Saturday: Greetings from Smashville

As you are reading this, my wife and I are in Nashville to watch the Predators take on the Blues, meaning I'll be doing more scoring in this post than will be done in the game. I hope you are all enjoying your weekends so far. Let's make the weekend even better with a Saturday HJC post!

Nashville Predators 3rd Jersey concept - Darren H.

Let's start with Nashville and Great American Hero Seth Jones. I think it would be interesting to see what a third jersey would look like for the team if they ever decide to do one again. I like the logo. Most people just slap the 'NP' logo on the jersey when they do a Preds 3rd, but it always looks plain. Putting it on the guitar pick, with the checkerboard behind it is pretty cool. I like it, but I do wish the checkerboard was seen elsewhere on the jersey as well. The striping pattern is traditional; maybe too traditional when considering the theme of the rest of the jersey. My biggest complaint is the piano keys. It looks odd to me. Having a guitar pick, guitar strings, and piano keys featured on the jersey (instead of hidden with the 'hanger effect') is too many musical references. I recommend replacing them with the checkerboard pattern. I think this has great potential, though. (7.5/10)

Washington Capitals Nike Swift Redesign - Brady S.

It would be interesting to see what design Nike would come up with for the Capitals. Since Reebok took over, the jerseys have been lacking some of the character the older jerseys had. This design is a more traditional look than what they currently wear. It's not a bad look. I think it would be a bit of an improvement over the current set. I would move the striping further up on the arms, so that a player's gloves does not cover them up. I like that it doesn't go crazy with the stars. That tends to happen with Capitals concepts. Overall this is a safe, but solid look. (8/10)

Minnesota Wild concept - Stephen T.

The Wild, in my opinion, are still in an identity crisis with their jerseys. They currently have three jerseys that are very different. Stephen offers this concept as a way to unify that look. Although I would be more in favor a home jersey to match their new away jersey, this look is pretty good. The drop shadow on the numbers is very interesting. I am normally very opposed to drop shadow, but it works here and looks distinctive. I like that you used one logo for the set. It annoys me that Minnesota has three jerseys, and three crests. The bear head is perfect! Just use that!  Speaking of logos, put one on the helmets. Also, the bear heads here are a bit pixelated. (7.8/10)

Ireland Sochi 2014 concept - Coby S.

This was Coby's entry into the IIHF Bottom 10 Competition. One major problem I'm seeing is that neither of these jerseys are white. So there is no light jersey. That would make away games difficult. The jersey on the right, I could actually see Nike making for Ireland. The other is a bit out there. It reminds me of a quilt. The TV numbers also need to be bigger to be more readable. I would also like to see the backs of these jerseys. it would be interesting to see how the back of the jersey to the left would look. It might be difficult to make numbers easily readable on that design. My suggestion is to make make a light version of the jersey on the right, and go from there. The idea has potential, but needs work. (4/10)

CCCP jersey concept - Jeff C.

This is a concept for the old Soviet Union. I would like to see a dark version. The look is pretty solid. It's not bad, but not much about this says "Russia" other than the logos. It just doesn't have some of the character you might expect from a Russia set. On an execution note, your stitching is going over your hem striping. (7/10)

Team Russia concept - David P.

Another concept for Russia, this one for modern Russia. This idea has potential, but has a few problems. First, it needs TV numbers. Second, the hem striping is too crowded. I would take out the single stripe running along the top of the diamond pattern. That would make things less busy. the navy jersey should have a white 'Russia' wordmark. The red isn't very readable, and has some white stray pixels all around it. Also, since this is not an NHL concept, you should delete the NHL logos should be taken off. (5/10)

Team USA concept - David P.

This national concept is for USA. One thing that bugs me straight off is that this set is very similar to the above set for Russia. It's always a good idea to make your concepts distinctive. I never create a concept unless I know I have something new to bring to the table. The look isn't bad, though. It's very similar to the classic 1980 look (currently at the top of my jersey wishlist). I think it's odd that the logos for the blue and white jerseys are different sizes. The logos are all a bit pixelated as well. What I said about the TV numbers and NHL logos in the prior concept applies here, too. (5/10)

Team USA concept - Darren H.

Darren brings us another concept, this time for the United States. I'm okay with the striping pattern and star usage. Is the sublimated pattern on the sleeves and side of the away jersey an eagle? It's hard to tell. I would like to see it on the dark jersey as well. The logo and number seem a bit too large to me. On an execution note, you forgot to make the collar on the back of the dark jersey red. (8/10)

Team USA concept - S2dio

Next we have another USA jersey, this time from S2udio. I assume the stars at the hem on the back are for the Olympic gold wins. That's a nice touch. The striping is very interesting. It's unique, and eye-catching. I like it. I'm not digging the monochromatic crest on the dark jersey, though. I think it would look better if there was some red in it, or if a different crest was used. Overall, this is a good look. (8.5/10)

Team Sweden concept - S2udio

Our last concept today is also by S2udio, who has been rather prolific as of late. First off, I love the numbers. I'm not sure how it would look on every number, but the flag stripes look really cool on the '4'. The alternate is interesting. It almost looks like a long-sleeved soccer jersey. I'm not big on the shaded crowns. I prefer the ones used on the home/away. The only thing that bothers me about this set is that it is very monochromatic. Simplicity is good, but this is a bit too simple. If a fan bought a replica jersey without name or number, there would only be a logo. The socks and pants have no striping either. I think if you included the traditional contrasting double striping the Swedes typically used, it would help break up the color monotony going on here. The execution is impeccable, though. (8.5/10)

So, how do you feel about my comments? Discussion is always welcome. As always remember to vote for next week's concepts. Don't forget. It makes Teemu Selanne sad.

Saturday: Greetings from Smashville Reviewed by Caz on October 26, 2013 Rating: 5


Alan John Herbert said...

Darren H's Predators 3rd Jersey concept for COTW!

Ryan said...

S2dio's primaries for Sweden are too boring for me but that alternate (as an alternate) is fantastic. If just that concept had been sent in, I would have nominated it.

Brady Sufat said...

I agree with Ryan. The home and road sweaters definitely need some more character, but the 3rd is awesome. I like how it looks like a soccer kit, but also looks great as a hockey jersey.

Caz said...

Of course, I make a joke about scoring, and the Blues proceed to score 6 on us...ugh. I agree on S2udio's alternate. It wouldn't work for some teams, but I think it fits Sweden.

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