Monday: Simplistic and Modern, Yet Classic

Welcome to the Monday post, all you Jersey Connoisseurs.

As the NHL season begins, we must remember....a goalie scored, whose name is as generic as his teams jerseys.

Despite my computer getting a crappy virus while writing  political science paper (nothing major, but really, a stupid fake anti-virus trojan virus no one with half a brain could fall for) I will manage to write this post!

The Jets lost last night...that makes me sad. Say? Wanna make me, your pal jets96 happy again? Why not vote! Please remember to vote, last week's voting numbers were down from the great week before, so if you get them back up, I'll be happy again!

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As we wait for the big unveiling October 27th for the Flames 3rd jersey, jersey news remains slim, though all, aside from the Buffalo gold "jersey" and of course Flames jersey have seen on ice action. I think the jersey that has grown on me the most is the Carolina Hurricanes away kit, which really looks fabulous on ice, and the home, thought it  does look similar to the Team canada past home, still looks good. The Dallas and Minnesota sets both look amazing as most expected, and San Jose's new look is very teal, but still under the radar and bland for my taste.

On to the Concepts!!!!


Buffalo Sabres Alternate Concept (By: Matt R.)

We will start off today's post with two concepts from Matt R. This is what the Sabres should have unveilied on twitter last month, instead of the Super Sabres thing. Matt takes everything good about the Sabres' third like the sword like middle stripes, the new collar style and the script under the collar, and  puts it into a classic jersey, rather than a cluttered modern one. I like the new number style and the classic striping, I would even like pipping on this jersey because it is so good. I would like to see the B sword logo as a shoulder patch, but that's just  suggestion, as well as perhaps seeing the cool captain's C on this as well to complete the look. (9/10)

Hartford Wolfpack Concepts (By: Matt R.)

I'm glad to see the Wolfpack back in Hartford, and seeing this idea for a new Wolfpack look, I'm even more glad. I love the idea of non matching logos on a minor league team's jersey, with the away jersey having the logo instead of the Rangers' esque script. This matches the big league team, but gives it its own identity. The jersey striping is nothing too new but still is different, I love the increase in grey for sure. Not sure if I like the pants stripes, but nothing major. The shoulder patches are about 15% too small, and would be more noticeable bigger. (8/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Ian V.)

Here's a minor edit to the Hurricanes new look, where the boring striping has been subbed for the Hurricanes' classic striping, and a new third jersey. The home and road is a variation of several concepts with all having one goal, uniform arm and hem striping. Here it works, and  again love that grey. I also love keeping the yokes and numbers the same as that is the best part about the new 'Canes look. The alternate is okay, thought I don't like the white numbers. I would use red and then make only the name white without any outline on it. Still, a good set, but could use a little work to make it great. (7.5/10)

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Felix T.)

Here's another Minnesota green home concept that looks better than anything they've worn, and right away, Felix man, your execution is getting a whole lot better, it isn't perfect, but it's getting closer for sure :). The striping looks great, even without white, and I love the inclusion of yellow, something not a lot of people use. The yoke outline is something I actually like on some jerseys, and this is one of them. The shoulder patchers would look better matching, but still look okay. I like the old numbers, and seeing this on Minnesota's current away would be my dream away. Execution notes: The stitching down the concept should stop at the hem stripe, not continue through it  and in the blank spaces. I'd also make the reebok logo on the back beige to make it visible. (6.75/10)

Chicago Blackhawks De-edge Alternate Concept (By: Steven G.)

Steven's Chicago de-edge set was simple and classic, but really took that to the limits with the rainbow striping and this alternate captures it perfectly. I love most modern Blackhawks black alternates, because the logo and red striping really become more vivid on the black, and with the right amount of white (like Steven has done here) it looks great. Some don't like the C tomahawk logo in the striping, but I think it's something to try, and is historic to the franchise. I would make the numbers red (pet peeve as listed above) and perhaps add white cuffs to add to the white hem border (9/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen takes a more classical approach to this Canucks concept, but keeps the unpopular Orca logo. I actually don't hate the Orca logo as much as others but still don't like it that much. Taht being said, the concept world is full of stick in rick and Jonny Canuck concepts, so much so this is a breathe of fresh air. I like the V striping (who doesn't?) but think the away ejrsey would looks better without the blue cuffs. The logo is very pixelated though so that should be fixed, as well as using matching colours all around the concepts, particularly in the blues.  (6.5/10)

Calgary Flames Concept (By: sS2dio)

This concept has a very European hint to it, probably because of the white pants, highly red socks and side piping as opposed to striping. This concept reminds me of a soccer kit, which in some ways is good. The jersey itself actually look great, and aside from the navy blue in the piping, instead of black, I really dig it. The gear is where I have some problems. Having the red helmet with all this white gear would make the player look like he was wearing a fez. The white pants, while ambitious, don't appear very often in hockey for a reason, they don't look too good. The socks I think would look better reversed. (7/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: sS2dio)

 This concept, to me, anyways, looks like a more minimalist and mature version of the Flying V, which I like already as it is. The colours do jump out at me, but don't overwhelm me, something the original didn't have going for it. The striping outside of the V is just enough to keep it visually interesting, and it transcends well to the pants and socks. I would prefer green numbers, but with blue this deep and crisp, it would get lost. Not much else I can say, great concept (8.75/10)

Anaheim Duck Vs. Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series Concepts (By: Avi S.)

Avi is back and here with a very well executed ad classic looking Stadium series set, this one for the, which I am now dubbing, Sunshine Classic. I'm not sure how combing eras on all teams works, but on L.A., it works well. The classic crown looks gorgeous in grey and the 90's striping combines my two 2nd favourite eras in Kings' history (9/10)

For the Mighty Ducks, Avi, agains combines eras to create a good looking mixed set. The current colours are visually nice, but the classic striping and especially yoke, really make for an interesting look. The colours are a little out of balance on the yoke and arms, but still look good. i think that yoke styling is something the Ducks should adopt permanently and seeing the duck goalie mask on the front of a jersey always brings warm feelings of nostalgia. (9/10)

Well that's today's post. I understand the season is still getting underway, but I'm hoping to see a little more trash talk amongst fans, hey, Blackhawks, calling you out! Remember to vote to help cheer me up again, and look at all the amazing concepts up for vote to make the best decision you can.. HA, think I'm going to be all "informed decision, nah, vote because you like a concept! Have a great week everyone. 
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Kyle N. said...

I can't believe how good those LA jerseys look with that crown logo. I don't understand why they use that silly home plate crest instead of that crown. Also that Vancouver jersey is a really nice change of pace from the usual Vancouver concepts that are sent in. Looks great.

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