmet on the home set blue, this could be a great look for Monocton. (7/10)

So, was this up to par with what you expect from an HJC post? Leave a post in the comments and let know if you agree/disagree with my evaluations of these concepts.

Also, don't forget to vote for next week's concepts. NEVER FORGET.

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Joel said...

Put white gloves and a better tooth pattrn on that Shark jersey, and you have the best jersey the world has ever seen. Oh, and the full Shark logo up front. I want to play, now that I've seen this.

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