Monday: Thanksgiving in the Capital

Happy Thanksgiving Monday/ Columbus Day everyone who's reading, if you aren't reading...then look out for the pretty pictures coming up. I'm on the road back from Ottawa to Oakville, and less traffic is preferred but no one knows what to expect.

Here are your voting reminders for this week. I'm really impressed with the numbers from last week, and let's make this week even better!!!

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
COTW Oct 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Bottom 10 IIHF entries (due Friday by 11:59pm Eastern time)

As you can see with the colourful flags above the post, there's a new contest going on for the last place countries on the IIHF standings. Here are some of the entries that have come in so far as of 9:00am this morning:

Coby S.)

Rob C.

On to the Concepts:

Team Austria Concepts (By: Eric W.)
Eric's Olympic series sure has been a treat to see, and, considering how good Austria's current jerseys are, these are a good, solid, replacement. I love the coat of arms logo, and the awesome striping and the new style of numbers. I love the introduction of more black, but, I don't think the black numbers look better than red numbers. (8.5/10)
Team Switzerland Concepts (By: Eric W.)

I love vest style jerseys, and this is no exception. The Swiss, though they are rising rapidily through the IIHF rankings, still wear the same thing every year, with or without black. I like Eric keeping the good parts, like the cross logo being more like a patch, and the cross, always being white. The arms are cool, and the little red/white stripe is cool, but also unique. I'm not huge on the font, but I like it's unique too. (9/10)

Team Iceland Concepts (By: Viktor B.)

Team Iceland...Hmm...One of the few Scandinavian countries you don't see enough concepts of, and this looks pretty good. The away jersey is excellent, and I love the non-symmetrical arm stripes, classy touch. The home is a little more conservative, but still looks good. The swoosh looks a little out of place, and the blue on the logo doesn't match the blue on the jersey. (6.5/10)

Call of Duty MW3 Concept (By: Brian B.)

I love non hockey concepts, and this one is no exception. I'm not a C.O.D. fan by any means (more into Pokémon and Sonic) but a military jersey is always a treat. The gradient/fuzz is awesome and the blurry numbers look really neat since it matches the logo. The striping is good, and matches the militia theme, as do the plain black pants. I'd love to see an away jersey of this, and maybe find another shoulder patch like a dog tag. (8/10)

Atlant Moscow Oblast KHL Concepts (By: Caleb F.)

Go Go Russian Rangers! The Russian Scout Troopers have an awesome logo, and Caleb makes pretty good use of the logo. The blue jersey is a great jersey, no complaints, great striping, great logo use and great balancing of colours. The white is also good, but has too much yellow, just switch the yellow panels for blue on the sizes and your solid. (8/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Jack H.)

Gotta love the Blue Jackets, I picked them to do well this year and they could use a new look. The home jersey looks to be really classic, straight forward and, wait..is that beige...um...okay? This set looks great, aside from that one problem, the beige looks out of place. If it were silver I could understand it, but beige, seems to fad like to fit in. The white jersey looks better, but again, silver >beige. (7/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan makes use of the new Wild away to create a more unified Minnesota set, as more concepts try to do. I like the little changes made to the away jersey like the addition of red making it seem more in place. The home jersey is okay but I hate the lack of white! Just replace the beige with white and you're good  to go. Great execution as always from Dylan.(7/10)

New York Rangers Concept (By: Tom V.)

Tom continues his 3rd jersey series with a stop in the big apple, and a new take on the Lady Liberty jersey. While most Lady Liberty concepts are modern and sleek, these are crisp and classic. Tom introduces a double blue to the Rangers, which wouldn't work full time but on an alternate works really well, especially with that different style yoke. The new logo is also good, and I love that it isn't a roundel but still had the features of one. (9/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Jayson T.)

After the Jets solid win last night, I was looking forward to reviewing this concept which would be at home among the late 90's/ I like the script and the striping patter for sure, it really compliments the overall style of the jersey and I can see what is being attempted here for sure. The side panels are an ambitious task for sure, but the addition of the Jet logo, it's a lot to take in, but still looks good. Not sure how these would look on the ice, but as a fan jersey or as a t shirt, you're a o k. (7.5/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Joe B.)

Joe takes a stab at the Flyers look, using the Reebok arm band instead of the classic Flyers curved band. I like the increase in black, and how crisp the numbers and name bar look because of that. I like the shoulder patches, but they need to be executed properly. I think a small hem stripe would also help. (6.5/10)

Here is today's post! Did you like today's variety of concepts, we had after all 4 different leagues. Are you entering the contest, please remember to read the rules and enter by Friday. Also keep up the high vote counts, just attach it to your concepts. Have a great last day of the long weekend, and see you all next Monday!

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Unknown said...

one of coby S.'s jerseys it pretty much a sideways version of the first one. No dominate color in either jersey. Would that be allowed?

Ryan said...

@Caden: For IIHF events? I don't know. For this competition? There's no rule against it.

winnipegjets96 said...

I can see that green is the main colour for the horizontal jersey, along with a white chest stripe and orange yoke, the vertical one is a little hard to tell, but I'll assume white.

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