Saturday: Hey Ya'll!

I had to do that headline. Just to see "ya'll" on a website that's primarily Canadian. Glad I got that out of the way. I don't actually talk like that. Anyway, I'm the new Saturday writer, Caz. Couple things about myself:

I'm originally from Tennessee, and fairly new to hockey. I went to my first game in Nov. 2009. The Preds beat the Red Wings that night, and I've been hooked on hockey (and an avid Preds fan) ever since.  As far as jerseys go, I tend to prefer classic designs, but my own hockey jersey collection could only be called "endearingly ugly," and "cheap." I started posting on the site a few years ago, and I think HJC is the best place to post concepts and get true, constructive, and consistent feedback. Speaking of, let's get to the concepts!

New York Rangers Stadium Series - Ben S.

I'm going to be honest, I'm getting a bit burned out on vintage white. That being said, it does kind of make sense in this context. The striping and yoke on the jersey are pretty straightforward. No complaints there. I don't like the wordmark over the numbers. It's a bit too "football." Also, the number on the back looks almost too small. I like how you did the TV numbers. I appreciate the attention to detail there. However, the modern, "NYR" logo is out of place on the helmet. It goes against the theme of the jersey set. I would put the shield logo on the jersey, and put an older, more classic looking wordmark on the helmet. (6/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets - Dylan W.

I personally believe Columbus has some of the worst uniforms in the league. Wonka aims to put that set out of its misery with this concept. I like the choice of using the numbers from their third jersey. I really don't like their standard numbers. Execution is good, as is normally expected from Wonka. The main striping is aesthetically pleasing, but I'm not a fan of the crossed hockey sticks and stars here. It draws the eye away from the logo, and down to an area your eyes shouldn't be drawn to (if you catch my meaning). I think moving that to the arms  (or even just one arm - I like occasional asymmetry) would be an improvement. (8/10)

Montreal Canadiens - Dylan W.

Wonka doesn't go quite as far in his Canadiens redesign as he does with the Blue Jackets, and with good reason. No need to reinvent the wheel with the Habs. I really like this set. I've always thought that the Habs best set was 1944-1947. Execution is great, and the striping pattern is good. I think the away jersey needs more blue. I would switch the red and blue in the chest stripe, and arm striping. Then maybe make the numbers red with with a blue/white outline. (8.5/10)

Czech Republic Sochi 2014 concept - Eric W.

I really love the attention to small details and historical elements in this set. I'm a history buff, so I love that stuff, especially in the national significance of an Olympic jersey. That's something Nike could really use some more of. I'm not a big fan of the home/away. They are a bit busy for my taste, but I do like the single gold stripe on the cuffs that signifies their Olympic gold. The third is my favorite, even though the logo is a bit pixelated. The historical details on that third, especially when you consider where these games are being played make a very bold statement. If you made a white version of that third, this set could be a real winner...no pun intended. (7.5/10)

Slovenia Sochi 2014 concept - Eric W.

I like that green and blue are used instead of red, white, and blue. So many countries use that color combination, and it's good to see a country that stands out. I don't like the mountain stripes being where the logo and TV numbers should go. I don't think they fit where they are currently placed. I would prefer the wordmark moved up to the center, and the mountains used as hem stripes. (7/10)

Mississippi Surge - Jake88

The Surge logo has always reminded me a bit of the Buffaslug. Am I wrong in saying the numbers are Buffalo's? If so, I can see the connection. The striping is good, and I like the yoke/cuff treatment here. This is a wonderful set for an SPHL team. It looks very professional. I would like to see the Surge wearing this on a consistent basis. One negative thing about SPHL teams is they seem to change uniforms every year. (8.5/10)

Team Switzerland concept - Stephen T.

This concept isn't bad, but doesn't bring much new to the table. I like the Swiss flag offset on team Switzerland jerseys, but with the lack of hem stripes, it makes for a jersey with a lot of negative space. The arm strips are crowding the TV numbers a bit. There are a few execution errors as well. The NOB is not in the same location on both jerseys, and the H in Hiller is a couple pixels lower than the rest of the name on both jerseys. Also, the outline on the number is not the same thickness the whole way around. These may seem like small quibbles, but added up, they really raise the quality of the design. I think if you worked on those small details, added a more traditional hem stripe, and arm stripes to match, this could be a great concept. (6/10)

Boston Bruins De-Edge concept - Steven G.

As a Preds fan, I do love me some gold. Man does this look good. I still prefer the Spoked-B, but this is quality work. I've really been enjoying Steven's De-Edge series. If I didn't want the Preds to have the gold market covered, I wouldn't mind the Bruins wearing this on a regular basis. COTW nomination from me. (9/10)

So, how'd the rookie do, eh? Do you agree/disagree with my assessments? Let me know in the comments and I'll only be a little snarky in my response. (kidding)

Also, voting for COTW/COTY is over, (if you forgot to vote, FOR SHAME) but don't forget to vote for next week's concepts!
Saturday: Hey Ya'll! Reviewed by Caz on October 12, 2013 Rating: 5



I created the Rangers Stadium Series concept. I agree with the fact that I should have put something else on the helmet, and the back number size is too small, but I tried to model this after the Rangers '46-'47 (I think) jersey, that has never been used in a Winter Classic, etc.

Caz said...

Good point. When considering that, it's not as bad. I had forgotten the Rangers had that arched-wordmark-over number treatment for a year in the 40s. I've found it always helps to write details, such as what your inspiration was, on the page with the concept. Any information like that helps me review the concept.

Tom V. said...

Great first post Caz. Pretty much bang on assessments. I agreed with almost everything.
But Eric's Czech set! wow, very impressive, I'm loving it. The small details really are what makes this set so appealing. COTW Nom from me.


I'll be sure to post that info in my entry next time. Thnaks for the advice!

Unknown said...

Hello to everyone! I would like to leave a comment on Eric's third hockey sweater of Czechoslovakia ; an orange pants ( not blue ) was a part of that historic set wore by so many great players on that 1969 team. I was eight years old at the time glued to a black and white television screen and watching every game of that tournament.Yes, back in USSR that time we were anticipate that Czechs will put everything to beat mighty Soviets and they did just that( they repeated in 1972, as well ). Many years after great Soviet players admitted that to go pass a neutral zone - it was like going throughout a huge oil spill plus fights and little stuff by the boards and behind the nets when refs are not watching... Also, before that crest with a white lion - there were " CSSR " stitched across... I really like a red sweater versus a white, the one that was used in 1976 Canada Cup Final Game, a superb overtime game won on a great individual effort by Darryl Sittler beating a legendary Vlado Dzurilla.

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